Sunday, July 18, 2010

Northam Beach Cafe, Penang

First and foremost, sorry for the 3 weeks hiatus. My long working hours has totally sucked my creative juice dry! By the time I'm home, all I want to do is to stay in bed. I hope this 9 pictures post make you all happy though. ;p

Northam Beach is an al fresco food court over looking the sea that is supposedly very famous in Penang. It's a shame that I only got to know about it re
cently from my colleagues! Unlike the typical Penang food courts that are flooded with Char Kueh Tiaus, Pasemburs and Assam Laksas. 80% of the stalls here comprises of Western/Italian food and from what I observed, their patrons consist of mainly Caucasions.

I haven't eaten the whole day prior to my visit and I didn't want anything too heavy nor oily so I ordered a pizza to share. I thought it was quite cheap for the size - RM 16 for a large. Taste wise, It was definitely above edible but it was not very good to the extent that you want more.

I was told that the mua chee here is the best in Penang. I'm a sucker for "claims" like this so ordered I did! They have many flavors and me being the adventurous one, ordered all the flavors in one serving. It turns out tasting a little weird. Having said that, I have to agree that the mua chee is a class of its own, especially with the peanut butter sauce drizzled on top - Just don't order all the flavors at once. hehe

It's never complete if Honey Chicken Wings is not part of the menu when dining in places like this. The ones they had here were satisfactory. The chili sauce could be better though.

Another famous dish they have here is the Foot Long German Sausage. Taking into consideration my current peanut pay, I find RM 9 a little too pricey for a sausage (unless it's the other sausage you're talking I wouldn't be able to tell if the price do justice for its taste though, cause it was my friend boyfriend's sausage...errr.. I mean order. ;p

I saw this stall selling something similar to Mille Crepe but it turns out to be Durian Crepe! Now I'm a durian lover - as in the fruit, but somehow my taste bud doesn't agree with "refined" durian. I end up ordering the other cake available, which was blueberry cheese cake out of courtesy. It was only RM 4.50 per slice, so there's really nothing much to expect out of it.

The rest of the pictures are food my friends ordered - and of which I didn't try.

Bak Kut Teh

Hokkien Mee


Fried Rice

I really love the place! It's a lot more calm than any other tourist spot in Penang, and the breeze from the sea accompanying the dinner was quite therapeutic in many ways. Me love!

p/s : Thanks so much for dropping by despite my lack of updates!