Sunday, October 28, 2007

Leaving Again

Two weeks ago , i was back in my hometown for Hari Raya Holidays and used half of my study week for holiday oso! I know it's not right ... but i was desperate to come home even tho' my tickets were RM 917 (Return) and ... I totally didn't bother about the fact that i'll be home end of november again! Again , another RM 577 flew away..

My tickets..what's up with MAS man? Lousy tix!

Anyway, i'll be back soon..! Finals!!

Laksa Sarawak in Laksa Shack

I was missing home so badly .. that i decided to taste the Sarawak Laksa in Laksa Shack , Queensbay. Sarawak Laksa is the only food that'll bring me "somewhat closer" a lil tiny bit to my hometown, Kuching. Being without Laksa for months is not good for a hard core laksa fan like me! I didn't had high expectations on this place .. I juz reali wanted to taste at least a lil "hint" of the laksa aroma. Just a bit will do!!! Talk bout being desperate!

Here's , the laksa.

Too many things that aren't suppose to be inside are in lah weiiii.. Got timun , sesame seeds, dried tauhu pok.. arghhh.. soup was too thick.. But hey , it's got a LITTLE laksa Sarawak taste ok?! Hahaha! This laksa is recommended for desperate people (like me) who misses Laksa Sarawak too much! hahah!

But anyway , as i remembered the service was good here =)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Living Room

I am having a great week. I've been eating and eating in GOOD places almost everyday !

Today , Beng treated me a meal in Magenta. Even tho' i'm not blogging about Magenta (not because the food wasn't good, but i was too busy indulging them ).. i'm just writing this to thank him. I would not be able to afford such expensive meal there. Thank You ,Beng! :) Looking Forward to many more years of great friendship with you! [ i noe he'll read this!]

Back to what i'm blogging.. The Living Room. Situated the same row with The Junk , i am quite dumbfounded by the architecture. It was beautiful! I was there with one of my closest high school mate , Vero and also Vanessa whose close-but-not-so-close?haha!

The choices there are pretty limited and i like restaurants with limited choice. Cafes with wide choices makes me feel like i'm eating in a food court!

What i had?

Midin Salad ( served cold)

This one is one simple meal , yet taste good. I like it and i'll definitely order on my next visit. (Yes, i'm very sure i will visit this place again!)

Spicy Mussels

The mussels are kinda huge and very fresh .. But i didn't like how it taste. I prefer mussels cooked in English style.

Grilled Black Pepper Lamb Chop

I had always love the lamb chop prepared there. Somehow , i didn't like it this time .. coz the taste was a bit "too fusion" for me. But , still it taste good. Just , i HATE the mashed potato here. So sweet can!!!

Banana Milk


Blackcurrant Smoothie

Mine. It was good.

Root Beer Float


I really love the ambience here.. will come back soon for sure!

and to ...Vero, you've always been a great friend.. see u end of the year!

to Jess.. happy studying! dont emo ! finals soon wei!!! Then we can happily enjoy our sem break together! LOVE you lots and we're the best!!! * hugz + muaks*

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Penang Road Dim Sum

Apparently , this is one of the most popular dim sum in Penang. It's about 30 minutes walk from KOMTAR.. then you walk through those really worn out shop houses. I'm not so sure if any Rapid or Milan buses stops here.

I've always been a fan of dim sum .. but all of my visits to dim sum kopitiams in Kuching never make me happy. I'll say so far this is the only dim sum kopitiam that makes me happy. Sad thing is , it's in Penang. Not in Kuching.

By the way.. i won't post comments of those dim sum-s. :) Heavy Pictures post! ENJOY!

Egg Tart

Siu Mai

Chicken Feet in Char Siew Sauce

Fish Meat Siu Mai

Xiu Long Pau

Har Kau

Minced Pork in Har Kau Skin ( i dunno what is the name -lah! )

Pai Kut Ong ( Spare Ribs)

Lo Mai Kai

Sushi Rolls

Steamed Herbal Chix

Duck Egg Custard Pau

Lotus Pau

Meat Pau

Prawn in Bean Curd Skin

All this down with cold soya bean ..Perfect breakfast!

Sorry , no directions to this place again! :(

Sweets For my Sweets at The Junk

After a scrumptious dinner with Vero and Van in The Living Room , i walked over to The Junk for a date ( date! *cough* ) with Ben. Since we both had dinner already, we had cakes and drinks while chit chatting the night away. Man , i damn miss this sitting-in-a-cafe-chit-chat life!

Ice Blended Mango RM 7

Ben's order. Didn't try but he said it's good.

Oreo Crush RM 7

Ordered it in the Living Room ( Bla Bla Bla, Living Room and The Junk are of same owners) but i didn't get it.. so i tried and order again here. and wah la la! But anyway , it's tasteless. Not sweet at all.

Strawberry Cheese Cake RM 9

Ben's order. It was good and rich. I love the presentation. So temptilicious! :P

Black Forest Cake RM 9

Mine. Just as Ben complaint his cake was too rich.. i have nothing to say besides saying my cake was "POOR". Tasteless and no black berries at all! :( I finished it tho' since it's RM 9 for a bloody sponge cake. I don't know what i was thinking that time. Probably because the cake looks really nice. Aneway , the presentation's great. How i wish the cake taste as good as it looks.

Oreo Crushed Cake RM 9

I tapau-ed for my mum. It was good. Just that i thought the way they pack somehow makes it looks cheap?. heh!

I 've been to this place many times... and every single of the visit has never fail to make me happy. I love the after-feeling this place gives me. Just incase you're so outdated , The Junk is located just opposite St. Mary's. So if you wanna date me , please book a table in The Junk , ok? ;D

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kim Gary's Restaurant

Kim Gary has made it big in KL that they have expanded their fortune in Penang .. so i went to their branch in Queensbay Mall when i was in Penang recently. Serving mainly Hong Kong-style food..Kim Gary's another overrated restaurant.

Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop

Their famous dish. It was too cheesy for my liking and i think the portion is way too much. Plus i didn't like ginger in my food. So, double thumbs down! I think the one in Causeway Bay taste better.

They're really generous with their cheese tho` but it was a lil too much for me.

Ordered in a set .. and it came with ..

i) Cream Soup

The soup tasted like milk to me...and i'm not a fan of milk. I only took a sip!

ii) Pudding with Coconut Jelly

After all the cheesy and creamy .. i don't think a milky pudding is appropriate as a "wash-down".

iii ) Ying Yong

Coffee + Tea .. i like! and only they can do the perfect ying yong!

Black Pepper Pork Chop Spaghetti

Looks appetizing and tempting to me. Jessica's friend's order.. Taste good i suppose! :P

Pork Corn Rice
(I forgot the name lah!)

Jessica's order and she highly recommend? hehe! she eats it with the cream soup pour over.... That's her recipe and i don't recommend ! looks really like.. God-knows-what! haha!

Honey Lemon

Jessica's order..nothing special about honey and lemon together... ha ha.

Talk about overrated restaurant.. they're always highly-priced and never fail to disappoint me. SIGH!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Penang Road Goodies

Like i said Penang is quite nearby me .. so i usually spend my time there when i have long weekends or holidays.

Penang road is where i usually stay since it has the cheapest hotels and lots of motels! Budget holiday lah wei! Penang Road is popular for its night life so .. really not much food there.
Before i continue.. my apology is that i can't remember the name of all the coffee shops! Chinese names are really difficult to remember!

Penang Char Kueh Tiau

This Char Kueh Tiau was my first time sampling the overrated Penang Cha Kueh Tiau. I was VERY dissapointed since i had high expectations on it after hearing everyone raving about it, but it turns out to be just normal cha kueh tiau! What more to say when i waited ONE HOUR for it !!!

Chicken Rice

This is the chicken rice that has created a name in Penang. It's been featured on papers and on television too. And.. sigh.. i waited for 45 minutes! The verdict : It was just so-so? Just a normal chicken rice.Edible and nothing to rave about. Certainly not worth waiting for 45 minutes!

Pork La Mien

This is actually one of the worst food i've eaten in Penang. The soup is too sweet , the pork is tasteless. I actually had a hard time finishing it coz it was rather expensive so i didn't want to waste my money. The only thing that was nice was the dumpling ( the picture below ) that comes along with it..

It is served with diluted mayonaise but it goes well with the hot dumpling. I somehow.. didn't finish the mee after all. :P

Penang Fried Hor Fun

After my first dissapointment on the Penang Cha Kueh tiau , i must say i didn't quite feel like trying it again.. but since i was hungry so i ate at this rather empty coffeeshop and the only thing that looks appetizing was this stall.. and the verdict is..This is THE BEST and you MUST Try!!!!! It's so well fried and evenly flavoured! I LOVED IT!! Oh yeah , if you don't like hor fun , can opt for kueh tiau or mee :)

Cha Kueh Tiau Basah

The west is very popular with their Cha Kueh Tiau Basah .. and i loved it! Taste really good. I might sell this in Kuching if i fail to finish my degree. LOL! Aneway, this stall is just outside Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) .. USM-ers if u never try .. go try lah , ok!

Any of you who are visiting Penang , and would like to sample the food above, i don't mind to be your tour guide to all these places. I don't remember the names , but i remember the place! haha! Just mail me at

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hostel + campus food

Just so you think , hostel food sucks. Mine looks pretty appetizing you know?and they taste really good too! And i warn you , this post will be overloaded with photos!

They all look pretty much the same .. most of them are mixed rice. The highlights are , the food are so cheap!!! :P Actually the truth is , the amount is a lil more than pictured. You gotta noe how to "arrange" them!

Nasi Lemak on Banana Leaf -
60 Cents
( from the campus' cafe)

Fried kueh tiau + fried rice + 1 nugget + I chicken patties =
RM 1.40 (really!!!)
[ from the campus's cafe]

Bihun Bandung RM 2.50
( From the cafeteria)

Incase you don't know what bandung is , bandung is actually the malay-version of tomato mee except it has eggs and spicy! Very nice!

Ayam Goreng + Sotong + Vege + Kerang pedas (below the vege) = RM 3.50
(My favourite Malay stall in the mall)

The damn good tom yam sotong! RM 2.50
(from the cafeteria)

All sorts of vege + Vegetarian Cha sio + Curry potato + 5 chicken sio bees tat i hide below (HEHE! )
RM 2.40 (From the chinese stall)

Ayam goreng + Kerang Pedas + Curry potato + Belachan = RM 3.80
( From my favourite stall in the mall)

Ayam Goreng + Ayam golek + beef + mango salad + Kerang Pedas = RM 4
( Also from my favourite malay stall in the mall)

Kobis + Bendi + Chilli Fish balls + Curry chix = RM 3
( Indian Stall)

Kacang Botol + Curry Chix + Sosej = RM 2.40
(Indian Stall)

Bee Hoon Hai Lam - RM 2.50
(Cafeteria in Hostel)

Sotong masak masam manis - RM 2.50
(Cafeteria in Hostel)

Not all the time food are cheap. Sometimes , they can PMS-ly charge u RM 4 for nothing!
(This is from pasar malam)

The teh peng there is so cheap! Just 90 cents and way more than the one in Kuching!

There's still many food in campus and hostel but it's imposible for me to show all... Campus has around 10 eateries while my hostel has another 10 eateries .. and all shops has so much varieties.... :P