Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Coca-cola NOT Cola

Often we hear.. when we order "coca-cola" we would just say .. "cola" and not "coca-cola".. or when we ask our parents, boyfriend or friend to get us "coca-cola".. we would say " can you get me cola / coke please?" .. we just wont say coca-cola..

But now.. beware...

Cause what you asked , might turn out to be this.


Friday, April 25, 2008

The best food in hostel

Cendawan Goreng

Incase you're wondering, it's abalone mushroom. I don't know which state this dish originates from , but it's the best food in hostel.

I'm lovin' it ;p

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Mel : Actually today is what day ar?

Jess : err. World Book Day

Mel : Apalah u ni! i ask u monday or tuesday or wednesday lah!

Jess : Oh! Chey!!

Hey readers! Do my poll kay! ;p

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sushi King

It's been a while since my last food post. ;p I'm actually in the midst of studying for my Law Paper exam.. which is later. 8.30 p.m till 11.30 p.m. Never really like exams at night coz all i could think of is go back and sleep.

Anyway, yesterday i met the Assistant Vice Chancellor at her office. It was ok, my paper work is finally approved! She was rather strict .. and quiet.

Back to what i was gonna post, Long Long time ago, i went to Sushi King in Boulevard with Vero. The place was packed and people had to queue up to eat. It's funny tho' since Sushi King in Penang is always empty (especially the one in Prangin) and in KL it's packed but not till the extend where people queue to eat.

Before eat, check the price first. Applies to guys who has limited cash but has a girl with dinosaur appetite. Hehe.

I had a few plates only.. some of these are Vero's but i've personally tasted all these ( and a lot more) during my past visit in Penang and KL )

Wasabi and soy sauce!

I cant help but to think that this is how vegetarians shit look like. Sorry!!! Haha!


The must-have ..and was very turn off by the fact that the salmon is NOT fresh!!!

Chuka Chinmi

Seasoned scallops. One of the must-have for me .

Tuna Mayo Maki

I don't eat tuna so.. this is obviously Vero's. The tuna's portion is rather generous ;p

Kani Mayo

This one is kinda good and its cheap . So if u wanna save money, at the same time wanna show off tell ppl u went to sushi king , take a lot of this lah. Hehe.


Fish Roe and Wasabi Flavoured Fish Roe .. i like how the fish roe would pop in your mouth. Hehe.

I left the place in less than 30 minutes. There was very lil choices of sushi and the sushi's on the service kaiten just repeat and repeat and repeat!! Plus, i was just simply uncomfortable with the fact that the place is overly pack.

Will i go again ?

Maybe Not.

(*** I wrote this before exam .. and the law paper was fucking difficult. I'm starting to think Lawyers have no life and all they do is memorising acts and cases to be applied. hell with the "delegatus no potest delegare' caveat emptor.. . " ... "nemo dat quat non habet"!! )

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Khas Buat Stefanie Bong yang..Nun Jauh Di Sana...

I've been drinking this for four days ...This post is rather special since i don't usually post pictures of myself on my blog :)

The lemon one that is extremely refreshing in the sauna hostel

the peachy one that i love!

the white grape and aloe bits ..

and finally the mango and aloe bits one..

Stef, I miss you. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy Crazy Crazy

Believe it or not ...

I have a major presentation to the Assistant Vice Chancellor of my University in 8 hours at the Chancelory (her office), but i haven't done anything for the presentation. Non. Zero. Nil.

I have an assignment due today as well. I'm 90 % done for the assignment .. the only part left is the citation - the suckiest part of every assignment.

Both is equally important.

One cost me my marks , hence makes a difference in my pointer. Another cost me my reputation.

I haven't sleep.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Testing My Patience - the dramatic way

-- All images are courtesy of Google Image
So , last night was dramatic for me in hostel. I found out there was a spot check in the opposite block when i was about to go for a meeting. So i ran back to my room and cleared "my stuffs" and asked for roomate ( RM ) help.

So with the kancheong-ness , we both went out from the room to the pantry and my friend took her laptop in my room and accidentantly CLOSE THE DOOR. So ooh-la-la. Both of us are locked out!

It was already 1145 pm by then. Office is OBVIOUSLY CLOSE, so my floor mates helped but to no avail. And i finally decided to just call the felo (warden) and he said he will only be back in an hour! So i waited.. and waited.. chatted with the girl who closed my door. She was very sorry and i swear she was gonna cry!!! She keep saying sorry again and again - like the pic below! I wasn't angry at all lah, after all she was really sorry and shytts like that happen sometimes rite?

So finally, the felo is back. I went down to find him , and the nature is that if we forgotten our keys. the felo will give us 2 minutes to open the door and return him the keys. If you take longer time, he wil charge you A LOT A LOT extra. Otherwise , it's RM 3 - Which the girl paid.

Usually what they did was to open the door and throw the keys down to another fren . BUT!!! Last night, the master key was attached to his car key so he warned me not to throw down. It is unfair and considering the fact that i'm staying at the fourth floor- 8 Flights of stairs , 2 minutes sounds so impossible!!! Cut story short, I made it and it took me 1 minute 14 seconds only. 16 flights of 10 steps stairs.! Not bad leh? He told me it's the record for the block! Haha!

Ok.. So that's not the whole point of my story! The whole time, MY RM just decided to get pissed and WALKED AWAY stamping her damn feet just like that! Yes , walk away just like that. I mean i won't mind doing it alone but c'mon , you're fucking 21 and when problems occur, you don't just walk off with that bull shytt-knnccb-fucking-damn-idiot-black face!!! I get it that she's having exam but I am too!!! I just have low tolerance at immature people. When everything finally settled , i called her and ask her to go to the room. I slept a while after that coz her DAMN-SULKY face just really need a slap from me! ( She look exactly like the picture above at that time )


The point of my story is ... When something happen, brave it!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chicago 7

Missed me? hehe. Wireless is down in hostel so i've been deprived from the cyber world for a long long long time.

Heard of Chicago 7 ? It's actually some un-popular franchise from overseas..and the typical Malaysian attitude is everything from Ang Moh country IS GOOD.

When Chicago 7 1st open in Kuching, a lot of people think it's kinda weird how they would choose Kuching for their 1st franchise in Malaysia and not KL. My answer for that question is easy- they simply can't afford any shops in KL!

I am pretty sure you can sense a bad review here..Btw, Chicago 7 is located at East Moore , the old Maybank and Southern Bakery.

I heard many bad comments but i still decided to give them a try...

I was very turn off with the waitress. they look so dull and .... bored. Coz well, i can get it, there's no one there.

Ok, i ordered :

I dunno the name but if i'm not mistaken it's cheese coney dog. It doesn't matter anyway, coz it taste so bad , it looks so bad, i juz feel like throwing it at the boss!!

Then this bar-b-q burger. The roadside burger taste a zillion times better. The bun is so... hard man. Throw at you can die one!!

The fries ... was ok .

Let just count the days till it shrink since there's two lots now, and then close down! :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Holy Shit!

There's seriously no shytt as bad as this.

I fucking mean it.

Just so you all don't know, i have been working on a very important assignment for about 2 sleepless night!!

All the research, article finding, and references as in those "bukti". It's not easy to find all these even tho' there is the Internet. The line is slow so i surf from the 2 am to 7 am everyday for the articles. It's even more tedious to find articles with tension features ! I was already killing most of brain cells in my brain! WTF OK!

I finally finish it two days ago (except for the typing and finalising ) and was really happy about it.



Before you start concluding that i should have scanned my pendrive, you should just shut up.







Thursday, April 03, 2008

The easiest Spaghetti

This is going to be a quick post. Today has been great for me.

I had a very nice chat with a lecturer for more than an hour. She asked me to guess her age and i was so THANKFUL i guess correctly. Otherwise , confirm my result
teruk one! Anyway she asked me if i can speak Malay. Wtf rite, Saya Anak Malaysia lah! She's my Process Writing lecturer so understood lah, we conversed in English! The chat was nice and its been long since i last had a "matured chat".

And no , i
wasnt kissing her ass to get good marks. It's not everyday you get to talk to a lecturer mesra-ly. Most are stucked up!

Ok.. Back to what i was gonna post.

There was one night where i really wanted to eat spaghetti so badly and it was really late.. So i cook really simple one and it turn out better than most of the shops in

How to-s

Canned Tomato with herbs. This is going in after you saute the onion with butter.

Bare in mind that this isn't tomato puree!

Mushroom sausages.

Nice Nice!


To enhance the aroma, saute it with butter.

This is what you get!

Then, put in the cooked spaghetti.

Sprinkle a bit of dried parsley and put about a teaspoon of olive oil. Make sure your spaghetti is Al Dante!

And lastly put the cream.

Make sure you are ready to take it up when you put the cream coz it mustn't be stirred too long on fire. Low down the heat as well when you're about to put the cream.

Don' t forget mummy said must eat vege!

Hehehe. I put it with some flavoured cheese and seasonings for extra taste and of course, butter.

The flavoured cheese.

Pretty costly, about RM 14.90.

The seasonings.

And ta-DA!! Sprinkle a bit of Parmesan on top..

SEE, nice nice!!

Who ever said cooking was difficult?

Last but not least, i am dedicating this post to..

*drum rolls*

The lovebirds!

Happy Anniversary! So happy for the both of you. Miss you guys a lot!