Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kuala Perlis

I was at Perlis to visit a friend recently and we went to the restaurant we normally go.

It was all packed when we went there but it was good, we had a chance to chat a little since he'll be off to Johor Bahru the next day.

(We had more than this but i've blogged it before so do check out my previous post of this place)


You can opt not to have it. My friend and I don't take peanuts except for macadamia so we kindly return them.

Special fried rice

This tasted better than the fried rice i ordered previously. I love how it has the tom yam hint and spicy end. Served with bite size of boneless chicken meat and generously garnished with cucumber and coriander leaves.

Kung Pau Squid

Never order this! The amount of dried chillies totally outnumbered the squids. And i seriously doubt if they recycle the dried chillies! However, i have to give them credit for the fresh squids.

Before you walk to this restaurant, there's a small satay stall along it.

And i'm telling you, THEY SERVE THE BEST SATAY!

Big, fat, juicy and well marinated satay! They are as good as satay kajang! (or maybe better)

Along with the best kuah!

Orgasm! The satay is obligatory if you're here!

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** The satay kajang post was my first post and my writings have changed so much ever since ;p

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Changlun Chinese Food

I've been wanting to blog about Chinese food restaurants in Kedah for quite sometime just to show my readers that there's really a difference eating Chinese food in a state dominated by Muslim. ( This is not a racist statement)

White Rice

Instead of the usual bowl, all the Chinese restaurants here serve rice in a plate.

Japanese Egg Tofu Hot plate

Somehow, each of my meal outside in a Chinese restaurant, there's always a dish of tofu. But i must say, the restaurants here serve really good tofu dish. ;p

Sambal Kangkung

I don't usually eat kang kung outside but since orderings are done in mandarin so each time my friend ask me if it's ok, i'll say " ok, sure" without knowing what they ordered. The sambal is really nice and the kangkung is not over-cooked.

Ginger Pork

I've been wanting to show all of you the pork here! Man, don't you think IT LOOKS LIKE CHICKEN? But seriously, it's pork. It tasted nothing like pork and nothing like chicken. I'm stressing again that this is REALLY PORK!

Liang Cha

The northern states is a lot hotter and much more humid compared to other states in Malaysia so it's nice to wash down with a cold Liang cha ;p

The total price : RM 18 (including three plates of rice). Cheap right ?

Changlun is a very small town, you won't miss this place ;p

Friday, October 24, 2008

EDC - Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

The perks of being active in the university is that you are constantly invited to attend dinners.

Most of the times it is like this.

Sometimes it could be like this.

Yesterday, it was taken to another level. I was invited to EDC, a hotel located just outside UUM and is fully owned by UUM.

Because UUM is rather secluded from the city, the VIPs would stay here during their official visits. So students don't really get to visit this place. Unless of course, your parents is here and they wanted to stay there.

I had a low expectation right after i knew that the menu would be western. Because seriously, the last place to serve good western food, is Kedah though I must say they serve the best Malay cuisine.

I didn't like the table settings. C'mon, take away the plastic mat!

We booked the place before hand and mentioned that we will come at 9pm. We arrived at 8.45pm and had to wait for an hour before our food is finally served.

After having to wait for an hour, all i get is a piece of tiny chicken chop. Taste wise, it was below average and portion was just too little.

The black pepper gravy that are supposed to be poured on the chicken chop.

Ice creams for deserts.

We were still hungry so our felo ordered sandwiches for us. Normal tuna sandwich.

When the bill came, we had the shock of our life when the "normal tuna sandwich" costed us RM 56 per plate, that's RM 7 for a tiny piece of sandwich! I wouldn't mind to pay such amount if i was dining in Hilton but this is in UUM! (Technically still in UUM!)

Thank God though, everything was fully sponsored. So, those in universities can start thinking of what activities to join. Trust, there's a lot of benefits you could enjoy ;p

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Apple Donut

This would be a review of Big Apple's Donut across three states that is, Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak and Penang. I cant remember their names, so pictures only ya ;p

I first tasted Big Apple in The Curve, KL.

They call this Alien Vs Predator in KL but the rest of their branches they named it The Alien. This is my personal favourite and i will have this in each and every of my visits.

I had always loved donuts with icing sugar and this one is filled with vanilla cream. It is less sweet compared to the rest.

This one is topped with crumbled oreo biscuits and white chocolate. It tasted good but not my favourite.

This one is rather normal. It's filled with chocolate and topped with melted chocolate. It is almost similar to the alien. I usually go for the alien tho'.

Mango flavoured cream in the middle together with mango jam at the side. A bit too sweet for my liking.

The popular peanut butter one. Nice and sinful :)

Now , lets move to the one in Kuching, Sarawak.

I was there to online so i ordered the ice blended (RM7.50) and i have to say that their ice blended falls under the category of the worst ice blended. So go there eat donut nia ok!

The glaze. Also under the "less heavy" donut range. It is good, but not as good as the glaze in J co Donuts.

Last state, Penang!

This is the worse flavour. It supposed to taste like kiwi but seriously it smells and tasted like my dishwasher. (not that i've tasted dishwasher ;p ) Don't order this one.

I had more in Penang but i don't think i wanna post the pictures of the same donut ;p

There's a reason why i wanted to post donuts of all three states together.

If you notice the pictures above, the donuts are out of shape, too wet and too soft. Just look at the alien, so ugly and overly moist. And this is the kind of donuts you get from Big Apples Kuching and Penang.

This is the kind of donut you get in Kuala Lumpur. Nicely done, fluffy and not too wet.

Big apples no quality control one is it? Hrmphff!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Holland Fries

Jess told me she had been wanting to try this place for quite some time and i agreed to accompany her. So, after six hours of shopping, we got tired and i suggested that we take a short break and came here. Holland fries is a place where you can have the normal fries along with funky toppings.

I was quite excited even with the emptiness of the shop since i've been wanting to try something similar for quite some time. I just didn't know the place existed.

I guess their main market is for take aways since there's only four chairs.

They actually had many varieties of toppings on the menu but on the day we went , only three out of the many are available. Kinda disappointed :( Price range are from RM 3.90 to RM 5.90.

I cant remember the names actually but this is what i had ;

This is actually tomato based sauce with basil leaves and italian seasoning, kinda like bolognese. It tasted alright, but a bit too watery.

This is sour cream one. I know what you are thinking! The cream looks wrong right ? (If it rings no bell to you, the sour cream looks like something that comes from the other end of you ;p ) I did noticed it when it was served but i didn't wanna spoil Jess' mood since she paid for it. Hehe. Sour cream wasn't sour. :(

The only credit to this shop is that, they used imported fries. Imported fries are usually better because hey, Americans are good in fast food and usually their fries tastes better, bigger and less healthy ;p

Holland Fries is located at Queensbay Mall, right at the side of the cineplex. It will be good to eat with at the movies rather than the boring popcorn ;p Don't say i recommend one though. Hehe.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

I am an avid reader of Pink Pau and Wenqi's blog and read many posts on them raving the orgasm-ness of the peanut butter cups. But each time when i wanna buy, it's either in a super huge pack ( incase its not nice ), or it's too expensive.

I was at Jusco recently and saw a small pack at RM 2.30 only and decided to try.

It was really nice, smooth, orgasmic and very peanut butter-ish , but it's not something that you can actually make as a snack. Trust me, two is more than enough. But, it'll be nice to have it after dinner.

Have a nice day ya'll! :)