Sunday, August 30, 2009

"I'm addicted to Olay game!"

Kim of tagged me last week for a game/contest by Olay! Been getting many readers through her blog, so thanks Kim! :)

Full infomation of the contest can be obtained here!

There's basically 6 games for you to play. Very addictive games I would add!

Restaurant is my favourite! It's the toughest one amongst the other 5 games and that makes it interesting to me!

Shopping mall seconded to restaurant!

The club is basically bejewelled but instead of swapping shapes, you're swapping cocktails.

The super market was easy and relaxing , very much depeat the meaning of game.

Miss the dancing game in the arcade ? Play this!

The metro station was however a tad too monotonous for me.

I do think i can play better if given a faster connection during day time - more practice. hehe. I can only play in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping and less people are using the internet! It takes really long to load during day time and by the time , it has finish loading, the university's Cisco system is asking for web authentication and making the whole page load again! :(

I'm not tagging anyone (Contest ends on 31 st August, 11.59 p.m. so with the time frame, it's quite unfair for the people I tag) but to those who are joining, Good luck!

and even if you do not have the intention of joining, do try out the games. Beat my high score!

p/s : It's 4.45 a.m now, I have to wake up at 8 later. FML!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Air Asia In Flight Food Review : Ramadhan Special

Before taking the last flight back to Kuching, I stop by KL for a few hours to meet up with my sister for a meal. My sister took a half day leave and will only be meeting me up after lunch hour so with some time to kill, I did some shopping. To be honest, I was rather dissapointed with the mega sale this year. There's nothing much to buy from my thin wallet. :(

I don't know if it's me but time in KL seems to past so fast. After a rather miserable lunch (that'll be in another post) with my sister, it was already time to go to the airport. I was already very tired by then, having to travel since 6 in the morning and not sleeping the night before so all I want the moment I hop on the plane is a good sleep.

However, 30 minutes into the flight, I woke up feeling cold and feverish which naturally lead to continuous sneezing that went for about 15 minutes or so. And you know, when you sneeze in public now (what more in a plane!), people immediately dubbed you for being a A(H1N1) carrier.

I sort a quick solution (or so I thought) by ordering a cup of hot drink and a meal. I flipped the menu for at least six times before finally settled with an order. It was not because I was not ready to part RM 13 for the drinks and food, but I was still very full. I just had a large McValue meal in McDonald's 20 minutes prior to departure time! (not boarding time - when I went in the departure hall, everyone was walking to the plane already!)

This is the Ramadhan Special : Nasi lemak sotong. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, or anything for that matter. However upon my first spoon full , my palate was pleasantly surprise with crispy and fresh cuttlefish cooked perfectly in the sambal. The steamed coconut rice too didn't fail me. It was fragrant and well cooked. Looks can be deceiving eh? It may not be presented like how it was illustrated but it certainly taste like it!

Oh well, it was after all a Chairman's pick menu. So you know it gotta be good. Just so you know, my sneezing didn't stop. It got worse and next thing I know, my nose started to bleed! =(

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Back in Ulu Land

The one week holiday back in my hometown was great! I get to spend quality times with my family and cats ( hehe ;p) and met some friends I haven't seen for a while.

I had a taste of civilization - something I really need and I felt a lot more rejuvenated. But, like they say, good times has to come to an end and it's time to leave again.

Kuching always have beautiful skies even when the air is polluted. ;p

I brought back a lot of home made biscuits, food and some toiletries. Funny thing was when it went through the Customs scanning machine, the man asked me what is it in the "tin". I said it's Milo and he asked me where am I heading to ... I didn't want him to ask a lot of questions so I just answered "KL". He said "Harr!Sana tak jual Milo karr?". Lol. I had to tell him that this Milo is imported Milo, not the locally produced Milo. And for your account, imported Milo taste a lot better than our local Milo. Huge difference to be precise.

I asked for the fragile sticker in the Kuching counter and the lady nicely put it for me. But when I check in at the KL counter, I was asked to check in at another counter , which is 47 counters apart! It was then 20 minutes before the check in closed and I didn't want to risk missing my flight so I asked her to take the sticker off. When I claimed my baggage, the sticker was still intact but when I unpacked this morning, all the cookies container were broken. =(

I was assigned hot seat for both my flights and I have to say I might consider paying for a hot seat in the future. The leg space is almost five times the normal seat! You can also pray that there is no one sitting next to you, so the stewardess would sit next to you during take off and landing!

To stewardess flight AK 5252 (20 August - 4.20 P.M) who sat next to me ; nice talking to you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Minced Pork and Fried Fuchuk

My mum used to make this particular minced pork on weekly basis when I was young and ... I'm now 22 , and still never grow sick of it! An exceptionally simple dish that actually takes less than 5 minutes of preparation time, and around 20 minutes of cooking time, depending on the amount of servings.

The main ingredients is non other than minced pork of course. Add in three eggs, dark soy sauce, pepper, salt and mono sodium glutamate to your taste.

Flavor comes from this preserved elongated shape cabbage(dōngcài) imported from China. It usually comes in a round clay crocks with Tianjin being the more notable brand.

It doesn't have to look as black as this. I like mine black so I added more dark soy sauce and in return I loose the salt.

Steam it for about 20 minutes (or till cook).

It's not exactly the best picture but all I can say is, picture do no justice to how good it taste. ;p I've seen a number of economy rice place selling the exact same dish but non of it can come close to the one prepared at home. Non, nil.

It's best eaten with rice, but it was porridge day when I decided to take pictures of the whole process. I also had fried fuchuk (bean curd skin) to go with my porridge.

Fried fuchuk is a dish I came across two years ago. I am not very much of a fuchuk person (or anything from the bean curd family) but I have to say it taste a lot better after it is deep fried.

Again, the preparation is very easy. Soak the fuchuk till soft, then dry it (it must be very dry because you are going to deep fry it) and coat it with corn flour, salt and pepper to taste. Then deep fry it! Easy right? :)

Golden brown fuchuk. ;p

... and it's funny how a simple dish like this can make me miss home terribly. =S

p/s : Going back to Kuching for a week! Flight in 5 hours :D

Friday, August 07, 2009

How to cook mushroom pork noodles

You'll need pork, dried Chinese shitake mushrooms , green mustard leaves (sawi) and spring onion. Pork and the mushrooms are cut into thin slices while the spring onion is roughly chopped.

For the noodles, I chose Maggi Perencah Ayam but this is very much of personal preference. You can also used other brands or if you are a health afficianado, you might want to use the freshly made noodles available in the market.

Cook the noodles, prawn and green mustard leaves (in order) in boiling water. Drained it and leave it aside while you prepare the mushroom pork.

It is very simple to prepare the mushroom pork. Slightly grease the pan and stir fry the pork and mushroom together. Then add in salt, pepper and light soy sauce to taste.

You'll notice that I also add in the base of spring onion. The base of spring onion has a larger volume in terms of taste and this makes the food sweeter (and tastier) naturally without having the need to put in monosodium glutamate.

For flavourings of the noodle, I used pork lard, pork lard crisp, garlic oil, pepper, salt, vinegar and chicken stock. The amount you put is very much according to your personal taste. I like my food with heavy flavours, hence the large amount of garlic, pepper and chicken stock.

Next, mixed the noodles thoroughly so that all the flavours are infused perfectly.

Garnish the noodles with prawn, green mustard leaves and chopped spring onion and here you go! A bowl of mushroom pork noodles!

It'll only take you less than 15 minutes to prepare this dish! Give it a try! :P