Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kuching, yet again!

Wow, I always feel like time flies every time I blog. How did time passed? It's already almost the middle of the year!

The past one month I've been working extra hours just to earn slightly higher pay. Ok lah, not slightly but an amount that would made a difference. Haha. At some point I was working Monday to Sunday and then Monday again! For the past two days, I was actually working 12 hours a day.

I don't know what I was chasing but the feeling of making myself feel extra tired is quite addictive. It's hard to explain but it's like drugs. haha. I'm also glad to announce that my job is starting to blend in with my life that working everyday without a break feels like something normal to me. It has become a routine and every morning I wake up feeling like I need to go to work asap! It's a good sign right? haha.

Anyway, I'll be on a week break and I'm flying back to Kuching tomorrow after work! I'll have to really rush tho. My flight's at 8.45pm! Just pray that nothing goes wrong with the KLIA transit or the LRT. hehe.

Till then, much love from me.

p/s : any of my readers (i trust I still have a few :S ) is a member of the Original Bootcamp?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Double White Button Lamb Burger with Italian Rocket Salad

I've been cooking quite a lot lately. Maybe cause work has settled in a little bit for me - can't deny that I still suck. lol. Complicated dishes are however very much restricted to only weekends. Not only because of time constraint, but they're quite expensive to cook =x

Ingredients are :

Darabif 4 x 100g Lamb Patties (RM9.98) and Heinz Mushroom Soup (RM 5.80)

Burger Roll (RM 2.20) and Heinz Sandwich Spread (RM 6.80).

Canola Spread *healthy mode* (RM4.60 fr six small tub)

Fresh white button mushrooms (RM 5.99)

This recipe is quite easy to prepare and it takes no more than 30 minutes since everything is literally "processed." First, pan fry the patties and once they're cook, put a slice of cheese over and let it melt on the patties and sandwich two patties together.

Put them aside and prepare the mushroom sauce. Heat up half the can of the mushroom soup together with the fresh sliced button mushrooms. Cook till they thicken up!

Then it's time to scoop them up and "spread" them on your patties. oh yeah, don't forget to toast your burger rolls with the canola oil!

In my effort to stay healthy, I've also added in the rocket salad. I got them pre-packed in a bowl with all the leaves and balsamic dressing. This thing are genius! All you need to do is tossed everything in the bowl and they even come with fork and spoon!

Serve the tossed salad with your burger. It's extremely filling and satisfying! Goes really well with a good pint of lager.

Can't wait for the weekends cause I've already got idea on what to cook! I've been having so much maggi, eggs and sausages. Food that makes me feel bimbotic. lol