Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seoul Garden

So.. there's one fine night that my mum asked me to accompany her to have dinner here. She's a fan of korean food btw. I've visited this place several times .. but after i left for Uni, my times in Kuching are pretty much spend stuffing myself with local food and the size of the shop shrinked as well... however, they opened a stall in Boulevard's food court recently.

If you were a regular of my blog, you know that i blogged about this place before.. too lazy to link. =p.. and the names are simply too complicated.. so i don't have the names of the food.

The ever so popular rice..

To be 'stir' with the sauce below. Very very nice la!

Kim Chi Pork

This one taste normal.. came along with the white rice below.


I like the rice.. There's something special about it!

The side dishes...

Kim Chi

The Kim Chi here taste better than the one in Koreana.

Bak Choy

This look rather sad rite? Hahaha!

Seaweed Soup


Tempura Egg Tofu

A bit sweet. Don't like it.

Bean Sprout with sesame seeds.

Not nice lah. Over-cooked!

Sushi-s and Tempura-s.

Mandarin Orange

Barley Tea

Taste rather weird.. Don't order. Hehe.

Wah.. Just realised this was a pretty long post! ;p Enjoy!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge

So since i had i the Golden Club ticket, before i board the plane, i had the chance to visit the Golden Lounge. In KLIA , the lounge is situated before gate A2 and for KIA , if i'm not mistaken it's before Gate 8.

I was rather excited to go in there and had really high hopes after hearing so much positive comments!

I felt small the moment i enter the place. I was probably one of the youngest there excluding those kids with their super wealthy parents.Everyone there looks rich and successful.

I'm sorry but i have no pictures of the place.. coz it's really awkward to take pictures in there. Even when i take pics of the food i ate, everyone was looking at me.

So , here's what i had .

Various Cocktail sandwiches.

They look western but they're actually fusion-style sandwiches. I would say it's a good way to promote our culture since there's quite a number of ang mohs in there.

This is the best!! I was very amazed with the amount of garlic cheese they put and i LOVE garlic cheese!

They also had this special beriani with dhal. It was served it with fish curry and vegetarian curry. I'm not very fond of eating fish , but i would say this is the best fish curry i ever eat besides the one i had at home!

There's wide choices of sweet croissant for you to choose. But these two are my favourites.

There's also an open kitchen beside the food bar where you can ask the chef to cook for you based on the menu given.Since i check in pretty late, i didn't order any of it coz i don't want to feel bloated on the plane later.

They had a wide range of jams, butter , honey .. 3 in 1 beverage sachets, hot chocolate machine..juices and canned drinks.

and lastly.. being a cheapskate.. i took this home.hehe.

Everything is FREE in the lounge.

The lounge was really impressive. Congratulations Malaysia Airlines!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

MAS - Golden Club Class

Just recently, I had the privilege of flying with Malaysia Airlines' premium class, the golden club class. It was a wonderful experience!

The moment everyone settled down, I was already offered a juice of my choice. And just as I was sipping my last sip of my juice, I was asked if I would like to have coffee or tea.

Then, i was given a pillow and blanket - comes in real handy when you're really tired. After the take off, I was again asked for drinks again. At some point I was actually feeling quite irritated. Haha.

There's definitely difference in the way you were served. The stewardess address you by your name and it was a personal touch. You really felt appreciated as a customer. But then again, you actually paid quite a huge sum to be served. :p

I read a bit of newspaper while passing the time. It was a an early evening flight and I was hoping to see the sunset from the plane. Just so you know, the most beautiful sunset I ever saw was on the plane! It was magnificent.

Then it was makan time! I was served black pepper chicken.

No plastic plates. That's a huge credit. Presentation's great. The food actually tasted really good! There's even salmon salad. Haha!

After that , i was served hot sunflower seeds bagels and i honestly tell you, it's one of the best bagel i ever had!

And lastly, after the constant asking if i want some drinks, the stewardess gave me hot towel. And i meant really hot towel!

By the time the hot towel was collected, the plane was about to land. The lights were switched off and i managed to dozed a bit.

It was indeed a Golden Experience and the service was really impressive. No doubt I will consider taking it again in the future!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

to that special friend.

Hey Man,

it's your birthday today.

And today was also the day i first said "I love You" to you.. that was five years ago. I remembered it clearly coz it was on your birthday you forced me to say ....

Unfortunately , our love didn't last. Over the years , we've both move on with our own live but i'm glad we are still friends. Not close , but we still know each other's existence in this world and you would at least make an effort to meet up.

During our impromptu meet recently you told me your dreams and go on an on and on about your dream cars. I looked at you and smiled. You asked me about mine , but i wasn't clear what i wanted ..and I wish that i was that clear about my dreams too. I had always envy how hard you would work to achieve your dreams.

I remembered i asked you to tie the ribbon on my shirt and you go.. " Oh shytt. fuck. How to tie a ribbon? isit like shoe lace?... shit.. ohh go in here.. eh no.. here " Hahah. That was cute ... and when i looked at the mirror.. i blurted out.. " shyt. why so ugly one?!"

You went to bath while i watch the movie in the living room. And later came down with a torn boxer. I said.. "hey! why koyak one?!" Then you say.. you brought limited boxers back. And i asked you.. " why you wear underwear with yr boxer? " and you say.. " Its my habit la!"

I tot it was so kewt of you to wear ur socks before you wear ur pants. I asked .. and you said " more convienient ok!"

So many things that i remembered.. even tho we spend such short time together. Not because i can't get over you ( infact i did long ago ) .. but you always gave me such good time and 1001 sweet memories.

It was sad we couldn't meet the night before i left, but you reminded me about our promise. I totally forgotten about it... but i'm glad you remembered. Can we make it?

Only God knows.

Happy birthday "MASHIMARO"

Ipoh Chicken Biscuit

A friend of mine went to Ipoh for a short holiday last week... and i immediately jump to the chance and ask her to get this for me.

The 'Kai Chai Peng".

Thin and crispy.

Taste as good as it is raved.

Any kind Ipoh readers who would like to send me this? hehe.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Goodbye Ah Kong

It's been ten days since my last post..

For those of you who didn't know , i flew back to my hometown last Friday..

Because ... my grandfather passed away.

He was diagnosed with stomach cancer in June last year. Doctor said he had 6 months to live but he made it 9 months.

He was close to me and i remember before he passed away , he wanted to send me to the airport so badly so my dad brought him there. and the last time i heard his voice was when i asked my mum to passed to him the phone ... but that time he was kinda critical so he couldn't hear what i was saying and he cried.

The funeral went on rather grand for him...

There were many flowers for him. More than One lorry! About 24 "sets" of flowers.

This to me is the saddest part. When they brought him to the church from His home.. which means he will never come back again...

It was a short walk down the hill.. but i almost fainted. .from the massive crying. My Ah Kong live opposite the bomba.. the uphill bungalow. Just right beside the Japanese Cemetery.

and later..

Before going for burial at the Nirvana Memorial Park.

This is His new Home.

Ah Kong,

I stil remember every single word you said the last time you gave me advice in your room.

I will miss you dearly..

May your soul rest in peace.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mr. Hua Beng

Hey Friend!

On your birthday,...

I got you a Whopper from Burger King!

The huge-st burger!

But since if keep them for you, till i'm back in Kuching, it'll be rotten, so i ate them for you already! hehe!

And.. i also want to tell you that, you've been a great friend to me and i truly miss you. Make sure you proof to your parents so we can go out to our normal Cat Statue coffeeshop for yum cha again!... and have our Teh C Peng!

Have a blessed birthday!

It won't be fun, coz i'm not there. and your girl is not there too.Hehe.

"Growing Old is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional"

Ipoh Town Coffee

Yet.. another coffee post..

So, i spend my last few hours in Kuching, here with Stef!

I haven't heard about this coffee chain before .. and i must mention here that this is NOT Ipoh Old Town coffee. Anyway , this place is located at Boulevard Kuching, right at the end. You won't miss it since Boulevard is damn small.

The basic interior with the marble chair. The waitress posing maut!

Just a lil info here. To judge an original marble table is pretty easy. When you go to restaurants with marble chair or tables , try touching below the table / chairs ( not the "kaki") . If it's damn rough, then it's fibre made. :P

Hot Mocha

Ice Blended Ipoh Town Coffee

You see.. everywhere you go ..there's always this local coffee shop with their brand name "Ipoh". I never got the chance to taste the original one from Ipoh and .....

if this is it, the coffee really sucks.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Kluang Station

I'm pretty sure that this name is no stranger for the West Malaysians. But for us here in Kuching, this is a new place for us. Located at The Spring , they served reasonable priced Malaysian food at a better environment.

They started out being popular for their hand roasted coffee, toast and half boiled egg. But as time past , many start to rave about their curry puffs and Nasi Lemak.

Too bad for me , i went there around 10 pm, so i don't think it's "ngam" for me to eat their signature dish. I do see many people eating half boiled egg that time. It's NOT cool ok? It's so friggin weird!!

Ice Coffee

Come Kluang Station must try their kopi one! The coffee is really well brewed and damn "kau". Nice. Really good.

Lime Juice

According to Vero... it's nice.


It's their signature thing.. and i expected something really good. And , yeap , i got what i expected. Really nice.Must try!

So, Kuching Ppl.. beramai-ramai go visit Kluang Station ok!