Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kaki Bola Fried Fish Head Noodle

Hello All! I'm sorry the food post came three weeks after I announced a come back. I was too busy with work. Then before I knew it, It was already time for me to go for my holidays in Perth and when I came back I went to Ipoh for a makan trip. (signals : more food post! yay!)

Getting back on the topic, Kaki Bola is located in Taman Segar Cheras, about 5 mins walk from Leisure Mall. Securing a parking is not too dificult too but on weekends you might need to park a little further and walk a bit.The place is always full on operating days and sharing tables with strangers and waiting for a seat is very normal. 

I don't think they serve any other mains there beside the fish head noodles - There could be but everyone there seems to order the noodles only.

The noodles came in two options - with or without milk. Without milk is the healthier choice but I find it lack in taste. It would be nicer if the clear soup tastes more sourish to give that 'oomp" .The fried fish used for both noodles is the same. Fresh all the time and taste good! 

This is the version with milk which I really like. Funny thing though is I don't actually eat fish and don't like the taste of milk. But somehow they manage to translate two things that I dislike into whole bowl of fresh goodness. It's not too thick to make you giddy but creamy enough to make it rich in taste. One thing I must mentioned here is how they can cook the bee hoon to perfection on the dot. Me like!

I also normally order a plate of fried fish cake to share cause I normally don't eat much of the fish. The first time we went there the fish paste were very much fluffier but next few visits it was flat. It was still nice nevertheless just that it looks awfully unappetizing.

The meal easily cost more than RM 20 for two. Not exactly cheap for breakfast but the portion is large enough for it to be considered your lunch. Don't go when you're famished though, waiting can goes up to 30 minutes especially on weekends.