Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sequel of Jo's Last Supper

So yeap , like i said in previous post.. the night was still young..we continued to feast!!

We went to the coffeeshop near the Single cat statue in town (there's only one right at the corner operating till the wee hours of midnight )

What we had? heheh!

Laksa RM 3.50

The laksa is not extremely nice but i dare say this place is the best if you wanna have laksa for supper.

Kueh Chap RM 4.00

The Kueh Chap is nothing compared to the one in 3rd mile.. but Oh my Gawd the chilli is the bomb! A good Kueh Chap is the ones that comes with good chilli to go along with. I just didn't like that the kueh chap has really strong herbal smell.

Chicken Wing RM 10 (for 5 pcs)

The chicken wing is good too and has nice chilli sauce to dip in.. One of the best meal for supper and to chit-chat with friends. The chix wing is not nicely presented but hey, it's a coffeeshop okay!

Teh C Peng 3 Layer RM 1.70

If sio bee if my first love , then this is my second one. I can have this everyday. It's so addictive and this place served really good one too.

After eating , we decided to call the night off since the night is NOT YOUNG anymore and.. we didn't want to listen the

I will definitely miss the car chat ..where sex was our main topic. Incase you guys are wondering why i'm so dirty minded, it's cause of them! They dirty my brain! But .. who cares, they're great friends and most of all , NOT PRETENTIOUS!

OH , incase you're wondering Beng is taken and Jo is almost taken. =D

I went home with a happy stomach .. and guess what? I cant sleep!!

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