Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lectures Begin!

So.. my class starts. How do i find it?

Because here is a majority-Malay state , classes starts on Sunday. Having to go to lectures on Sundays was not something we all were use to.. we all had a "brain calendar" a day faster than "normal" people.. it's like when it's friday we thought it's saturday. I admit , up till now , my brain is still "trying" to get use to it. It's just weird.

Lectures .. are damn relaxing. But can be dead bored too. Especially when you have the 8am Slot ..You're dead sleepy and the lecturer is in front mumbling shyts. I had the 8am slot everyday.. which means i had to wake up early everyday. But i'm quite free in the evening. It's like .. You start early , you get to get back to your hostel earlier. That kind of thing. Uni is definitely much more tiring than school. WHY? From one lecture hall cluster .. you had to walk like 1km or more to the next one. Under the sun! WITH HEELS! Ofcuz they're some who doesn't wear heels.. but i personally think heels goes well in formal suits. Did i mention my dress code to class is formal ? So , guys with tie are shyts to me now. I see them everyday. I won't drool at those tie-guys again! haha! Girls .. some dress well, some a disaster. Heheh.

Classes are damn big. Like 500+ "mahasiswa/siswi"... and sometimes it reaches 700! Tutorial are fun-der coz classes are small and we had SDGs (self development group) on every Thursday. Things here are ofcuz high tech . We don't sign for attendance.. but we scan our matrix card! :P Sumtimes gaps between a few classes is long so i spend time in the library. Library itself is as huge as Kuching 's Civic Centre!!!

My time here is packed and i hardly have free time .. ! My slots usually ends around 3.30 pm.. then i would take a bus back to hostel and settle down..then start to play all sorts of sports. I am currently falling in love for Squash. Hehe! I play a lot of basketball and badminton too.. Not to forget cycling! Cycling up the hill can b chalenging tho.. Rem.. my place is Bukit? heheh.. The bicycle is the 2 passenger kind.. HEHE! At night , i normally have meetings for clubs and had many functions to attend.. and the last would be the yum cha session! haha! :P

Guess i got to go for now.. I will blog about the negative side of UUM soon! Hahaha!! I had to go back to campus now for some interview. Till then guys, Please be loyal to my blog. I am getting a laptop!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

First post from Sintok!

hello readers!!

I am currently blogging from my dorm's computer lab .. just right before i take a bus to Chang Lun for shopping. Chang Lun is a small town.. haha. Not mid valley Ok? haha!

Well. i wish i had pictures to share , but i was realli too busy and too tired to actually cam whore here. Besides i havent got my lappie yet , so i can't transfer photos.. i mean i can but im too lazy to do the deleting later. hehe..

I'll tell you guys briefly about how i find the place here..

The 1st night when i came here with my sis , the hostel's still empty and seniors are nt back yet.. so i went to stay at the campus hotel.. for RM 80 per nite. The room is really big! And it even had a living room!

2nd day i came back to my hostel coz my friends will be here too.. i fall sick ! hahah.. friends who know me , know i DONT fall sick .. ntg much happen.

3rd day was the registration.. and that's when the nite mare orientation starts. I wasn't prepared at all for such hard core orientation! There's a lot of "get-to-know-each-other" thing .. and ENDLESS taklimats to attend! And .. don't think i'm making a joke coz everyday we had to wake up at 4 am to get ready for the 5am slot.. and the programme doesn't ends till 1 am!!!! And NO!!! there's no long breaks in between.!!! To make matter worse , i got sick as well. Infact , many got sick!!! They fed us a lot during orientation tho.. hahah! but the food was not bad..

Fast forward to the last day of orientation , we had to do community service. Every colleges (our hostel) has 40 volunteers. I was one of the 40 for my college! We went to a malay kampung in Bukit Ayer Hitam.. (i think). It was fun!!! we helped out at the masjid.. clean up together with the kampung people ..and they cook for us. No doubt it was VERY dirty... but well.. juz gota NOT think about it. Haha! I had durians there too! It was certainly a good experience!

People here are very EXTREMELY helpful and friendly.. i made a lot of new friends.. and i think i improved my mandarin too! hahah.. anyway, i gotta run .. i will continue blogging about my 1st week lectures soon!

till then , kisses from Universiti Utara Malaysia Bukit Kachi 1 DORM!