Friday, December 28, 2007

Daun Kari

Located at 3rd Exchange ( Behind The banquet) , they're serving Indian cuisine. Very pack during peak hours.

The interior is like normal coffee shop. But it is clean. Ok, maybe still new.

The making of roti! Taken wit my camera phone =D

Nasi Briyani RM 8.90

Pui Wen was raving this bryani to me so i had high expectation on it. It taste ok , but there's just no "oomph!" in it. The spices is not right and i ordered the mutton one ..and the mutton smell was a tad too strong. By the way, the chicken version is cheaper by RM 2.

Roti Canai RM 1.00

The roti canai is good. The dhal that comes along with it is really good too! They don't have roti-s at 10.30am-2.30 pm.

Roti Canai Banana RM 1.60

I tried this out of curiousity. Very surprised it is GOOD! There's this special "chemistry" between the banana flavour and the dhal that you eat along with. hehe.

The dhal that comes along with the roti canai.

Teh tarik Ais RM 1.70

It is super dilluted. Don't order. Hrmph!

Oh yeah, Stef , you guys order 5 papadums , they din charge it in! I should have ordered more!

The roti canai is worth to try! Go there ya! It is also manage by an ex schoolmate of mine! Greenians rocks!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lok Lok

Lok Lok has always been my all time favourite hawker dish. I still remember when i was really young , i can have around 20 sticks of the road side lok-lok in Bukit Bintang,KL. Well, that was back then when weight doesn't really matter and fat was cute ! Hrmph!

In Kuching , there's not really much place for Lok Lok tho'. Most of them are the fried ones in coffee shop. The only one i know that is the boil-kind is this one situated at this very old-school dangdut place.

Wide Varieties for you to choose...

They have fried stuffs too But i think it is always over-fried and dry. So go for the boiled one yea..

My lok lok :P

Ordered so much .. in the end Stef ate like a quarter of it only! I had to finish them up !

Their Chili is to die for. So damn good.

They served their 'liang tea' in this metal bowl .. which i find it rather special. Hehe.

They also have noodles and their nasi lemak is pretty popular. ( It's not nice to me tho'. ) If you wanna go there, call me yea! I'll be most happy to tag along! heheh!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


How's Christmas everyone?

Mine's a simple dinner with my parents. We used to ask some relatives over for the past few years but this year's a quiet one . Just me and my parents. Sis is not here..

We had :
(I'm not gonna write the verdict coz i prepare this myself .. so it's like "syok sendiri" if i praise how nice these food taste)

Grilled New Zealand Lamb Shoulder
(You actually grill them in a "loaf" then you slice them)

Grilled Asparagus, Carrots, Brocoli and Potato

Egg Salad ( with tomatoes , cucumber and onion )

Chocolate Brownie

On Christmas Day i slept the whole day after coming back from Church. Didn't feel quite well. And i spend the last hour of Christmas with Stef, Sam , Wilson , and his cousin in KFC.

So , Christmas has pass.. 2008 is coming. I foresee some good stuffs coming on my way!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Solstice - Dong Zhi

So , today is another Chinese Festival to celebrate and feast on..

When there's any Chinese Festive going on .. the market will be full of this Chinese Cup cakes.

It irritates me a lot when people ask me if i celebrate Chinese Traditional Festival . Harlow? I'm a Christian , but that's my religion. It has NOTHING to do with my race! I'm a pure Chinese. Stop asking me or any Chinese - Christian! Damn it!

Anyway , leave that aside. On this very day, we eat the round-round tang yuen. It's my favourite Chinese Festival and the only one that i'm involve in the preparation.

Last time , my mum used to make really tiny cute ones. This year she lazy so .. it's kinda ugly. I made the red ones!

This is the cooked round round tang yuen! The two colours resembles the theory of yin and yang that brings a philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos. The shape - round symbolizes reunion.

And , according to the Chinese calendar , today is the longest night of the year. So , you can have sex extra long tonight! Heh!


Friday, December 21, 2007

Life Cafe

Or better known as "Ren Jian Cha Fang" ( i think. LOL ) My pin yin fail.. but it sounded something like that rite? Situated just behind the temple opposite Ala Carte. ( Not the temple beside Harbour View ) I used to be a regular patron here.. but kinda stop dining at this place for more than half a year.

I missed this place a lot. Not only on the food itself , but this place is rather nostalgic to me.

Life Cafe Spicy Noodle ( Ma Lak Mien )

Their signature dish. You can choose 3 level of spicyness -spicy, medium and very spicy. I like to have mine very spicy. Last time i used to think it was extremely spicy, but right now , it's kinda mild to me.

Pan Fried Dumpling

I dare say they have one of the best pan fried dumpling. I never miss ordering this together
with my spicy noodle on every of my visit. It's good ! Dip it in the balsamic vinegar + ginger and .. ooh la la!

Shaked Ice Tea

Vero's . Normal teh o peng i guess. Just that it's shaked?! I remember last time my mom always tell me never shake my drinks otherwise i'll have headache. Lol.

Milk Tea

It's Normal. Nothing to rave about.

They've been in business for many years now. So , if you haven't been there, can go try la yea!
Tasty and Cheap! Syok!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Supper is Super

I didn't go to anywhere special recently besides going for supper with Hua Beng.

I had always enjoy supper. It's very casual and relax.You talk about just anything with friends you're very comfortable with and the later the supper is , the better it is. Not to late though , coz you don't want to listen to the the moment you enter the house. ;p

What's good for supper?

Lok Lok

Fried stuff are always good even though they're sinful.


Pork satay to be precise. heheheh!

Picture below is what me, Beng and Zacq had today for our supper! Each of us had two glass of teh c peng!

I love it when you order food that you can share along with your friends. You create a bond there. I would prefer supper in a small group tho'. =D

So , anyone wanna ask me out for supper? hehe

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crazy Stuffs I do

Cooking Chocolate Ganache at 1.10 a.m.

How to cook ?

Double boil some cooking chocolate.

It's late and i didn't dare to be alone in my wet kitchen so i used my induction cooker. I wish they're allowed in my hostel!

Then , when the chocolates are fully melted, pour in some UHT whipping cream.

Make sure the lights ( not the ceilings light , ok?) are off .. coz you don't want your ganache to turn out like Dodol! Pour according to how fat you wanna be. =D

Then, wah - la -la! Done!

Eat while you enjoy your favourite tv shows!

It's insane , but it makes me happy.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Woke up at 4 p.m and spend an hour in the kitchen eating this..


Dip in bird's eye chili + limau kasturi + a bit of soy sauce

The aftermath

hehehe... why i call it "lunner"? ... it's my Lunch and Dinner since i woke up so late.. heheh! :P

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sequel of Jo's Last Supper

So yeap , like i said in previous post.. the night was still young..we continued to feast!!

We went to the coffeeshop near the Single cat statue in town (there's only one right at the corner operating till the wee hours of midnight )

What we had? heheh!

Laksa RM 3.50

The laksa is not extremely nice but i dare say this place is the best if you wanna have laksa for supper.

Kueh Chap RM 4.00

The Kueh Chap is nothing compared to the one in 3rd mile.. but Oh my Gawd the chilli is the bomb! A good Kueh Chap is the ones that comes with good chilli to go along with. I just didn't like that the kueh chap has really strong herbal smell.

Chicken Wing RM 10 (for 5 pcs)

The chicken wing is good too and has nice chilli sauce to dip in.. One of the best meal for supper and to chit-chat with friends. The chix wing is not nicely presented but hey, it's a coffeeshop okay!

Teh C Peng 3 Layer RM 1.70

If sio bee if my first love , then this is my second one. I can have this everyday. It's so addictive and this place served really good one too.

After eating , we decided to call the night off since the night is NOT YOUNG anymore and.. we didn't want to listen the

I will definitely miss the car chat ..where sex was our main topic. Incase you guys are wondering why i'm so dirty minded, it's cause of them! They dirty my brain! But .. who cares, they're great friends and most of all , NOT PRETENTIOUS!

OH , incase you're wondering Beng is taken and Jo is almost taken. =D

I went home with a happy stomach .. and guess what? I cant sleep!!

Friday, December 14, 2007


It's Jo's last night in Kuching and he's returning to USM tomorrow. So , his last supper was of course with great friends like me and Beng! =D

We brought him to Tom's in Padungan ( just beside Bing's ) and I've promised them that the bill will be on me. We went there around 10 p.m. and the kitchen was closed dy , so we had only deserts.

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake RM 7.95

It was good and rich. Recommended.

Crous Chocolate Cake RM 10.50

It was also good.. melt in the mouth at first and then crunchy at the end. Crunchy-ness came from the cornflakes. Highly recommended.

Triple Chocolate Cake RM 9.50

The cheese taste a lot stronger than the chocolate. I could hardly taste any chocolate-y flavour in it. It is somehow good but i wont recommend this one.

Vodka Lime RM 9.50

Jo and Beng had this. I forget to try!

Brandy Coke RM 9.50

It was wee bit strong ... and i didn't like how they serve both the drinks in this kind of fat-bulging glass. And the .. plastic spoon is so wrong!

I'll say the drinks and cakes are reasonably priced , but oh-my-gawd, i can't stand how the owner and waitresses look at you as tho' you cant afford to pay just because you don't dress in Gucci and Prada.

Aneway , we left around 11 p.m since they're closing.. the night is still so young. =D What did we do next? Stay tune!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

If you're so out of place to have your breakfast.. and bored of the noisy-dirty-greasy floor-full of old men-coffeeshop.. You can go to Coffee Bean for a quiet and relaxing breakfast..

You must not miss this..

Caramel Ice Blended
RM 12++

I would prefer to have it in airport actually.. They would give me extra Caramel! I can drink this everyday.. and not sick of it..
Ofcourse loh, i am not rich lah. One day drink RM 12 coffee, the rest of the days in the week drink RM 1.20 Kopi Peng only!

Cheddar Cheese Ham Sandwich (
Foccacia in the pic)
RM 25 ++

They have a few choices of bread and on that day i chose foccacia. Unfortunately, the foccacia was too hard and dry for me.. i had a hard time muching it . The salad was Ok . with almond , dried cranberries , raisins and lettuce. If there's more dressing , it'll be nice.

It's 3.52 a.m now.. I'm so hungry..
ahhh.. I'm drooling at my own blog.. La la la..

Oklah. everyone.. must remember to take your breakfast every morning kay!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Causeway Bay 2

I've been to this place many many times , so i decided to blog about it again.. ( Actually running out of place to blog.. please leave me a comment or email me if you any nice place to intro or if you want me to review your place.. thanks)

Baked Rice with Chicken in Twin Sauce

This baked rice has less cheese i think? The normal one that is serve on the bamboo case is nicer. I didn't like the taste of the tomato based sauce. I didn't try the white sauce part..

Tong Zai Rice

I chose the Chicken Rice with Salted Fish . I was expecting more salted fish aroma. The presentation's great tho. I was atrracted by how it was served.

A close up of the chicken. The chicken is a lil tasteless... They will taste a lot better if they actually marinate them.

The rice.. it's actually the same rice they use for the baked rice except this is much more oily. I just cant help but to think of how sinful it is every time i "scoop"(cant think of a better word to use) them in my mouth. Overall , i would somehow recommend this dish.. mayb the time i had it , i was kinda full.. i just wanted to accompany someone. =)

Ribena Lemon

It's nice. The lemon blends well with ribena! Very unique taste indeed!

Plum Juice

Just as i adore the Ribena Lemon , this is even better! This juice is the bomb! Order this when you guys go there ok? :P

I love this place! Incase you're new in my blog.. you can see my previous post on this place =D