Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bus Crash NO MORE

What happen to our public transport? Bus specifically?

The hottest one was the recent one happening in Slim River ( in which happens to be my friend's friend girlfriend ) where the double decker Konsortium bus over-turned. It was purely the drivers mistake for speeding. 3 of them died ..

Being in an university , i know how much students rely on these public transport to go back to their hometown. I personally wouldn't need it but everytime i send my friends off to their bus , i silently pray for them hoping they will have a safe journey. Man , their journey is long. up to 12 hours!!!!
Yes, there is plane rides but how many could afford?

The news has been bombarding the papers recently. The bus drivers have tonnes of summons but still allowed to be on the road. Imagine a murderer not prisoned? Tyres that are use has no "bunga" anymore... tell me , if the bus is not safe to use , what else can we public use? Cars, what about the those without cars?

I personally travellled with the public transport before. The longest was 7 hours. And it scares me now that the situation is bad that i decided not to travel anywhere until i spend enough moolah to board a plane?


I dont know the number of lives taken from bus crashes.. but it doesnt matter coz ONE LIVE is enough for you to be aware of the problem.

To the public , Please sign the petition here.

**** i am blogging this from KLIA-LCCT now. the caramel ice blended is so fucking sweet and the spicy chix pastry is so oily :(

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chef Mel melt for romantic guys

By far , this is the most romantic scene i've ever seen in my whole life. Ofcourse they are better ones on the telly, but this is something i saw with my own eyes , and was partly involved.

Three days ago, it was my Felo's ( sort of warden for my block ) fifth wedding annivessary. The night before he called us down for an emergency meeting at 11pm. We thought it was something
'big" but little did we know he was asking for our help to surprise his wife.

He wanted us all to sing a song for his wife. It was a Malay song "Kaulah Segalanya" by Ruth Sahanaya. The song enough was extremely meaningful.

Like i say, i melt for romantic guys, so i went that night, along with boxes of candles.

When i arrived ,he was all prepared with the laptop on and Altec Lansing speakers.
When it was about time , he called his wife out to the balcony. His wife was surprised to see so many people gathering.

And the romance begin....

He read a poem on the loud speaker .. it was a long poem.. but i love this part.

" I love you , I love us"

and for a man to say "I love You" to his wife many times in front of so many people (what more to say his students ) , it was amazing.

His wife were wiping her tears by then and when we started to sing the song , he went up and hug his wife..
and this is him reading the poem with his wife listening at the balcony. That's my felo's house, which is at the end of my block.

The world needs more romantic man.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Koreana Restaurant

There's this hidden Korean restaurant situated along side with Scoops ( That lousy and gelato place that people has been raving ). Never knew the existence until one day i told Vero i wanted to have Korean food and she suggested this place. Momoyama at the old Upwell is of the same owner.

The architecture is simple and neat.

The menu also damn attractive.

Just that it has a lot of spelling mistakes!

There were wide varieties for us to pick and we had a hard time deciding what to order. After about 20 minutes flipping the menu again and again, we finally decided to have :

Kim Chi Fried Rice RM 10

It taste ok but I was expecting a much more strong Kim Chi Flavour but it was just mild. Portion was nice tho, not too much.

Kim Chi Cui Gui RM 25

If you pronounce it in Hokkien, it sounds like Kim Chi "water ghost". LOL. Anyway , this is kim chi soup and it's really good! Not too spicy yet when u sip it , it gives you the spicy zest!

Oh Jingho Bokum ( I'm not so sure of the name )
RM 25

Incase i got the name wrongly, it's fried squid. The portion was generous for the price you pay. Just RM 25 for a full plate of fresh squids. Very worth it. They taste really good too. Well flavoured and not over-cooked.

The side dish that came along ...
( Sorry but i don't know the specific name )

Kim Chi

The most well-known Korean food. Made out of fermented cabbage ( or any other vege) mixed with spices and seasonings. The one they have here is pretty good , but not well-seasoned (yet).

Another seasoned cabbage

Tasted like cabbage in blended chilli.

Jelly fish

Not bad lah this one.Edible.


This one damn nice! I love clams and its even better that i went with two friends who don't like clams. LOL.

Anchovies + Green Chillies + Huge Garlic

I didn't try this one. I don't take anchovies.. and i don't take huge garlics either.

The fruit salad

Don't know why i find it a bit wrong. Does Koreans really have this?

Our drinks

Ice Lemon Tea RM 3.00

Ice Green Tea RM 3.50

Japanese Green tea wins hands down!

The place seems very hidden but there's really quite a big number of customers in there. I don't mind visiting the place again. A quiet and peaceful place. Thumbs up!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Wilson's Dad passed away early yesterday morning. He (Wilson) is a close friend of mine , and since it was a sudden , i was kinda shocked when i heard the news.

Initially i wanted to blog yesterday , right after i heard the news but the wireless in my hostel was down.

The cremation's tomorrow ( Monday ) , so friends who know Wilson , please pay him a visit , give him a call and do what ever you can to make him feel better.

Wilson , please be strong and i know you will. You're the man of the house now!

and to his father..

Uncle , may your soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday My Blog

YAY! is officially ONE YEAR OLD!

Like everyone's blog , they always have a cake right?

But since i'm in hostel , cakes are pretty costly and doesn't taste good , I bought the Gardenia's cupcakes instead.

There's two!

One for you, One for me!

I thank each and every reader of mine ( not that they are many ) but , i appreciate each one of you!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bella Italia

Every single Kuching-nites has been raving about how good their Italian cuisine it , So , before i left for my uni or better known as jungle, i had lunch with my mother here.

I like the architecture... very Italian-ish to me. But my mum was like, " You sure it looks Italian?"

I'm impressed by their cleanliness. =D

Since we had our lunch earlier on , we didn't order much.

Pizza Margherita RM 13.80

This is the most basic pizza and ... it is always through their basic pizza you judge if the restaurant serve good pizza. I'm very disappointed with the taste tho. It is the kind of pizza , a kindergarten kid do. No speciality at all.

Linguine Mama Mia RM 12.80

I was kinda shocked to see how terrible the pasta is being presented especially with such cool name! And it looks really like hokkien mee! OMFG! My mum laughed at me about how i always like to order food with weird names and it always turns out tasting bad. It's really sour and heavily spiced. Not nice.

Coke RM 2.80

Taste like coke =D But they forgot to charge in my bill. Hehe!

After hearing so much good comments from almost everyone that visited the restaurant, I'm kinda surprised how bad the food taste. Maybe it's just that day? I will give them another try. =)

Mail me at for the location. :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Coffee Bean

First and foremost , sorry coz i said i will blog a day after i reach my hostel. Advertlets fucked up my blog and i was also too tired to blog at the end of the day.

This semester i'm taking 21 credit hours , meaning to say i have around 7 hours of class a day. Very hectic but i'm still sane.

I'm blogging from my room now =D I actuallly woke up early to blog coz the line would be amazingly 40-50 Mbps. Very cepat eh! =D

On New Year's day , i had coffee with Beng and his brother, Stansfield while looking over to Tun Jugah for some lame fashion show and some "action-packed" photographer. = D

Green Tea Ice Blended

I think it taste very much like vanilla ice blended. No green tea flavour at all.

Vanilla Ice Blended

It is ok.. but too milky for me lah. Don't like.

Black Forest Ice Blended

I used to like this a lot. I prefer the Caramel one now. =D I think maschino cherries is a lil too


Taste pretty bad. Don't order. =D

Coffee Bean is a cool place to hang out and please your coffee fix. Open at my Uni can?

**Oh btw, if any of you in charge in controlling the quality of the coffee bean , can u please check on the branch in Kuching's airport? They taste reali bad!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Just reach the jungle

I just got down from the plane a few hours ago.

I'm so tired.

Made a friend in the plane and we shared a cab back to uni.

Will be back blogging tomorow!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Havana Club

Situated along the three popular cafes ( The Junk , Bla Bla Bla and The Living Room ) . They have this lounge kinda concept..

The design is damn nice .. It's divided into two sections. The other side is more bar-ish.

I was at the "sit-back-relax" section. They have a LCD there but the music's too loud for you to actually hear what's on the tv.

We had non-alcoholic drinks...

Cranberry Rapsberry RM 6

Blue Curacau RM 6

These two drinks are pretty much tasteless actually.. other than being extra fizzy.

The ambiance is really nice and the drinks are cheap but unfortunately, the chairs are so uncomfortable. Plus , the fact that they allow smoking in a fully air conditioned place with no proper ventilation makes me so uncomfortable.

I left after 30 minutes.

I don't think i'll visit this place again.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Eve Countdown

I did not spend my new year eve in any of the hippest club in Kuching , getting myself drunk or dancing the night away.Good girl like Chef Mel won't do such thing. Heheh! JK lah.

Since i couldn't make it in time to any of the clubs , so we settled down in Seattle Coffee House in Merdeka Palace. It was packed there and they have live band in Beccari so.. it's basically like free music there.

Seattle Milkshake RM 8.50

I can't remember if i tried this drink from Sam and Stef.

Caribbean Crush RM 8.50

Taste tomato-ish to me. Ben told me it tasted like lip balm. LOL.

Double Shaken RM 9.50

Taste normal. Coffee based drinks. It's just nothing to be rave about.

Strawberry Lady RM 7.00

Such a nice name for the cake. The taste? The worst cake i've ever eaten in my whole 20 years living. Not to mention , i was so shocked when the waitress took the cakes by HAND.

The quality of the drinks and cakes is too lousy to be served in a 5-star Hotel's Coffee House. The place really SUCKS.

*** The drinks is subject to 15 % tax.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

First and foremost, Happy New Year Everyone!!

How was your New Year?
I spend the last two hours of the eve stuck in a massive traffic jam. And finally settled down in Merdeka Palace for the countdown. It wasn't great , but the company was good. It was just too bad Beng couldn't make it.

Well, we went out late coz all of us had family dinner to attend.

My family dinner was great. It was with a very close family friend , so i enjoyed it a lot. Not to say they said something that really opened my eye up and , i Thank God , i made a good decision.

What I had ?
(No verdict again)

Lamb Leg Curry

Sweet and Sour Pork (Heaven for people who is going Kedah)

Pork Satay (Another Heaven)

Philliphine's Pork Knuckles ( Double Heaven)

Roasted Duck

Did i ever tell you guys that i love roasted duck!?!Mmmmmm!!

Teochew Fried Long Life Noodle

KFC!! Lol

wei! it means a lot to me! Hrmpf!!

Cucumber and Ketupat

That sums up my New Year's dinner :)

Please pardon the quality of the photograph. They're all taken with my SE K610i.