Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ammah Curry House

*** Photos are taken with SE K610i

Today i had lunch with my usual friends again at Ammah Curry House. Initially we wanted to eat at Jade Pot Tea House, BUT! it was full and most tables were booked. Na bey, this kind of restaurant also so many people go. wait till i open one! haha!

So , back to the curry house. It's located infront of UNIMAS Medic Faculty. When i arrive there, I was feeling quite awkward there coz the waiters has this restless face.Not one waiter are like that.. but all! When you order .. he's like not answering you and then just walk away. Some more they tooK quite a long time to light the fire to prepare the food. (canai and thosai). The ambience was dull accompanied by some jiwang Malay songs.

Ok .. what we ate?

Thosai Masala

3 of us ordered this. Thosai Masala means there is potatoes inside the thosai. This one actually had more onions than the potatoes and it had aubergine in it... which i HATE! But Thank God , it was spicy enough. So i finish it... I just didn't like the watery curry gravy and samba. Sri Shan win hands down!

Roti Canai Kosong

Samson's one.. looKs ok. But I don't quite like roti canai.. didn't bother to taste :P The gravy oso same la.

Roti Telur

My girlfriend (HMMMMM...haha) one . Looks ok also. I didnt' try.She didn't complaint oso. Haha

Nasi Beriani Ayam

Four of us shared this. There were five of us but Sucker Jo didn't wanna share. Haha. The chicken is THE BOMB , can?! It was sooo nice. The beriani rice was Ok. The good thing was they used basmathi rice . Comes with Samba , some weird sweet stuff and pickled onions. and of course papadum! The chicken isssss GOOOOOD!!

Teh C peng special

Looks nice hor?? It is nice :) The 1st layer is tea , 2nd is milk and 3rd is wheatgrass. Nice.

Teh Tarik Ais

I love the fact that it came in this stainless steel glass. Very Indian-ish. hehe.

Ice Lemon Tea

This is the worst drink of all..SO bitter lah!

So that was my lunch.. with them .It was good.. very Indian-ish.. with the stainless steel plates and all. hehe. Can go there cuba-cuba lah!

Continued my afternoon at Somerset for chatting session. HAD LOTS of fun with Sucker Jo! HAHA!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Mr. Ho fine foods Crowne Square

*** Photos are all taken by Mr. Ben Moh Mok with his Sony Cybershot T-10

Yesterday, one fine afternoon me and Ah ben went to Mr . Ho for .. tea time? haha. It was supposed to be 1.30 P.M but this Ben hor.. 1.30PM message say " Oi, im still at home , u can still go gila gila". Haha. So we arrive there around 2.30 Pm!

Anyway , i've always known the brand Mr. Ho for the poultry stuff and i tink i've eaten kilos of their honey glazed ham, bacon and huge long sausages!

My 1st impression of the place .. hmmm .. quite classy. The only laid back was the waitress was using Polo-T and the music kinda spoil the atmosphere! And Ah Ben was very turn off with one of the supervisor. haha. But interior , wah sheh! Damn romantic. wheee...

We took a pretty long time deciding on what to eat ... and i think the waitress got quite pissed. The choices weren't many though. But there was many tempting menu names.

After about 15 minutes.. we decided to order this :

Roasted Chix RM 18.90

Mr. Ben Moh Mok ordered this one. He gave me a "bite/piece" ... and i find it very well marinated. The herbs was just right. It's quite a perfect one. I didn't like quite like the mashed potato tho.. it was a lil tasteless. The vege is well cooked .
Ratings : 9/10

Roasted Pork with Apple sauce
RM 18.90

I wasnt quite excited when i saw it was like the normal "sio bak" we can find in the coffee shops. BUT! 1st bite! It straight away bring me to heaven for a few seconds. It was damn good. Damn crispy oso! Very the ooh la la! The combination with apple sauce was special .. but after a while i thought i'm eating an apple pie stuffed with roasted pork.HAHA. Anyway the supervisor asked if we would like more sauce and i said yes.. was quite grateful he took the wrong sauce. (meaning to say he didnt take the apple one. haha) The sides were the same like the roasted chix.
Ratings : 9/10

Oreo Cheesecake RM 7.00

I had always like my oreo cheesecake this way.. i don't like the crushed oreo-kind. This cake taste pretty good but i suggest you share if you were to go there to try. It's quite rich and makes u feel a lil.. "cloyyed"
Ratings : 8/10

Ice Milk Tea RM 4.50

I must say the drinks are pretty reasonable with that kind of ambiance. But .. my ice milk tea was quite diluted and i had to put a lot of the sugar syrup to make it drink-able. Ratings : 5/10

Ice Lemon Tea RM 4.50

Ben Moh Mok one. Didn't try.. think it's like normal ice lemon tea hor , Ben? :P

I'll highly recommend this place! Service damn good oso! I will go again sooon! Ah ben! we go together again olrite! :P

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007


DUNKIN' DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dinotrek - a collaboration with Petrosains in Kuching

*** Pictures are taken with SE k610i. so.. lousy quality of photos. (uekk)

Yesterday i went to Dewan Tun Abdul Razak for this dinotrek thing. Kinda like an exhibition of dinosaurs. Entry is RM 5 per person , while for kids below 17 years old is RM 3. I'm very pleased with the way they welcomed us. Very friendly workers. DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

There's a lot of this interactive games thing. Ofcourse, it's about dinosaurs. It could be lame , but i learn quite a few new things through this machines. Haha..

Then the answering thing.. where you step on the "yes" or "no" thing. U have to answer three questions .. i only got one right! haha. damn memalukan ok? coz it will say loud loud "Anda berjaya menjawab satu soalan sahaja".

Got this thing.. it's a "computeriseD" bicycles. It's two dinosaur chasing each other. Haha. The bicycle BMX one ar. Dun pray pray. haha.

The dinodance! this one is funny! in front of this stage,there's actually something like webcam. then u see yourrself la.. inside a video . haha. It will appear in another screen also. Very funny. Coz at 1st i thought it was just some sort of a stage and u look at the video. Kinda shock when i see myself in the screen. Haha!

I asked the boys to shake it ! shake it! Do the dinodance! shake it! oh ! shake it! =D

Then got four of this machine lah around the exhibition halls.. You have to cop on the card they gave u (or u need to ask).. but must cop correctly. Then they'll give you a sticker!

The sticker they gave! I bite! Hmmm.. sounds dirty eh? If you look it another way.. heh!

This engineered dinosaur is cool!! Got sound one and can move move a bit when u press! haha! Can only press one button at once tho. But the boys decided to press all (around 10 buttons) at once. Damn farny, can?!

The rest of the exhibitions rooms is quite dark la. Macam jungle. It's surrounded by this.

They got a lot of "chip-generated" dinosaurs la. Can move , can roar. can show their teeth to scare u. haha!

I find this baby dinosaur in half-hatched egg the kewtest! too bad my phone cam kns! :X

Outside of the exhibition hall got sale some gifts oso. Dinosaur stuff. it's very interesting wor the things they sale. hehe! so what's going there without buying souveniers rite? The lady was realli nice!

Jo and i bought this. We bought two same dinosaurs. He follow me ! :P

The dinosaur can expand big big (600% of its size) after 72 hours!! So i PROMISE! i will show u after it expand!!

So arhh.. Everyone shud go lah! Mommy and Daddy bring ur kids la! Boyfriend bring ur girlfriend go! Or anyone ! :P it's interesting.. RM 5 was worth it! But just because i find it interesting , don't come and bomb me if you find it not interesting. Hehe!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


*** Photos taken with SE K610i

Today , i went to Frappe for a drink while waiting for the boy(s) to go for a date. heh! date? :P

The interior has the retro theme. with the squares and rounds thing...

They will serve u a glass of vodka . It was damn kau , OK?!

HAHA! i'm jk. it's plain water! haha!!

Lover Plum Green Tea RM 4.50

The drinking companion had this. It's actually Jasmine tea + 2 asam bois. Lover plum , kononnya!haha!

Iced Latte RM 7.00

Mine. It was good. Problem was.. it had hair on it!!!!!!!! Ofcuz , i asked for a change. They happily change it and apologized! :) No , they did not spit on it. I was sitting facing the bar! (it was an open bar)

If you feel like having a drink and just chat away the time , this is a nice place to go. Good music too. Peaceful! :) oh yea.. dun try the cheesecake! haha! sucks!! :P Just drink there ok? :P

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kaya And Toast

*** Pictures Taken with SE K750I

I guess most of you would know this place. They're popular and they must be damn good.. coz they have 3 branch in a period of 3 years( more or less). Trust me , it's not something easy in Kuching. They have one in Central Park , Petanak and the most recent one in Tabuan Jaya.

I've been there many times , and i always tend to order the same thing. Heh!

Cai Kueh

Honestly , i'm NOT a fan of Cai Kueh. Man , it's typical chinese old-fashioned kueh hor~~! so sick of it , u see it everywhere. BUT! BUT! This one is damn good worrr! The rice flour skin is generously filled with "mengkuang" and carrot. I love the fact that it's very well flavoured and it's served on a piece of local lettuce.The only laid-back is that the sambal is a little too smelly for my liking.

Ratings: 9/10

Curry Mee (Thanks to Kuching Food Club for the pic , specifically Diablo-cant find the pic i took)

The curry is cooked chinese-styled. I'm very sceptical over chinese curry that's served outside coz my parents and grandma cook damn good curry. But this one is above average , and nice. A lil spicy yet has a sweet end.

Ratings : 8/10

Ham and Cheese Toast

What's going there without eating their toast rite? I tried a few kinds of their toast but I don't find their toast amazing tho.. seriously , if they have 3 branch serving this kind of toast , i might be a millionaire if i start selling toast Chef Mel - style! Haha.
Ratings : 5/10

Nasi Lemak

Their nasi lemak is wrapped in "Kertas Minyak" and packed the triangle way. I love it if my nasi lemak is packed this way!

The inside?

The portion is really little and i'm very sure a big eater would finish it in less than 5 minutes. For me , i thought it was a perfect portion coz i don't take much rice.The rice has very nice coconut milk aroma and the sambal is good too. Nice.

Ratings : 8/10

What's more? They have wi-fi . So hamsap guys can eat their breakfast while surfing porn while bimbotic girls can shop clothes online!

This is a good place to have your breakfast when you're so sick of local delicacies like kolo mee and laksa .. and dirty coffeeshops!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Secret Recipe Kuching , Sarawak

***Pictures taken with SE K610i

If you've been a reader since i started my blog , you will notice that i wrote a post on Secret Recipe , Kay-Ell. As well as , you know im very much a fan of their cakes.It was a blessing when i saw the banners hanging saying they will open soon!

It was so packed in the first few weeks. Packed with "sakai-s". Haha. I didn't bother to go there early because i didn't want to be one of the "sakai-s". In fact i don't even plan to pay a visit after hearing so many bad comments.

Anyway , i went there yesterday , thinking they probably settle down .. since their business have been going on for almost a month now.

The menu book is the same like the ones in KL. everything was the same .. interior and stuff. If you notice , all secret recipe outlets have almost the same interior.

Honestly the cake didn't look appetizing to me. I wanted to order the New York Cheese Cake , but it's cut unevenly. What a turn off. The rest.. just didn't look interesting to me. Sigh..

Anyway , after brain storming .. i decided to have :

White Chocolate Macadamia Cake
RM 6.50 (Without the 15% tax.. na bey!)

The cream cheese part taste OK .. just that it' s a bit powder-rish. A sign that corn flour is added into the cream cheese to increase the volume. The cake part was the turn off! The sponge cake is SUPER DRY!!!Even if they wanted to save , they cud've used ovelette or moisten(sprinkle on the sponge cake) it with sugar water. Macadamia's over roasted..Sigh.. wasted my money!

And yes, i didn't finish it.

I also had this.

Shepherd's pie RM 6.50 ( Also without the tax)

They display the pies .. and this one seriously doesn't look like the on they display! It's about the size of an egg tart! They heat it up by putting it into a microwave oven. Man, Don't tell me they don't know that pastries gets soggy when you put them in the microwave??! ... i had just two bites of it.. DOUBLE SIGH!

My mum asked me to take away for her. I bought this for her.

Almond Cheese Cake RM 6 ( without tax)

If the macadamia one was dry.. OMFG! This one is super dry. I didn't finish it as well. TRIPLE SIGH!

Having to taste so many of their cakes (I've tasted more than 10 , OK? ), I'm VERY sure the ones in Kay-ell doesn't taste like this. I don't think I'll pay a second visit even when people tell me i chose the wrong cake or shytss.. Hey .. i ain't paying for poops the second time!

Anyway , this is for the teachers in Malaysia. Don't say i am pelajar derhaka. hehe! ( the word "teatcher" is purposely spelled wrong.)