Monday, February 21, 2011

Macaroons from Harrods

You know I've always secretly believe that I'm quite easy to please? No, not in terms of my sexual needs. ( I wouldn't be able to judge on that. *cough*) But more like, the route to my heart. I have sweet tooth and is absolutely a fan of desert. Bring me for desert and you get me smiling. :)

Latest obsession on my desert plate is non other than french macaroons! I love how it's so colorful, so detailed and so pretty!

I've been wanting to sample the macaroons from Harrods since .. err, I lay my eyes on these gems? hehe. I usually get the urge to try something when I read people waxing lyrical on it but to be honest, I never read about this one. Because well, it's Harrods! What could go wrong in Harrods? Lol. ( The rye bread there is really good too btw.)

I just got the chance to taste the macaroons a couple of days ago for a certain occassion but unfortunately after much anticipation, I wasn't swept off my feet. Hahah. Well, it tasted good and rich but I much prefer the one in InterContinenatal Hotel (previously Nikko Hotel) I find the one from Harrods a little too soft. It didn't fail to give me a good sugar rush tho'!

Yes, so buy me pretty macaroons or a slice of red velvet cake and you're hitting the G spot - figuratively of course ;p

xoxo *hearts*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year Reunion 2011

I don't know if it's just me but time seem to fly even more faster this year. I'll be finishing my training tomorrow and will officially start my duties next week! Can't believe i've been training for a month already!

I usually reach home quite late on work days - pretty much explains the lack of updates. The limited time I spent online are usually to reply e-mails of people that is somehow, somewhere special to me and the social media. I'm straying away from facebook though - if you're working, you pretty much know how dangerous the social media can be.

It's getting late so I'm just gonna do a brief picture post just to keep up with the tradition of me posting pictures of my reunion dinner! I am not commenting on the dishes since it's home cooked and my judgment would definitely sound bias :p

My dinner this year was fashionably late - 9.30 P.M to be exact so I made the right decision when I said no to my friend when he asked if he could join my family for dinner. My parents are coming again next week so he might be joining me for Chap Goh Mey dinner. :)

It was rather special in a way too, as this was our first year of hosting our parents. And it's only then I realized how much my dad spent every year for reunion dinner! The cost pretty much went shooting up when we had to get new cutlery and serving plates as we didn't have enough.

A lot of dishes eaten on reunion dinner are eaten for the meaning it brings - like yee sang for prosperity, prawn for happiness and longevity noodles for a healthy life. I don't particularly like it though but as modern as I can be, I stay to my roots too. No harm following what your forefathers say right?

Like every other year, reunion dinner is followed by massive cleaning! Lol. When the clock strike 12, we played the floating lantern - as a substitute for fireworks :P The lantern is supposedly for you to write your wishes on it but mine has chinese words printed so I didn't write anything. I can't read mandarin but I got the nice uncle who was selling lanterns to explain to me each and every lantern available there. :P

Huat ah!

p/s : I know this post isn't as interesting as I used to write and I can do better than thisbut i'm having writer's block. :s I'll be back with a great post next! So much to share

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The beginning of the year of rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year everyone yawww!

wow, it's been exactly a month since I last blogged. For the uninformed, I've just joined the workforce early this year and I guess the whole month of me being idle was the fact that my body is adjusting to a new body clock. I would say my body is pretty much adjusted to it now so i'll try to blog more often after this. I've got so much food posts to share! and, I even got a new semi-pro cam that takes f-awesome pictures!

I'm actually (and sadly) in KL for the Lunar celebration because it would be too costly for me to go back just for the weekends. I'm still in classroom training now so I'm not entitled to any leave other than the public holidays. Won't complaint about it though. I've already been blessed with a job so yeah, when you have one thing, you sacrifice another.

It's very different celebrating CNY in KL- or any festival for that matter because I somehow felt like the feeling would never reached it's climax (using a sex-language always helps in describing anything ;p) But after being away from my parents for more than a month, it didn't really matter where I was celebrating it. What matters most was that, I was with my parents. Yes, I know it's uncool to say this, but i'm really close to my parents. :)

I would say it's quite a relaxing CNY for me since my apartment here is only a quarter size of my Kuching house so the cleanings were very brief. The fact that I was also working full day on the eve of CNY also made me escaped from the reunion preparation. hehe. Our reunion dinner were very late though, cause my parents arrived from Kuching around 5pm and after my sis picked me up from work and all, we only reached home - and started preparing at 7.3op.m.

We went to Genting early this morning and met up with my extended maternal family there. I haven't been there for years! It was cold and misty outside but when you're inside the buildings it was rather hot because of the crowd. I skipped the theme park since the queue was crazy and spent the whole afternoon in casino and was winning quite a bit of money until I became greedy and lose all of my winning money. But it was all good and fun.

We ended the trip with a Starbucks session. Ah, it's good to be able to pay for your family. Satisfaction maksima! hahaha.

Anyway, Gong Hei Fatt Choy to all my readers that has been loyal with me! May the year of rabbit bring us all pools of moolah!