Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lok Lok

Lok Lok has always been my all time favourite hawker dish. I still remember when i was really young , i can have around 20 sticks of the road side lok-lok in Bukit Bintang,KL. Well, that was back then when weight doesn't really matter and fat was cute ! Hrmph!

In Kuching , there's not really much place for Lok Lok tho'. Most of them are the fried ones in coffee shop. The only one i know that is the boil-kind is this one situated at this very old-school dangdut place.

Wide Varieties for you to choose...

They have fried stuffs too But i think it is always over-fried and dry. So go for the boiled one yea..

My lok lok :P

Ordered so much .. in the end Stef ate like a quarter of it only! I had to finish them up !

Their Chili is to die for. So damn good.

They served their 'liang tea' in this metal bowl .. which i find it rather special. Hehe.

They also have noodles and their nasi lemak is pretty popular. ( It's not nice to me tho'. ) If you wanna go there, call me yea! I'll be most happy to tag along! heheh!

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