Thursday, July 30, 2009

Malaysia Airlines In Flight Food

I get a lot of emails requesting me to write a review on Malaysia Airline's in flight food but I never got around to do so even with me flying with the airline quite frequently. Just earlier this month, I was flying MAS again, and for once, I acted all jakun taking the pictures of my food and the plane. ( I'll have a review of the service in another post!)

If my memory serve me right, these "lunch box" theme was started two years ago. It started with the plan of serving passengers with light meals - sandwiches, and curry puffs with the hope to cut some cost as they were facing financial difficulties then. But we Malaysians are so exposed with nasi lemak and the likes , so needless to say, it gained a very negative response. They are now back to serving hot meals, but still sticking with the same theme.

The lunch box came with everything for a full course meal, the appetizer being the small bun (that has shrink over the years), butter, the main course and fruits as desert. You'll also get a small pack of snack - it varies on different flight and I was rather unfortunate on this particular flight to get this chocolate biscuit. =( Hot drinks, juices and soda will be served seperately.

Now, I know everyone is very interested to know about the food. It's slightly blur because the plane was shaking as it was raining outside. I tried taking a few repeat shots but it still turn out blur and the man beside me were starting to think what is wrong with me. Heh.

I'm quite exposed to the food by MAS and most of the time I think they tasted average with all the right flavors and passed the edible line. This particular one is Nasi Tomato with Chicken Kurma (that's what the stewardess told me). I'm a bit puzzled with the latest news saying this was one of Tun Abdul Razak's favourite food and would only be available on 1st of August. But i've eaten it already ?

And to be honest, I was rather grateful they had changed the cold sandwiches to a hot meal. I had the chance to sample the sandwiches and curry puffs numerous times and most of the time, I left more than half of it untouched.

But if you're flying on a short distance, meaning to say an hour flight or less, don't expect to get a lunch box. You'll be served a packet of peanuts and a cup of juice of your choice. I am not very much a peanut person (hehe ;p) but MAS has got the best salted peanuts! Seriously!

Now, Malaysia Airlines, can I have a free flight? :D

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anthon Berg (Since 1984)

It's the mother bear's birthday today. I got her a set of cocktail chocolates in KL International Airport (At the junction of the walkway to MAS Golden Lounge, baggage collection and terminals) earlier this month and sent it to her a week later.

It's a set danish dark chocolate with 8 different types of liquor. I've never try it but according to my mum it was good. And unlike Jack Daniel's chocolate, the liquor actually ooze out rather than crystallized inside the chocolate.

Anyway, Happy Birthday mum! <3

Monday, July 20, 2009

Singapore Chicken Rice

Contrary to popular belief, the chicken rice is not originated from Singapore but rather a homegrown brand in Sarawak. It's been around for decades now and has gain loyalty from the locals over the years. This is also an answer to why The Chicken Rice Shop is not popular in Kuching.

Judging from the interior, you would not have expect it to be a place for chicken rice if you didn't see the shop sign. It spots a modern design and is clean and comfortable. The stewards are all dressed neatly in uniforms and I find that a great plus.

Their latest branch in The Spring also has a comfortable al fresco dining area for those who prefer to take a puff while having their chicken rice.

The menu is not only restricted to the chicken rice category but instead, extended wide to the noodles category (including pasta!) and even the local favourites like tomato noodles and Laksa Sarawak.

Fried Wantan RM 4

My friend ordered this. I didn't take a bite because it looks too oily for my consumption. ;p

Chicken Meat Rolls RM 3.50

The last time I had this was two years ago and it was really good. But fast forward two years later, which is the latest visit, it tasted nothing like what I had. Not to mention that the price has hiked 75%.

Chicken Rice Set RM 5.30

I find the pyramid shaped rice something different as opposed to the normal round bowl shaped rice in most chicken rice shops. It was not the best chicken rice i've tasted but I can say that it falls under the satisfactory group. It was fragrant and cooked to perfection.

The chicken was however a total failure in texture, taste and presentation. I find it too bland and I thought the portion was too little for the price.

The soup that came along with the set was surprisingly good. The only complaint was that it didn't came hot(not the spicy hot) which is a major faux pas for me. I don't like cold soups.

Three Layer Tea

The three layer are not done artisticly perfect, but it tasted extremely good. Man, I am craving for one now!

Soya Bean and Grass Jelly

The Wacko Jacko tribute drink. ;P It was my friend's drink but I suppose it is just a normal soya bean drink with the addition of grass jelly cubes.

Their chicken rice is definitely not the best, but I would definitely come for the reasonable priced food, and the great atmosphere. They certainly have brought eating chicken rice into a whole new dimension. ;p

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Thai Bean Sprout Salad with Seared Rib Eye

You will need about two handful of ends plucked bean sprout. It is then cooked in boiling water for about 40 seconds. Make sure you're not doing other things while at it because once the bean sprout is over cooked, your dish will turn out to be an utmost disaster.

Roughly chop the Chinese parsley and chili. Leave it aside.

Marinate the rib eye for about 30 minutes with dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and a dash of black pepper.Next, bring the marinated meat to seared to seal in a pan that is already well heated beforehand. Not many would want it rare or medium rare for that matter, so if you want it well done, lower the heat and cook till well done.

Then, slice the rib eye to your preferred thickness with a sharp knife. I prefer mine to be in thick slices for maximum taste outburst. ;p

The chopped parsley and chili is then mixed with 3 table spoon of thai fish sauce and one tea spoon of fresh squeezed lime. Then, add in the bean sprout and let all the five ingredients infuse its flavors together.

Arrange the slices of rib eye and garnish the platter with a quarter lime and chopped chili.

Healthy (at least in my eyes ;p) and lovely. Ahhh :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

A quick update!

Sorry for not updating! I flew back to the jungle (my uni that is) yesterday, only to be shocked when I found out I was changed to another room. Appealed in the office this morning and got my old room back.

The weather is so hot and i've been sweating like a pig. Gulp a few bottles of Gatorade Tiger - One of the best thirst quencher.

On another note, I really miss home now even tho' i've been here for barely two days. =(

Ah. gotta go sleep now. My body is aching so badly from the heavy boxes and two 25 kg luggage. I need a massage. Male masseur please. Anyone? ;p

Food post will resume soon-ish!