Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Color Hotel, Hatyai Thailand

Unlike Bangkok, there's really not much options of hotels too choose from here. It was a quite an impromptu trip (decided a day before!) and we didn't do much survey on hotels. We just wanted a decent hotel that's not too expensive, yet not dodgy and old. We decided on The Colors mainly due to the fact that it was a new hotel. You can't really go wrong with a new hotel.

We booked a deluxe for two nights, priced at approximately RM120 per night inclusive of tax. While it wasn't so expensive in figures, it is one of the pricier hotel in Hatyai. Hotels in average are priced below RM 100 for standard rooms and the only one I came across charging more was the chain by Novotel.

The design of the room were quite minimalist, very plain and basic. I'm no designer so no issues on that. However there are two things I find very disturbing. The switches were placed in the middle of the head board. It is extremely irritating when you constantly accidentally switch off/on the lights and tv.

Second to that was the non existence sound proofing. Our neighbours were so noisy that we had a hard time sleeping! It was a good thing they checked out the next day. I also didn't agree why the dining table had to be placed in the middle of the room, underneath the LCD.

The pros of the hotel would be the size of the room. It's fairly spacious for two person and the king size bed was pretty comfortable for two person to roll around. The impressive speed WiFi is provided without surcharge. Tv too had comprehensive channels.

For a 3 star hotel, I find it unacceptable that they didn't had a kettle in the room. I don't mind if tea and coffee is not provided but kettle I find is a basic for graded hotels. There's also no restaurant in the hotel so the price charged comes with no breakfast.

I wouldn't complained much on the cleanliness of the room - it was clean. But bare in my mind that you have to keep your own room clean throughout the stay because there won't be any housekeeping. No one came to clean my room, my rubbish were stacked up. I had to request for the finished toiletries and the complimentary drinking water.

Will I return? Nay, I don't think so. Even in terms of location they failed. They are located centrally, just about 10 minutes walk to Lee Garden but in order to get out to the main road, you'll need to go through an alley which I find it pretty unsafe to walk at night.