Friday, April 29, 2011


Yay, after a much devastating, demotivating and all the tings last week, I'm flying back to my hometown for the weekends again!

Till then, take care for the long weekends and play safe :D

P/s : the picture above is one of the most beautiful sunset I witnessed on the plane. It's taken approximately 3000 ft above a beach. So pretty it touched my heart when I saw the sun set!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bisou , Bangsar Village

If someone were to ask me what is the worst days of 2011 thus far, I would give an instant answer. It was last week. I was going through an extremely hard time at work and it doesn't help that it was the last week before my pay is out. I was broke, demotivated and almost committed suicide. Heh, just kidding about the last one. :P

After much nicotine and alcohol infused to my body on weekdays, I decided that I'm gonna eat a high calorie lunch on Saturday to comfort myself and go back home to sleep.

Little did I know , instead of heading back home to continue sleeping, we en route to Bangsar Village. I wasn't very keen of going to be honest - I was too under dressed! Not that I'm always very well dressed, but I was in a worn out tee and it's Bangsar!

We were supposed to just go and get some pens in Cziplee but unfortunately it rained heavily so our supposedly 'banana leaf rice lunch' became a coffee afternoon. We chose Bisou solely because the Red Velvet cake looks very tempting. For the uninformed, Red Velvet cake is actually beet root chocolate cake sandwiched with cream cheese. It was quite dry and a little tasteless for me. RV cake in general are quite tasteless, I had the one in Delicious and it tasted as tasteless too.

Most would have known Bisou for their cupcakes but as jakun as this may sound, I never tried them before. Yes, you can go ahead and laugh but I don't see the relevance of paying RM 5 for a cupcake with fancy icing. I am not a fan of cupcakes so I find them tasting nothing above alright, but you're definitely going to get a sugar rush from the icing.

Moving on to the beverages side, I was very pleased with my cup of flat white. The coffee were very aromatic and what I really appreciate is that the coffee is served hot. Something most local cafe fail at.

The ice cappucino too was very good. I don't usually order cappucino but if I do visit the place again, this is definitely going to be my drink of choice. It was intense, thick and just very very comforting. Priced at RM 10++, this is definitely worth every penny! :D

We finished our drinks and but guess what, we didn't go back home! We went to The Curve and I did chakra reading for the first time. Haha, not that I actually believe in crystals and stones, but it was free so why not? :P

oh, the best part about confessing that you're broke? everything is paid for ;p

*all pictures taken with BB, hence the quality ;p

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ah, looking at my blog I feel so sad that there's hardly much updates from my side. I still do check my blog everyday though and I have like a gazillion pending posts. It's just that I can't find the inspiration to blog especially after a stressful brain crunching day at work.

On a happier note, my article was on The Star last week! It's posted under a pseunodym tho' and cause it's related to my work nature, I don't think it's safe for me to mention which article is it. But still really nice to have your article published on the local papers.

Anyway, in case you're wondering, I still do cook! Just not as often as I did last time, and my dishes are a lot simpler. Today I cook Spicy Seafood Belachan fried rice that tasted fucking A! :D

And the accompanying dish is Black Pepper Chicken with Potatoes. ;) I used to find cooking very therapeutic but of late, I avoid cooking if possible. Yes, it's weird bt all I wanna do on Sundays is stay in bed (preferably with a partner. oops.. what I did I just said again? No, no I didn't say anything ;p but partner can be a cat right? :D )

Oh, and have you all been dilliegently eating durian? hahaha. I love durian and I've been eating durian every night! Sinful yeah, I know but whatheheck. :p

On an unrelated note, whose with me when I say the new Starbucks logo is fugly? It's like some weird voodoo mermaid? and without the word Starbucks is just plain weird. Personal view - not meant to offend anyone. Please don't sue me. :P

Anyway, it's the end of another beautiful weekend again. Till then, have a good week ahead beautiful people :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Retail Theraphy

I'm gonna be honest with all of you, I still really suck at my job. So many days, I come home feeling so depressed about what has gone wrong, why am I making mistakes or am I stupid. I remembered the first two weeks on the job after one month of training, I was so frustrated, I was drinking every.single.night. It's a lot better now. Emotionally of course. But there's still so much for me to learn to make things right.

In the midst of the stress-ness, I found a new passion. Shopping, that is! :D Above are paper begs I collected in less than a month! That is on top of some outlets that don't provide paper begs. In a way shopping is healthy. You see, food makes you happy but fat and broke. The after math of shopping is just broke! :D

This is just a filler post. I'm feeling exceptionally headache on a Sunday evening and my head is spinning... and spinning. :'(

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Simply Chicken Rice

Pardon me, but I'm gonna start with this - I'm super, super stress with work. I've been working 12 hours a day, sometimes more and seriously it's ripping my brain off! I really do enjoy the challenge. So much, that at some point I feel like I'm obsessed with my job. I come back at 10 pm, and at 1 am, I feel like going back to work. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. I know it's totally unrelated but I just feel like ranting it out!

This post is by inspiration from Huai Bin writing about the last meal for death row inmates and what would be our preference. His first choice was chicken rice and yes, that would be my choice too! Not first on the list though, but second!

I love chicken rice! Simply Chicken Rice was discovered by chance when I was done doing my furniture shopping in IKEA. It's just beside the car park and you're definitely going to pass it when you're paying your ticket at the auto pay machine. Seriously the aroma is so good that when it goes through my nostril for the first time, I told myself I just have to try it! And then I fell in love with it.

I love steamed chicken and the one they have here is perfect! The silky skin that blends with the sesame oil and soy sauce is just orgasmic!The chicken is a burst of all the flavors steamed chicken should have. It's also tender, moist and ah, everything good! The roasted chicken too taste as good as the steamed one but I prefer the steamed chicken for the silky texture of the skin and meat. Something roasted chicken lack of.

The real parameter to gauge a good chicken rice however lies on the rice. If there's a grade to give for the rice, I'll give it an A1 ! In fact it is the main reason why I am waxing lyrical and singing praises for the chicken rice here. As guilty as this may sound, the rice must not only be fragrant - it MUST be oily. It's not exactly a statement approved by health connoisseurs but what the heck, I don't go for the concept of eating something you don't like. Eat anything you want, but in moderation! :D

The next criteria is the garlic chili. The one here is very spicy and being a fan of anything spicy I appreciate the fact that I can freely take the chili as much as I want. I usually have like 5 "plates" of this! Seriously, my tolerance for chili is something a lot of people find very amusing. Especially when I'm a Chinese. Haha.

The soup they have here is not something unusual or different. It tasted like any other place but I have to say sometimes the soup is not that good though. Since it's made from the chicken stock of the steamed chicken, I find that at times the 'chicken smell' is a tad too strong. There are also times where the soup is not served as hot as it should be. But ah, this is just a minor hiccup.

If you haven't tried this chicken rice, you really have to! Trust me and trust my taste! :D

But you know what's the saddest thing about chicken rice? It's rice. Something I refrain myself from eating. I only take rice on rare occasions, most probably three times a month. So even when I'm savoring the orgasmic chicken rice, I only allow myself to take half. Blame on my metabolism rate T.T

This post is dedicated to Huai Bin! Happy 30th Birthday! I've said this many, many times but your confidence to pursue your dream job inspires me. I believe you're working half way to it and I wish you all the best in everything! Don't forget me when you're famous ok? hehe.

hahah shall put a classic pic of HB. Sorry ladies, he's taken. hahaha!!

p/s : I'm writing this under the influence of alcohol and high nicotine. Who says they damage your brain? tee hee.