Friday, March 25, 2011


I am going back to Kuching later! omgee :DD

I'll be heading straight to the airport after work! So excited. I just packed!

I'm hoping the workload I have is lesser tomorrow so me and my friend can go off to KLIA earlier and take the bus instead of the train. Cheaper by RM 20 :P

Will only be back for the weekends tho' but well, should be enough to rejuvenate. I miss Kuching so much.

p/s : Don't remind me that I'm working on Monday. bleks.

Loves. :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cafe Barbera, Main Terminal Building KLIA

Airports has always been one of my favourite place in the world and I jump at any chance to be in the airport for the longest time possible. Everyone find it weird but airport gave me this soothing feeling that I find no words to explain.

Cafe Barbera is one of the newest establishment in KLIA taking over the previous Cafe Marche. I'm pretty sure I wrote on Cafe Marche before but I just couldn't find the link. Nevermind on that, we'll just talk about Cafe Barbera for now. I love the settings! It gives me this "leaving on a jetplane" feeling. :p

Cafe Barbera is less known for Malaysians but what we didn't know is that it has a history dating way back in 1870. That's 99 years before Starbucks is founded! Like how most brands started, the founder who hails from Messina, Italy roasted the beans in a small roaster and grew from there. Just looking at the year they were established makes me give them leaps of hopes even before I took my first sip.

The outlet in Bangsar have a longer list of menu but the one in airport is limited to light food and drinks. I find the snacks and sandwiches to be nothing above edible so I'm gonna start with the food first.

The Chicken Focaccia (RM12.90) is a tad too dry for my liking but i thought it was reasonably priced, considering the portion and the fact that this place is located in the airport. I gotta say the foccacia - the bread was very good tho, they just need to work a little on what's between it. :)

Beef Pie (RM10.90) was too dry as well that the beef fillings came crumbly and eating it can make a little mess - something I really don't favour. The taste of the fillings was not too bad, just having it more moist would make the whole eating affair a much more memorable one.

Banana Danish (RM8.90) was the best in the lot. However this pastry needs not much culinary skills to be prepared. It's basically just puff pastry and cooked caramelized banana.

The coffee drinks was disappointingly mediocre. It falls far from the bar I set. While it is noticeable that the beans were of a good quality, I didn't think the end result taste as good as how it smell.

Cappucino Freppe (RM9.90) is definitely one of the worst coffee based drink I've ever had. It was so thick that I felt like I was drinking coffee flavored egg white. Lol. I had to ask for ice to water down the thickness. Seriously, they could just give me spoon to scoop out the coffee instead of a straw.

The Espresso Machiatto (RM7.90) was quite good though. It was quite intense, almost similar to the espresso shots I make every morning before I go to work. The milk froth was also made perfectly.

Cappucino Shakerato (RM 10.90) is the best amongst all the drinks. The bitterly sweet dark chocolate blends really well with the coffee. It was strong yet at the same time sweet - but not overly sweet. I'm going to order this if I do go there again.

The Cappucino Italiano (RM8.90) was well, just ok. It's a very straight forward coffee drink. If you're one who wants nothing more but a cup of coffee, this is the drink for you.

I won't say I totally banned them from my food list because the chances of me visiting them is very high. Coffee joints in KLIA is quite limited and they're one of the good ones if you were to compare them with the rest of the places.

If you really enjoy airports and hotels like I do - as well as a little extra time to spare, try taking the buggy ride for a visit to the Pan Pacific KLIA. They won the Global Luxury Award last year and boy, were their service awesome. For a moment I felt like I was some Datin. The hotel's really pretty too! :D

Have a good week ahead everyone! Can't wait for the weekends again! =X

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Warung Santai, Tesco Ampang

Warung Santai is by no where close to any luxury restaurants but it is a place I frequent a lot for dinners. Of course, that was when I was still under my one month training. Now that i'm officially working, I can't remember when was the last time I actually had my dinner during a weekday.

Warung Santai serve normal Malay food. The kind of "masakan panas" stalls food that you can find anywhere in Klang Valley. The taste of the food tho' is a notch higher and since it's inside Tesco, it's air conditioned.

One of the dish that I order every single visit is their Tom Yam campur. I'm very particular about how Tom Yam should taste and if I sense it's straight from the bottled paste you get in hypermarkets, I won't eat anymore. The one here taste nothing like that and I like how the level of spicyness and sourness tally.

Call us weird, but telur dadar is one of the things we order in every visit. It's not that the omelets are different from any other place, it's just that these are the "normal food" to go with rice. I don't take them tho' cause omelets prepared any other place other than the back of my kitchen are usually drenched in oil. Not trying to be bimbo but just imagining the oil going through my esophagus always makes me giddy. Lol.

On days where we finish work slightly earlier - by that I meant 8pm, we usually go for "full monte" dinner. That's when we order dishes we don't normally order like the udang masak petai. It's surprisingly good and I'm extremely fussy when it comes to seafood. Their prawns are not fresh water prawns and that's a huge plus! The petai is also prepared well that it does not give that unpleasant after taste.

If you're into food from the family of Nemo, their Ikan Masak Pedas is worth trying too. There's a variety of fishes to choose from but remembering the names of fishes is something i'm still working on. hahaha. Heck, I can't even remember the name of the fish we chose. lol. The only complaint on the fish is that it is over fried, otherwise it's really not bad.

The only dish I don't recommend ordering is the Kerabu Mangga. But that's only because I didn't like the way it is prepared. I like kerabu to be prepared the Thai way, and the one they have here is the local way of preparing it. I find it a little tasteless and I don't like the fried anchovies. :P

Of course, never forget about your obligation to vegetables. lol. I usually go for Kai Lan Ikan Masin. It's well, errr, edible? Sorry, going on and on about vegetables is not my forte. Lol.

Moving on to the beverages. I usually go for teh o kosong but on days where I feel like going out the norm, I would go for their ais kacang. Not trying to be bias, but I personally prefer ais kacang prepared by Chinese. However the one they have here is worth trying and for less than RM 4, it's worth every penny.

They also have this special in-house drink that is served in an interesting sight. I cant remember the exact name for this drink but it's pictured in the menu so you would know which to order if you do dine there. It's a concoction of sprite, lime and cherry jellies Very refreshing.

Or if you really want the whole Malay food affair, pair your meals with air bandung. Not something I would drink everyday but hey, having something sweet once in a while won't hurt right? :)

Oh yeah, I'm pretty "well-known" there among the staffs as the first time I was there, I asked for so much chili and when the waitress asked me if it's spicy, i told her "not at all." The chefs were surprised how a Chinese like me could take spicy food so well that he personally walk out of the kitchen and ever since then I seem to be getting better service. So don't be jealous if you see me getting better treatment when you're there. :D

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Appeared on AirAsia 360 Magazine

I'm back from Bintulu! Sadly and Unfortunately. To be really honest, I miss the place. How soothing and calm it was as compared to the hustle bustle life of KL. But that'll be a story another day cause' I'm hitting the sack soon.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the previous post, I took the first flight out from KL to Bintulu and was really sleepy! Having to sleep only two hours, I was trying my level best to wait for the take off, a part of flying that I really love! So I flick through the magazine to stay awake. The first thing I saw when I open the mag (I have a habit of reading from the middle) was my name! haha

I submitted my comment via e-mail (got to know through fb) and yes, mine is featured! Even though they accidentally posted another person's picture, I'm still quite contented! hehe *syoks*

I'll blog about Bintulu when I have time.

P/s : It's such a good day today :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

East Coast

After two months of entering the workforce, I'm finally going for a well deserving break!I'll be leaving for Bintulu, a part of Sarawak that i've never been despite being hailed from the state.

To be really honest, I'm really tired and I just packed 5 mins ago and my cabbie guy will be here in 30 mins! But i'm very much looking forward to be in the airport, a place where I find my peace.

I'll be back tomorrow afternoon tho. Yes, cause I'm working on Monday. :s