Sunday, February 24, 2008

So Tired

Well, i'm writing this especially for Hua Beng , and for those who care about me.

Beng, I'm sorry, the line in my hostel sucks. I wanna tell you what i'm up to but the line just sucks!

Currently :

I am playing futsal for my hostel for Inter-Uni. I just finished a competition yesterday and my body is still aching.

I am currently holding a "post" in hostel's Bureau and that really take 80% of my free time. But i do enjoy meeting all the "big" people everyday.

I am the leader of a facilitator project - canoe-ing "clinic".

I am also in the editorial board doing monthly bulletins and the upcoming magazine for hostel.

I am doing English announcement.

I am having my mid-sem.

I have lots of assignment to pass up!!!!!

What else?

Tiring but i enjoy every single part of it.

So Beng, keep me up to date about yourself too. Mail me kay

Miss ya lots!

To Someone ,
" Only God knows.. i hope i make it there .. "

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yee Sang Second Round

Since today is Chap Goh Mei, i shall end it with the Yee-Sang-Post.

Before Jess left for Uni, i suggested that the few of us have Yee Sang at Sushi King.

Our Yee Sang took quite sometime to arrive. Thank God we ordered some set food.

Kodomo Bento

I can't help but to think of Kodomo Lion - The toothpaste. Hehe. Everything is fried. Came with a cup Matkool ice cream.


One of the worst food i ate in Sushi King. The consistency of the batter is wrong so the texture turns out soft and soggy. Uek.

Saba BBQ Set

It's mackerel fish so my cats would love this. HAHAHA!. It's Sam and Stef's order. and you don't jadi pihak ketiga and share a couple's food so i don't know how it taste. Hehe.

Came along with :

Rice (No photo)

Miso Soup

Home made tofu

Tasted a lot like Miso soup in "pepejal". hehe.


Our Yee Sang

Very Very Nice! and it looks exactly like the one in the promo picture! Sedaps!

They also give you this nice angpau!

I guess it's really a good idea that Sushi King come up with this kind of promo and i will definitely come back again for the yee sang next CNY!

And to Jess and Stef, I miss the both of you so much. When will i see the both of you again?

To all my readers,

Happy Chap Goh Mei ya'll !!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Anchor House

Before i came back to Uni after the Chinese New Year break , I had a quick dinner with my parents here. I can say that i grew up eating at this restaurant and they probably contributed to 50% of the cellulite I have today. Situated nearby the Rubber Road's Singapore Chicken Rice.

They're not the best Chinese Restaurant, but they have the best suckling pig in Kuching. I swear. I've tasted almost all the suckling pig available in Kuching. Hrmphff!

Ok, back to the story. Every year , it's a tradition for me n my family to have Yee Sang here. This year it's only me and my parents. Usually, its the "big" family.

The typical interior of a Chinese Restaurant.

The "source of income" in the Chinese Restaurant. Usually over-priced in EVERY Chinese Restaurant.

The Yee Sang

This is the original version of yee sang using the right fish and cranberry jam. I damn like this photo. Damn warna warni. Heheh. Then you toss high-high. The higher the better !

Suckling Pig

DAMN GOOD. Why is it called suckling pig anyway? Sounds like it "sucks". They should call it Sedap-ing Pig. hehe!

The wong bak , fish maw, mushroom and "huat chai".

The "huat chai" is the hairy vege. I know what are you thinking. HEHEHEHE! This is also a must during Chinese New Year for prosperity.

Tomato Bee Hoon

This is their signature dish. Very different from the rest of the place in Kuching. Not to mention the seafood used is always damn fresh one!

Suckling PIG!!!!!!

hehehehe! =D

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chinese New Year - First Day

My family has this tradition to eat the "long life noodle" on the first day of Chinese New Year.Usually i have it in the morning for breakfast but this year my dad decided to be more staunch so he asked my mum to fry it right after the clock struck 12. ( My dad is not allowed to cook for the timebeing )

It looks like the Chinese Vermicelli but it's NOT.

The packet.

Only at RM 2.50 , You "MIGHT" live longer. So why not believe it?

You fry it with blended chili, dried prawns, onions and garlic.

Then put Chinese chorizo sausage

And leek.

Apparently in Chinese it is pronounced as "seng / suan" which means "count" .. so eating the leek means having lots of moolah to count the whole year. Hehehe.


I also took a few photos of the fireworks and this is also my 1st time taking photos of fireworks! hehe!

Nice o not? LOL.

More CNY Food in the next few post!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

Yay! Finally can blog! Was kinda busy last few weeks and when i'm free to blog , the blogger put a game on me.

I'm very depressed now coz i did badly in my mid-sem this morning. Thank God the blogger is all alright now so i could "de-stress" myself.

Ok, back to blogging.

This is what i had for the reunion dinner.

Black Pepper Lobster

Fish Maw, Pig's tendon , Crab-Pork-Meat-Balls and Wong Bak soup.

Pork Knuckles ( to be served cold)

to be eaten with the home made blended chili. Damn syiok

Roasted Quack Quack ( Duck lahhh )

Steamed Kampung Chicken

So that's what I had for my reunion dinner. Everything was good , and blogging about this makes me miss my family so much. Chinese New Year is all about together-ness rite?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Xin Nian Kuai Le wishes everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Secret Garden

This is quite an overdue post... Didn't quite wanna post them coz the photo's quality isn't so good. But, it's been a while since i last update. =D

Secret Garden is the former Room 205. I think they are still the same owner .. Just some gimmick lah!

Fish and Chips

Fried Long-Life Noodle

Black Pepper Chicken Chop

Ice passion fruit tea

Ice Lemon Tea

The food all taste kinda bad that's why i think its not worth to comment.. But the price is reasonable lah. ( Can't remember the price but i know it was cheap)