Thursday, December 20, 2007

Supper is Super

I didn't go to anywhere special recently besides going for supper with Hua Beng.

I had always enjoy supper. It's very casual and relax.You talk about just anything with friends you're very comfortable with and the later the supper is , the better it is. Not to late though , coz you don't want to listen to the the moment you enter the house. ;p

What's good for supper?

Lok Lok

Fried stuff are always good even though they're sinful.


Pork satay to be precise. heheheh!

Picture below is what me, Beng and Zacq had today for our supper! Each of us had two glass of teh c peng!

I love it when you order food that you can share along with your friends. You create a bond there. I would prefer supper in a small group tho'. =D

So , anyone wanna ask me out for supper? hehe

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