Friday, May 30, 2008

The weirdest Baguette

This is gonna be a short post :P I'm blogging from Kaya and Toast and it's starting to get really pack with smokers. I don't wanna die early!

I had Garlic Butter plus Kaya Baguette when i was in KL.

I find the combination really weird but it turns out to be really nice ;p

From Deli France. You can find it easily in Peninsular.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Manhattan Fish Market

I owed my mum a dinner for her Mother's day so i brought her here two days ago. We went to the one in Boulevard.

The interior is very much like the one in The Spring. Waitress was very friendly too.

I have this coupon that i got courtesy of Hotlinks.

Besides the "Buy one free one fish and chips" we also had some other sides. These are the sauces ;p

Fish and chips RM 14.90

It was just ok I expected something more since its-Manhattan-marh. You know? Hehe. The fresh-ness was ok but it was obvious it is cold-storage fish ;p

Garlic Butter Mussels RM13.90

This was the highlight of the whole dinner. The cream was really, extremely good. Must order. And it came with four pieces of french loaf.

White Bait RM 8.90

I wanted to order the soup of the day but my mum insisted that she wants this one. It's this really small sized fish deep fried. It's ok and i think this is just for a short period of time.

Mango Juice RM 6.90

It was really thick so it was worth it.

and i was not happy with this sentence i saw on the menu.

What the fuck? Depends on chef mood ? Na beh ar!

Overall , the food is not bad but fish is not really "my meal". ;p

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kolo Maggi Ayam

What you need?

Maggi mee Ayam ONLY

Prawns, Minced Pork (marinated), Meat balls, some vege ( to feel healthy ;p ).

For the flavours, it's pork oil, one teaspoon of rice vinegar, fried onions and garlic, half a tea spoon of white pepper and one tea spoon of the maggi mee perencah.

Then you put in the mee 1st and a while later vege and the prawns. Prawns musn't be overcook coz it will lose its sweetness.

Tra la la! You got your very own kolo mee!!

Taste damn good!!!

Who said Maggi mee are tasteless ? :P

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burger King KLIA

It is almost like a tradition for me to have a meal at Burger King every time i board the plane in KLIA. There are 2 branch, one at the departure hall and another at the arrival hall.

The service is really good here and my sister told me it is a lot better than the one in town. Of course it's a tad expensive but i would give in for a great service. ( I usually have mine in the departure hall, near gate A2 )

This time around i had it at level 3 - the arrival hall with my sis and her other half.

I love red chairs!


Their signature burger. Damn big, Damn good. and it is my order every single visit.

Mushroom Swirl Burger

Generous amount of cheese and thick beef patties. Nice.

Black Pepper Beef

I had it once but i didn't like it. But to compare with the burgers else where, this is still better. Good for black pepper lovers.

Mini Hash Browns

I love this!! The potato was so soft and it was really crispy too! Must have!!

Onion rings

Nice but lack of onion flavour.

French Fries

Normal fries ;p

Burger King, open one in Kuching can or not?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, i went to this Ah Beng club and have some beer with my sister . Heh. Jk lah!

I was at The Curve's food junction and didn't know what to eat coz there were too much choice. I finally settled down here for their Chinese food.

This place is popular for their La mien. The chef will do it "live" for the patrons. They first started out at Cititel Mid Valley's Lobby and expanded like mushrooms in the peninsular.

I like how you can dine in a nice atmosphere yet you pay for reasonable price. The restaurant was empty cause i was there early. You don't get to see this during the peak hours.

You can also opt for seats with a tad of privacy, which i did.

and if there's anything, you need not need shout for the waiters .. just press this thing. Very efficient. Be sure to press at least once. They charge 10 % for service tax ;p

They also have this Dried Prawns chilli sambal on the table to go along with your food. Very nice.

I had :

La Mien in Hot and Sour soup RM 12.00

They have three kinds of La mien ( as in how they are cut ) and i chose this one. It's a bit like pan mien actually. It's named La mien coz they "pull" the dough while making the mee.

Fried Carrot Cake RM 12.00

This has got to be the best carrot cake ever. Crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Very well fried. Nice.

Xiau Long Dumpling RM 9.00

Xiau Long dumplings is also their signature dish. The skin is elastically thin yet enough to hold the soup. Very good.

Egg Yolk Bun RM 6.00

I didn't like the dough coz i thought it was too sticky. The filling was too yolk-y which makes me kinda giddy after eating it.

Winter Melon RM 5.00

Refreshing for a hot sunny day but too lil for the price.

Cold Chinese Tea RM 2.00

The Chinese tea was ok. Nothing to rave.

The restaurant claim they don't use MSG to cook but me and my sis was really thirsty the whole day after the meal. Hmmmm.. so what say you ?

Anyhoo, I'll give the restaurant a rate of 8 / 10 ;p

Thursday, May 15, 2008

An inch close..

to Kuching's good food!


Kuching has the best burger! The one in the west is just not up to par. ;p

Sio bee

Who can resist sio bee? ;p

Cha siew

I'm so deprived of pork here lah!

Chicken rice

The hainan style.

Final's over. Be back in hometown after my two-days-food spree in kl.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mc Donalds

What i love about Mcdonalds?

Ayam Goreng

I am not a fan of KFC! I go Mcd to have my fried chicken! The best!

You get the similar shape , size and portion of what you saw on the advertisement.

Huge piece of chicken patties dunk in the oh-so-tasty black pepper sauce. What you see on the ads, is really what you get!

The burgers

I love how they have fresh veggies and not dead looking veggies sandwiched together with their burgers!

The curly fries

This is seasonal but hey their normal fries taste as good too!

The prosperity burger

Seasonal as well, but i must say it is during this season Mc D is flooded with patrons trying to get their annual doze of prosperity burger. I never fail to have mine every year!

The pies!

The apple pies were great and the banana pies is the greatest ! I love their banana pie!

I miss McDonalds lah!!