Friday, August 29, 2008

J.CO Donuts and Coffee

This is actually a long overdue post and i think by now, people are already sick of JCo ;p

I had my first Jco Donuts in Pavillion 3 months back and fell in love with it immediately.

The donuts are pre-baked and then fried before it is then top with various flavours.


This is the best of all and i guess many would agree ;p The sweet honey glaze outside just melts in your mouth and gives you an immediate orgasm. Gosh, this is starting to sound like sex ;p

J crown oreo

The speciality lies on the shape of the donut and like Glazzy, the oreo just melts in your mouth together with the crunchy light dough.


It tasted similar with J crown and the only difference is this is one is of the traditional shape.

Why Nut

This is my sister's favourite. It's topped with white chocolate and filled with peanut butter. There's something special about the peanut butter tho' coz it melts in your mouth unlike other sticky peanut butter in the market.

Coco Loco

This is the donut that will make you overdose with chocolate. Absolutely good for chocolate lovers.

Miss Green T

I was hoping for a stronger green tea taste since they claim to be using macha tea but was dissapointed with a mild aroma of the green tea.


I didn't like this one since i'm not a fan of almond flakes but for those of you who liked it, this could be your donut.

The two donuts below i couldnt remember the name so pictures only yea?

I had always loved banana flavoured food so the thick banana custard filling was more than i could ask for. Perfect!

This one also i like! Nice nice!

I would summarized .. that Jco donuts is really good so it's not the case of overrated. and if i were to compare with any other donuts-joints, JCo would easily win.

Open one in Kuching , can? Big Apples Kuching sucks big time! or at least one in Mid Valley or The Curve ;p Pavillion damn susah wanna go lah!

This post is also dedicated to a dear friend of mine , Stefanie Bong!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Most of you would have already know that i'm currently studying in UUM and the nearest town to us is Changlun. Changlun is something like Serian back in Kuching.

There is relatively a lot of home-based coffee shops here. They live in the house and the car porch is the coffee shop. The hygiene of the place is not trustable that most of the time while i am waiting for my food, i sit and wonder if i should put the food in my mouth.. albeit, they charged the lowest price in Malaysia, hands down!

On my recent visit, i had :

Ying Yong

It's called Ying Yong because they mixed the bee hoon and the kueh tiau together. It's very popular in Peninsular especially up north. Taste wise , it's just so-so. Couldn't expect much from shops like this. ;p

Liang teh

It tasted alright ;p

Altogether, this only cost me RM 3.60! Told ya, it's cheap.. but you can't expect much la! hehe.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sea Good Restaurant

This restaurant have been around for decades and i've been a regular patron since i was a little kid. They are very popular for the fresh seafood and customers would start going as early as 5pm to avoid crowd during peak dinner time (7 pm).

...and because they're popular not only among the locals and tourist, they tend to charge ridiculously expensive. That's why if you see cars park outside the restaurant, it's either bimmers, merz or any other luxurious cars. Except for mine lah. My family car - Kancil. ;P

There's a number of wine for you to choose and i think by far, this is the only restaurant that offer such wide variety of wine in Kuching.

Among the popular food are ;

Oh Chien

The Oh chien pictured above looks kinda black but they have one of the best oh chien in town!

Hokkien Mee

I used to hate this dish when i was young but as i grew older i tend to appreciate this dish. It's kinda different from other places and they uses a special made noodles instead of the normal yellow mee.

Fish Curry

This is another signature dish from them. The fish is steamed 50% and then the remaining 50 % is steamed together with the curry gravy. The gravy is not too thick yet not to mild so it's a perfect combination and it goes well with white rice too.

Stir Fry Tofu

Their stir fry dishes is nothing to rave about but they always compliment all the stir fry dishes with fresh sea food.

Stir fry vegetables

Again, this is nothing to write home about.

Liang Cha

Gawd, this taste very bad!

Sour sop juice

They used to be really popular for this drink but the last time i went, it taste miserably terrible. It was so watery and i could hardly taste the flavour of sour sop!

The best part about the restaurant is that they have lots of blended chili!

In case you have no idea where it is located, it is behind the old Tsui Hua Lau building. They are open for lunch and dinner so drop by if you're out for fresh seafood in the city of Kuching and don't forget to bring enough cash!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Saint Cinammon

( The line is really bad here so i can only post a short post) This place is by far the only place in Malaysia that has good cinnamon rolls. The fun part is that this place is owned by fellow Sarawakians. ;p

My dad is a huge fan of this place that every time we're in Mid Valley, he'll ask us buy him a box.

They have about 10 flavours ranging from the traditional cinnamon to the modernised flavours- walnuts, blueberries... I personally like the traditional cinnamon flavoured one. The price range is from RM 3.50 to RM 5.00 per roll.

Their cinnamon rolls is amongst the best i ever tried and i like how they had the sweet glaze on top. It stays fresh for 2 days without the fridge.

The staff is very friendly ( i'm not saying this cause they are all Sarawakians ) and they actually thought i was a foreigner. ;p

It's a bit over-priced if you asked me, but it's worth it. ;p

Anyway, i will be on a budget trip to KL tomorrow. ;p Good food, here i come!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Asian Recipes

I've been meaning to blog a lot earlier but since the wireless in my room has been down, i could not do so. Plus, it's the mid sem break next week so there's tons of assignments due this week and i'm actually skipping my class just to blog in the library. :)

Ok, back to my post. Asian Recipes is located at Premier 101, it's right at the end so drive slowly towards the end if you're not sure of the place.

I like the classy interior of the place. The leather chair and dark-wood table. It's a good sight because places that served Asian food are usually of cheap architecture.

There is one thing that i really like about this place. The cutlery, plates and bowls used differs a lot from other restaurants in town.

Asian Recipes Special Fried Mee RM 6.90

This is recommended by the house and also by the waitress. I didn't wanna order it coz i never believe in recommendations ( most of the time they turn out terible ;p ) but my dining companion insisted it. The verdict - It was rather sweet and there's this heavy prawn taste that i didn't like.
Assam Laksa RM 7.00

It tasted really good and i really liked it. It's a must try if you're going to dine here. Not to mention they serve you in a unique shape bowl. ( not pictured here coz i was too excited to eat ;p )

It also came with obligatory prawn paste.

Kerabu Papaya RM 3.50

This one tasted good too although there's more of other ingredients rather than the mango itself. If you notice properly, the chef used the correct way to cut the long beans. It's not sliced or cut using knife. So, thumbs up for that!

Mango sticky rice RM 5.00

We (not telling you who i went with =D) had this for desert. I had never been to Thailand so i would say this taste pretty good. The portion is quite big so have it shared if you're not a big-eater.

Three Layer Tea RM 3.00

It was alright and nothing to write home about but i must give them props for the very clean glasses!
Buah Kedondong Juice RM 3.00

It was really sour but the juice was really "authentic"- minimal water mixed.

I had actually thought the food would be damn expensive with the classy interior and all, but it was alright, i would say it's cheap and YES, definitely recommended. :)

** I just got a sms saying my lecturer gave quiz in the class! damn! and gawd, IE is a pain in the arse!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boulevard's food court

This place serve you a good meal if you're tired after the groceries shopping and up for an affordable meal. The rest of the eateries in Boulevard are franchise restaurants so they tend to be a bit expensive most of the time.

Curry Chicken

This is actually my favourite food there. They usually give plain rice but i would asked for the rice used for chicken rice instead with no extra charge. ;p

I like the curry here. It's of the Chinese style curry and i have started to love Chinese Curry ever since i went to Kedah. And the portion is big for the price i pay - RM 5!

They give you a choice of sambal belachan, cut fresh chillies and soy sauce and the chicken-rice chilli.

This curry chicken rice is from the chicken rice stall.

Ma Lak Mien

The mee was supposed to be super spicy but it ended up super salty! Plus, the pork used was not fresh as well. It came with a bowl of cold tasteless soup.


The dumplings are nicely made but the skin was too thick for my liking. You can have a choice of either chives + pork or cabbage + pork in your dumplings.

This stall is a mini-branch of Jade Pot Tea House at Jalan Keretapi. All the food are priced at RM 5.

Pandan egg tart

The pastry was a bit soft but it has this nice butter aroma and it taste pretty good. You can buy the tart at the drinks counter.

Among the other choice that you can get at the food court are Bombay Masala-Indian food, Seoul Garden-Korean food, Malay food and also vegetarian food. It's all in one !

Have a nice day readers!