Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pasar Malam Cheras

Word has it that, this is the longest night market in Malaysia. A lot of tv stations filmed the place too.

Despite the fact that it has a lot of vendors,there isn't much varieties. Most of them sell the same thing but at a distance with each other.

Everything looks quite tempting and i ended buying more than enough for myself.

Spicy Pork Meat Balls RM 2

It tasted more tom yam-ish rather than spicy. But the balls were tangy :P

Taiwan Sausage RM 1.60

There are a lot of stalls selling this. Some are fried while the rest is grilled. I chose the grilled and opt for the spicy one. A number of "flavours" are available - wasabi, black pepper, mayonaise and original.

China Burger RM 1.20

This tasted quite bad. It's actually a batter-like bottom filled with minced meat and topped with an egg. I find it quite tasteless.

Har Kau RM 3

They have a few choices instead of the normal prawn one and i chose the Yam and pork one. The skin is nice but the filling is just alright.

Uncle Bob Chicken RM 5

There are many vendors selling the fried crispy Chicken (a popular Taiwanese street snack) but some are using breast meat while Uncle Bob uses drums. So , it's more worth it.

Egg Cake RM 0.60

I bought it because it is Doraemon! Hehe. But taste pretty bad :P Good to cheat kids. Hehe.

If you wish to visit the night market, you can take a train from KL Sentral to Bandar Tasik Selatan and take the Rapid KL. Go down at the jejantas in front of McDonalds. It is only on Wednesday night. :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Chendol Menara Jam

As the name suggested, it is located opposite the famous Menara Jam in Christ Church, Malacca.

This is actually the first thing i ate in Malacca! Because me and my friends were kinda exhausted after the bus ride ( trust me, we went through a lot just to get on the bus!), we walked opposite to quench our thirst and hunger the moment we reach Christ Church.

The famous Chendol Menara Jam stall!

I can't remember how much the chendol cost but it should be below RM 1.50.

Taste wise, i would say, it's nothing to shout. Below average :P

There's also a stall next to it that sells fried banana fritters and cempedak.

The banana fritters is really long ! I don't know why but it looks wrong to be putting a long banana fritters in your mouth. It doesn't look right. :p

So, if you're coming to Malacca for a visit, take my advice, skip on this. "Save your stomach" for something else!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sumptous Desert

Sumptous Desert is located at the dining floor in The Gardens, Mid Valley.

I was walking alone and this nice lady in front of the stall approach me and ask me to sample the durian pancakes.

Note : I do eat durian ocassionally but, i am never interested in any durian flavoured food.

This one taste really good and i actually asked for another to sample!

and i decided to buy. Pretty costly tho'. RM 4.00 for two.

It's really good although it doesn't look any close to pancakes! The skin is made to immitate durian's texture and it's filled with a layer of cream and real durian. They have cempedak flavour also.

Must try. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Melaka Chicken Rice Balls

This is actually a virgin visit to Malacca for me and my friends. The moment, we arrived at Christ Church we knew our first destination was to eat Chicken Rice balls.

We went to the most popular one. it's pretty easy to spot because it is located at the beginning of Jonker Walk.

We had to queue a while since there's no seat.

I like the marble tables. Give me the once-upon-a-time feeling. Hehe.

I had high expectation since people has been saying how good it is.

The chili was nothing to shout. I wish it was better since the blended chili make a big part in a good chicken rice.

I waited for 20 minutes and finally my chicken rice balls came.Each of us had lima biji. Kinda small servings actually.

The right method to eat it is to dunk the balls in the chili first and then eat it with the chicken. The rice has got this special texture that it's hard to explain. But, it's good.

The plate of chicken for three person.

Again, very small servings. Barely to fill you if you're hungry.The chicken was quite tasteless. Disappointed.

If you haven't tried the chicken rice balls , this is the place for the authentic one. But if you ask me to wait more than 30 minutes for it, i won't. Coz i don't think it's worth it. Not to mention , all this actually costed me RM 21.50!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

IKEA cafeteria

I've heard people rave about the meatballs here and i went out to check it out myself to see if it is a case of overrated.

I don't know why but the design give me a feeling that i'm in airport. Hehe. But i have to say that all the things inside the IKEA building is very customer-oriented.

The meat balls
RM 8.50 (for 8)

It may not look so appetizing but it is damn good. The balls are freshly made, enough herbs and spices and to eat them with the cranberry sauce is really a great combination. However, i thought the brown sauce could be better ;p

Daim Cake RM 4.50

Really good! and i assure you, they really put a lot of daim inside! Make a really good desert.

In case you don't know what Daim is, this is Daim!

I used to like Daim a lot , but am kinda sick of it now after having the privillege of getting it duty-free. hehe.

Apart from the good and cheap food, YOU MUST VISIT THEIR TOILET!! ( I know, very potong steam to put together food and toilet. hehe) Really, damn cool one the toilet. Hehe.

The meat balls is definitely NOT a case of overrated.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sakae Sushi

This place is the nearest competitor to Sushi King but i would say , this place had a lot of competitive advantage over Sushi King.

The architecture of this place is very modern and I think the one in
Bangsar Village have one of the most beautiful design amongst the many branches they have.

There's also have a section to cater for private dinners in small groups.

Each of the table is equipped with a LCD screen at the side and you order them through the computer.

It's pretty cool and efficient ;p They have the service
kaiten as well , but i prefer ordering from the menu.


Like many how i did in other Japanese restaurant, i would always order

But here, they actually have a hot water tab at the side of each table. So you don't need to ask the hostess to refill.

Salmon Don

I was actually craving for salmon that day so i search in menu for the dish that has the most salmon and i chose the right one.

Close shot.

Very nice!! Salmon very fresh!


I'm very particular about my salmon and here, they serve really fresh salmon at reasonable price.


Fried Salmon. Quite nice, but i still prefer salmon raw.

Unagi To fu

This one is rather special. The soft tofu is deep fried and then later put in this soy sauce gravy yet the tofu still remains its
crispyness. The tofu and unagi made a great combination.

Sakura Ebi Kakiage

It' s actually thinly sliced tempura vegetables. Nice and crispy.

Miso Soup

They're one of the few Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia that serve good
miso soup.

Plain Rice

Hmmm.. plain rice. Nothing much to shout. Lol.

The service here is really good. The food came later and they knew we weren't so please and gave us a complimentary desert.


I love o-
mochi and they're o-mochi is good .

If you want cheap and good Japanese food, this is the right place for it. I would definitely choose
Sakae Sushi over Sushi King. This place is really good, i've revisited this place a number of times ;p So, do expect a few more post on this place.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarawak Food

I'm giving a speech on Sarawak local delicacies tomorrow.

A proud Sarawakian, I am. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kuala Perlis Seafood

Located at the jetty port to Langkawi. The place reminds me a lot of Buntal in Kuching. It is also located beside the beach and is build with an almost similar design. This is a Chinese-operated halal restaurant.

I do not really go here often but if i do, my orders are always the same. ( All the food below is for two person) .

Fried Rice RM 8

I didn't like it cause it's quite tasteless but i just have to follow the majority's decision. ;p

Salad Yau Cha Kueh RM 5

I blog on this before and this is their signature dish. I love this! It's crispy and juicy! Real orgasm-ic! Must order if you're here.

Lemon Chicken RM 8

The lemon gravy on top taste kinda bland but the chicken is well fried. Good portion and thigh meat is used.

Fried Squid RM 8

This one taste normal, nothing to rave about but the squids are fresh.

Umbra RM 1.50

In case you don't know, this is actually buah kedondong juice. They call it Umbra here. And this is one of the place that serve 90% original juice from the fruit itself. Very refreshing. You can also order them in jug if you go in a big crowd.

Fried Ice cream RM 1.20 each

THIS IS SUPER GOOD. The skin is crispy and thin and the ice cream is heavenly. The only laid back is you cannot choose the flavour you want. My favourite is the mango one.

Close shot!


There is one thing i must compliment on this place. They will serve the food in ten minutes! I doubt if they cook it earlier but it's quite impossible because all the food came out popping hot.

The food taste pretty normal actually but the fried ice cream and the salad yau cha kueh is something not to be missed! So, do drop by here, if you're on your to Langkawi through Kuala Perlis jetty. :)

... and this is a nice sunset i witness there sometime ago.