Friday, December 14, 2007


It's Jo's last night in Kuching and he's returning to USM tomorrow. So , his last supper was of course with great friends like me and Beng! =D

We brought him to Tom's in Padungan ( just beside Bing's ) and I've promised them that the bill will be on me. We went there around 10 p.m. and the kitchen was closed dy , so we had only deserts.

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake RM 7.95

It was good and rich. Recommended.

Crous Chocolate Cake RM 10.50

It was also good.. melt in the mouth at first and then crunchy at the end. Crunchy-ness came from the cornflakes. Highly recommended.

Triple Chocolate Cake RM 9.50

The cheese taste a lot stronger than the chocolate. I could hardly taste any chocolate-y flavour in it. It is somehow good but i wont recommend this one.

Vodka Lime RM 9.50

Jo and Beng had this. I forget to try!

Brandy Coke RM 9.50

It was wee bit strong ... and i didn't like how they serve both the drinks in this kind of fat-bulging glass. And the .. plastic spoon is so wrong!

I'll say the drinks and cakes are reasonably priced , but oh-my-gawd, i can't stand how the owner and waitresses look at you as tho' you cant afford to pay just because you don't dress in Gucci and Prada.

Aneway , we left around 11 p.m since they're closing.. the night is still so young. =D What did we do next? Stay tune!

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