Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

If you're so out of place to have your breakfast.. and bored of the noisy-dirty-greasy floor-full of old men-coffeeshop.. You can go to Coffee Bean for a quiet and relaxing breakfast..

You must not miss this..

Caramel Ice Blended
RM 12++

I would prefer to have it in airport actually.. They would give me extra Caramel! I can drink this everyday.. and not sick of it..
Ofcourse loh, i am not rich lah. One day drink RM 12 coffee, the rest of the days in the week drink RM 1.20 Kopi Peng only!

Cheddar Cheese Ham Sandwich (
Foccacia in the pic)
RM 25 ++

They have a few choices of bread and on that day i chose foccacia. Unfortunately, the foccacia was too hard and dry for me.. i had a hard time muching it . The salad was Ok . with almond , dried cranberries , raisins and lettuce. If there's more dressing , it'll be nice.

It's 3.52 a.m now.. I'm so hungry..
ahhh.. I'm drooling at my own blog.. La la la..

Oklah. everyone.. must remember to take your breakfast every morning kay!

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