Friday, March 30, 2007

Product Reviews

Because i havent been going out often , and have been camping at home , i don't really have any places to blog about. But product reviews isn't so bad rite? Still food wttttt.... :P

Since young i was never a chips kinda person.I prefer popcorns better. Somehow i will give in to good chips.

Lays RM 9 ++

this is the popular one .. but my verdict would be 5/10 . it's too salty for me.

Oregon Fresh
RM 9.50

this one is pretty good . The saltyness is juz nice and the potato is very pure.. it's not like our lame mister potato that uses fake starch potato. I'll give them .. 8/10 . they come in 3 flavas btw. thr's original, wasabi and hot n spicy.

ofcuz i've tried many more good chips. I still like the japanese ones better.. the americans tend to have double saltyness in their chips. Or maybe i juz dont like salty stuff? And their packaging are normally generously huge , but .. the real stuff is awesomely little. Haha.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Have u seen a black corn?

It actually cost five times more expensive than the normal corn. One of this *Charcoal* Corn actually cost RM 3.70.Just one only! It's imported from some ulu parts in China and this corn is the glutinous "baka". I dont know how to say "baka" in English and i dunno if heredity .. is the appropriate one. Hehe.

The Taste?

One word!


Can die.

Kenot be eaten.

I end up giving to my chicken.

We all shud just eat the normal yellow corn.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The suit case of a murderer

You need this suitcase if you want to be a certified killer, murderer.

Layer or knives. This is to kill , snab him to death.complete with scissors to cut off you-know-what.

Another layer.. of more knives. To slice the meat of the person u killed.Put some tabasco sauce and eat it rare.

Incase the police finds out , the suitcase came with an attached code locks. both sides.

Heh! I'm just kidding. those are a set of steak knives. Retailing at 1.8 Grand. This is what i'm talking about yo~! eating steaks with class! :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Angel Hair Alfredo

How to-s in pictures :)

(after u saute the bacon, leave it aside before putting in the sauce later)

**spelling mistakes (put it - put in*) and i forgot to say add in the bacon to the sauce too :)

(Angel hair is not apropriate for this recipe.I had to use this cz when i wanted to cook this , that's the only pasta available at home and i have no car at that time. It's nicer with tagliatelle , linguine, fetucine or spaghetti. In case you're wondering the difference between alfredo and carbonara. Alfredo uses butter to thicken up it's flavour while carbonara uses eggs. )

When u boil/cook the pasta , make sure you add salt in the water so that the pasta wont break and more "bouncy"( no idea wt word to use , but u guys get wt i meant rite? :P)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pictures speaks a thousand words.. how pics can be a story teller :)

Good night out!

Yesterday , i met up with Handsome Ah Ben , my best gossip mate in class! (I curi the photo from his fster)

Ah ben had always been one of the few guys i had a soft spot in my heart. He's always jovial and a good "joker" mind you , his jokes are not lame. His jokes are really cranky that you prolly laugh and puke the same time. He give you the same high-ness alchohol gives you! I'll always remember the time we makan in class , and the "i'm not ur cup of tea thing" (JENG JENG JENG. *cough*)... and a bet with him which i got a white rose! Oh , he's good in gossiping too! :D A quote from him "ohhh la la" HAHA!

I havent met him for a talk ever since SPM ends , so to meet him up , totally got me excited!
He's always busy and it's sooo hard to go out with him. He claims i dunno how to pick the time! hmmph! seriously , asking Badawi out is prolly easier!

Anyway , We went to this place called Cheers last nite. It's next to fortuneland and beside Sin Hwa Apartment. There's not much pics tho' coz we're too busy talking! :P and .. was kinda suey coz non of us brought DG cam, and even more suey, 3 of us had camera phone bt none of our phone has Flash! This is what we had.

Me and Ben ordered the same . (or rather made the same mistake. LOL)

Mongolian Chicken Rice RM8.50

Taste no other like fried chicken with plain white rice. Except it had some gravy on it ... which is barely enough for the whole piece of chix. The taste is too blunt and not creamy enough. The rice .. white rice nia lo. Dissapointed. Better go coffeeshop eat salad chicken rice. uekk.

Jess had this.

Grilled Chicken chop RM 12.90

I dunno nice o not. But she said it's ok. The plate is huge but not the portion. Oh oh. Her french loaf garlic bread has some greenish stuff on it! we suspect it's seiko oredi! and keep laughing it off saying it's kaya! LOL!!

Beng and gf joined later , but i was too syiok talking to Ben and Jess dy so i did not bother to take pics of their food. Hahah.

OH, the drink tat i ordered is Ice blended Mocha
RM 3

It taste bad. More like a slush. which i dun fancy? And Jess ordered Ice Blended Lime , so i reckon they don't wash the blender and blend mine. So it's like ice Blended Mocha+ Lime. another dissapointment. :( and d glass is friggin ugly. I hate plastic glassesss!!!

Honestly , i didn't bother much bout the food (for the 1st time) coz i was busy talking and laughing (bout ppl. LOl) with J and B. (Lazy type their name out dy).

Oh. the service in Cheers damn lousy. We waited our food for about 30 mins when we're the only customer?????

After tat we continue our gossip/chat session in
Patience Daily. (Dang,i din bring my cam there again! ) Patience Daily is a MUST -try place but i'm sorry coz i cudn't blog bout it... they seem to have no fate with my blog since i forget to bring my cam every of my visit there! The blueberry coolest shake is damn good. And Ben's banana shake was good too. This sentence sounds VERY WRONG. haha. Oh , it's oso .. Sam and Stef's historical place. (I tink. LOL)

Overall , it was a great night.We laughed practically every minute! LOl We ended the night with a walk in the "creepy" waterfront. I wish Ben would inherit the laughing gene to my (next) boyfren. HAHAHA!

** Huai Bin is back to the blogsphere! Hurray!!!! He was in rehab last month , and now back with his new blog!Sixthseal had to be close.. forever. He's got good food reviews there and awesome English.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

How do you like my breakfast?

**hey , i saw u drooling!* HOHOHO
Chef Mel's special creation! :P


Monday, March 19, 2007

birthday greetings to Mic!

Have a great birthday!

xoxoxo !

Sunday, March 18, 2007



Did you guys watch the swiss open?


MY , YES , MY man won again in the doubles on rubber set ! :P

Koo Kien Kiat and Tan boon Heong!!!!

Oh i'm lovin them!!!!

Koo kien kiat is so hot , macam air mendidih!!!!!!!!

wa sukak!!!!

How to win a guy's heart in ONE DAY

So , people's been talking about this "the way to men's heart is throught the stomach". better still if you're in the luck , he is sick. WHY? coz when he's sick , you dont have to crave your head thinking what to cook , JUST COOK HIM PORIDGE!i do not know why people tend to eat poridge when they are sick , but nvm , we'll juz follow the "rules" set by our forefathers!

SO , 1st get all the ingredients ready! We're making your man poridge! :)

First , cook your plain poridge 1st. I'm not explaining showing any pics on hw to cook plain poridge tho coz it's too easy. Just cook with your rice cooker , put the amount of water based on the "thickness" you desire. Some like it thick , some like it watery. it's up to you. Ask your man. :P

Then , put the cooked poridge in a small pot. First , put the marinated chicken in. Then keep stiring the poridge until the chicken is cook. Later , add seasonings like msg , sesame oil,Light soy sauce and salt. Again , it's up to ur man's taste. If you prefer him to be bald , add more salt. :D

After that add in the shitake mushroom , and stir it. When it's starting to boil up , add in the salted egg 1st , and after 1 minute add in the century egg. Remember the century egg is to be add last. And don't ever stop stirring , coz the poridge might stick the pot and you'll have hard time washing your pot later.

TA-DA!Your poridge is done! You are one step closer to winning your guy's heart. HOHO. lastly , and final step , add the fried shallots and spring onion to make it look appetizing! Your men is at the melting point now! (I HOPE!)

If this work (and you're on cloud 9 dy) ,
cook your man some heaty food again like fried chicken to make him sick again. HAHA.
get yourself a box of this. very cheap , 85 cents only!And chicken la ofcourse! d'uh!

Follow the instructions behind the box.. and .. yea! Your chicken wings is done!!

Hopefully your man's antibodies is so low , and he'll be sick again . And you can prepare the poridge again! You'll be pro the 2nd time! haha! Oh you can also ask hi
m not to finish the antibiotics , so that your plan will work! HAHA!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Awesome! Trace bundy playing Canon! MUST WATCH!

BDC seafood restaurant

I Had been goin this place pretty often in the afternoon with my mom and our order is always the same.Aneway, it's situated juz behind Everise Bdc so its really very easy to find. Oh, they hold some cheap skate wedding too. so , incase you got pregnant and havent had the time to collect money for your wedding , you know where to go yea? :P

(Took the pics with my mum's SEk750i)

Tomato Beehoon RM 5

The tomato beehoon comes with lots of fresh prawns, squids and marinated chicken breast. The tomato gravy is also nicer than a lot of other places and it's slightly thick so it kinda make the beehoon very smooth and it's cooked in fresh tomatoes. Most place, their vege is over cooked BADLY that it turn brown , but i can assure you this one is still "crunchy"! You know i hate so much if my tomato beehoon is black-ish in colour coz they add soy sauce into it and it kinda like ruin the whole tomato taste! Wo bu si huan!!I thought the price was pretty cheap since it comes in good portion and lots of fresh seafoods n chix! This is something you must try here! Chef Mel rating :9.5 /10

"Zhao Chai" Bee hoon/ Foochow bee hoon RM 6

If you're a Sibu-ian , you'll know what is this. This is a popular foochow delicacy. The soup is sourish , but not extremely sour cooked
together with "zhao chai". I had no idea how to say "zhao chai" in English tho`. hehe!The beehoon is larger than our normal beehoon (smtg like asam laksa's) , and i find that it goes well with the soup.(the beehoon is shown on the side of the photo :P)Although the traditional way is using our normal vermicelli. This dish comes with a few half-peeled prawn. And yeap , the prawn is fresh! :) Chef Mel rating : 9/10

Lime and plum juice RM 2

this is my all time fav there. But i wont say the taste is consistent coz sometimes it taste like bittergourd! so yea... depands on your luck yo! Chef Mel
rating : 5/10

Oh the waiter and waitress there is a bit pain in d ass . I dont know what langguage they understand cz they dont seem to understand what i say most of the time and show their extreme blurness! Even if i point on the menu! argh! But nvm , forget bout them. Their food is worth to try! :)

In order to make chicken breast soft , put corn flour on the chicken breast and leave it for a few mins! :) That's how the restaurant do and uncle bob's chicken! hehe

Thursday, March 15, 2007

heart - attacks! :)

I got 2A's, 2B+.To be honest , i was quite dissapointed with my result. Practically for one reason. I just need to get an A more to come out in the papers! DAMN! ok, i know that's lame. But that was what i wanted. Plus i got two B+ , which means i'm 0.3 (in GPA) closer to an A. You say "suey" or not. I blardy blame on that super suey guy i met when i 1st drove to school. Blardy haulien ugly hairy guy. It must be his spell.HAHA.

Funny thing was , we were given our result in the bank statement kind of thing , which means we need to tear the sides,and almost everyone couldn't tear it coz our hands were trembling! i took like at least 3 minutes to open it! HAHA!

Many people congratulated me when they knew my result. I dont realli think its good tho , so i find it funny shaking hands with many people , even my FRENS'S DAD! Mum and dad is happy too. I donno. It is a kind of mixed feeling i feel. Half side happy coz a lot of the rest did so much lousier , and another half side of me sad- coz i m very close to A. When i got my result , i was almost in tears. Kinda like numb a bit. But after i went to see some other people's result , i was like.. "im not bad after all". since straight A's and 3A's , added up , only 15 candidates. And for 2A's it was less than 15 ! (or maybe 20). there's like at least 250 students for form 6!

Getting good result is really important to me . That's something i strive for the moment i enter form 6. I know the Science side people would question my result. You know the typical "You in Arts side marrrrrrrrrrrr". I'm here to prove those that look down on me before , the "wow" identity i lose when i move to arts, That i can do better than them. You know , the only thing i always Thank God for is for me to have the guts to move to arts. I bloody hate the bloody farqing politics in Sc side. Like Jess said on her blog. Bloody fake faces . The "OMFG. I'M SO GONNA FAIL" but in the end "Oh i got so good result". I'm so sick of the fakeness in science side. I still hate them now. i hate them so much that i'll prolly force my kids to Arts side next time.

seriously , if you guys are so FARQIN SMART, why is there VERY VERY lil people who scored A for PA which is the must subject for sixth formers.. as far as i know , SC side is the one who flooded the PA tuition in Mutiara.They rave bout it , they chase the teacher for it, and tell me , how many people scored A in PA? and it doesnt mean we're not learning some lame formulas which are not needed in life , we're studying something easy OK ? Those who look down on me, Now , i'm saying this to you : SHAME ON YOU.

If you guys are so friggin smart , then , why is there so many C'S , D'S and F's ? You guys are smart rite? Then why still get so lousy? Coz chem, bio or physics is difficult? Oh , so i tot you guys are smart~! Then why issit difficult? YOU ANSWER ME now!

Don't ever question MY RESULT. i got 2A'S 2BS. no one wud ask wt subject you take and no subject is easy , ok?. At the end of the day. it's the bloody ALPHABET matters.

Yes, the bloody alphabet.

**Jess , darling. I love you and you know tis doesnt "ditujukan" to you. :) and no one actually did question my result. hehe. i juz write this coz i know people will, and i still HATE the politics in sc side. Cant they just be humble?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

pics pics pics


at some toll station in Kay Ell. Sahutlah seruan Kerajaan ya Rakan rakan yang aku kasihi! LOL

In Sg. Wang. PLayed this love test thingie. It reads your palm (kononnya), and it says i'm a wicked lover. HOHOHO.

This maggi mee machine totally caught my eye. pretty cool. I saw it in Sunway Medic Hospital. Oh , Sunway Medic hospital has the buggy to send you to the car. Syiok. Macam The curve's carpark. Oh and the hospital has starbucks. hehe

Kodai Sopan. Hmm ... Sopan , Yer lah tu. Haha. Took that in Terminal One shopping complex seremban.

Oh! and the Chupa Chups Machine! hehe .! so kewt rite? I snap gambar tu kat Tesco Kajang! hehe.

Might blog bout Putrajaya when im free! :P and show you guys a small pic of Our PM's house! Hey at least i got the huz pic! :P and i took it with my MY MY camera!!!

Pictures speak a thousand words yea? hehe. not in the mood to blog , but dont want to dissapoint readers that drop by mar....

Good blogger , I am. :D



RESULTS OUT TOMORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for me ya'll!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

tee hee

i've been eating a lot of garlic lately..

home made mozarella garlic bread to be more precise.

and , lots of onions on my burger.

i honestly think even if a rappist were to rape me , they'll think twice with my foul breathe!



Monday, March 12, 2007


if you all have been keeping up with the latest news , you'll know that Our malaysian team had just won the all England doubles title . Something we've been waiting for 25 years after it was won by the sidek brothers. plus , if you've been keeping up with the badminton arena , you know their opponent was the world rank no.1 pair, Cai Yun and Hai Feng!

I'm proud to say this , it was won by the young pair , koo kien kiat at the age of 21 , while tan boon heong is only 19! the duo had just paired up 6 months ago and they had since made malaysia very very proud of them. Having them won in the Doha games was proud enough since we havent won the Doha title for doubles for friggin 32 years! And recently they just won the Malaysian Open! Say you're proud of them now!

I watched it live on Astro Supersport last nite and i must've shout more than 20 times. They won on straight set 21-15 and 21-18 in less than 40 minutes for both sets. The 1st set was rather easy , but the Chinese must have waken up in the 2nd set . The 2nd set was really close and i must say i havent watch Malaysian play this well for years.

Congrats Koo Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong! You both certainly made Malaysian Proud!!!


Burger Tepi Jalan

Burger tepi jalan, stall burger, "Malay burger", cheap-o burger , what ever you call it. They're almost everywhere , and every corner posible. Their hygiene is not guaranteed , but believe me , this is my ALL TIME favourite food. They're my drugs , and i need them everyday. HAHA! My mum complaints i eat them so often that i made her phobia of burger! haha.

They have a wide varieties to choose from .. from banjo to double beef egg , double chicken hot dog, double chicken beef , and the list goes on. I've never been bothered to look at the menu since i know i want Double beef. However a question came to my mind is why they do not have triple beef , or triple chix. Recently i came out with a way on how i can have my triple beef burger. That is , to buy my mum double beef burger and myself another one. then i'll take one of the patties from my mum (since she tinks double patties is too much). So i'll have triple beef burger!! Halleiua!

I like the beef ones coz they taste saltier and have a nice aroma. The red-coloured patties sometimes scare the hell outta certain ppl , that's why they opt for the chix one instead. The burger comes along with shredded cabbage and cucumber. there's one particular stall in 3rd mile that comes with a potato as an extra. And after that , everyting is drowned in watery chilli sos ,watery mayonaise and watery black pepper sauce. We're talking bout bloody money makers here , so they're just trying to be economic! However , all of them must be either retard or deaf since they never once fail to ignore me when i said " Bang , sos banyak!".

The number of burger stalls totally beats McD , KFC , and Sugarbun. Some would say they're nicer than those franchised one. To be honest the stall burgers taste almost the same and the only difference is the consistency of their sauce. Some are really watery ! As if chillie sos are so expensive!

With the government planning to banned the fast food ads, they're the only ones need not need to worry . They're not doin any ads after all. And even if fast foods is to be banned , i dont think it'll affect them . Coz if road side burgers are banned too , where else can the malays find their jobs?

BTW, This is something interesting coming soon on my blog. stay tuned!



Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to :

Chef Chua Hua Beng!

Thankx for inviting me to your partaaaay , but sorry , i cant make it!

Remember our word.. FAT-XY -NESS!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reasonable Price Western Food

If you notice , there 's a growing number in home-concept restaurants in Kuching. some do it full-time , while some do it to pass their time. most of it is owned by jobless man or pentioner. I must say most of them (not all) , has pretty good stuff to offer.

I had been a loyal customer of this place and i must say i'm quite satisfied with their food every of my visit there. Anyway , i'm talking bout this restaurant situated just opposite the 3rd mile 20 cent discount store. It's easily spotted since they have lots of red lanterns hanging. Last time they use to sell pots and top soils and i remembered when i was young , i always asked my mum if they had business since i've never seen any customer there. True enough , they decided to close their business and venture into a new industry. so , i was correct. They had no business! :P

A fusion concept restaurant and i must say they're good in preparing both asian and western delicacies. However , i'm there to eat their western food most of the time. Hey , i'm always there with my mum , ofcourse , i'll choose the much more pricey food ok? :P Btw , the owner is actually the younger brother of the Hui Sing's Spring Garden but the food here is hell lot better.

I've tried most of the food there , but i only have a few pics to show here coz i'm usually there without my cam. :P

Beef steak (Black Pepper sauce) RM 10.50

I 'm not a fan of beef because they tend to be dry most of the time . i ordered that day coz im quite sick of lamb and this one must have impressed me so much that i reckon i'm gonna be a fan of beef chop starting from now. I love the fact that it came medium cook , and they're just nice. And the meat is still "red-dish". One rule i love on my steak. This is something i recommend here. Chef mel rating : 9/10

Fish fillet in black pepper sauce RM 9.50

this one is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED by me. The dory fish is so thin and small and doesnt taste nice. Or rather not "full of taste". Taste normal and sometimes the dory fish is not fresh. So , don't order their fish yea next time. :P Opt for lamb chop kayz? since it's only RM 8.80 . (the lamb chop). Chef Mel Rating : 4/10

Spaghetti Bolognaise RM 7.50

I must say i'm not impressed at all when it was served to me because it was watery. One of the easiest rule of a bolognaise is it musn't be watery. So i was not even interested to taste it at all but my mum had her first mouth and she said it was good. and yea , i must admit i was wrong coz this bolognaise taste really different from the ones i've tasted. The speciality of their spaghetti is that the sauce is fried together with the cooked spaghetti in a pan before serving. Normally , spaghetti (the pasta itself) is not cooked with the sauce. The generous amount of parmesan cheese totally uphold the taste and this is something you should try there. Chef Mel rating : 8/10 (i think they should use parsley instead of spring onion)

Ice lemon tea (not sure of the price)

I know the picture doesn't look like a glass of ice lemon tea. I think it better off look like some teh c peng , but trust me , this is their ice lemon tea.It's the drink i order on all my visits there. The ice lemon tea is the "season's brand" one , but it blended with ice for a period of time , and that's why there's lots of bubbles. Don't worry , they did not guggle in their mouth to make the ice lemon tea with bubbles. HEHE!! Chef Mel rating : 10/10

Other good tries here are the lamb chop, mixed grill, and belachan fried rice with salted fish. Their chix chop sucks a lil .Oh btw , you can opt for mushroom sauce if you dont like black pepper. :)

So , go thr and haf a visit yea , or call me if u wanna go thr. ^_*