Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lorong Selamat Char Kueh Tiau

I've read so much about this place before finally setting my foot here. Not that I have anything against the place, I just had problem finding the place. It was only during my last visit to the island (i'm now staying here already ;p) I found out that it was just a mere five minutes walk from Tune Hotels.

The 'goggles auntie" is pretty famous in the blogosphere with everyone writing about her foul attitude. She was alright when I was there tho'. Just that she look really grumpy. Hey, blame it on the high wok heat and the strong smell from the chili oil! Anyone would look grumpy in that situation. ;p

I went on a Monday so there was not much waiting. My plate of char kueh tiau reaches my table within 15 minutes! I arrived quite famish so that was very much appreciated! :D

After reading so much travelers waxing lyrical about the place, I had a mountain of expectations. I ordered the RM 7 plate out of the range of RM 6, RM 7 and RM 9. My verdict? I thought it tasted just average. The portion of the kueh tiau was really little. I guess the RM 7 goes to the three medium size prawns. It was fresh and something a lot worship upon. But from my puny knowledge of food, I didn't think prawns is the "correct" parameter used to gauge the taste of a plate of char kueh tiau. ;p

The char kueh tiau do have a very strong flavor of lard tho. Something I find quite different from other char kueh tiau places.

I heard the waiting time would go as far as more than an hour during the weekends and public holidays. The longest waiting time (to make it worth the taste) for this char kueh tiau is only 20 minutes. After that it'll be too long. ;p

Anyway, have a good weekend people! I'm back to blogging about food again. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates ( and improper updates!). Been very busy preparing for my internship, moving to a new place and all.

I arrived Penang two days ago and had finally settled down with all the necessities. Haven't buy the pots and pans to cook though. ;p

Never thought I would say this, but i'm kinda lonely here. Lol. Well, well, true they say the grass is greener in the west. But the sky is blue-er in the east. And blue skies make me happy!

I miss homeeee. Grr.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alternative? Not quite!

In case you're a virgin reader (as in first time reading my blog lah. hehe) here, I'm currently in Kuching, enjoying my holiday! :P

I'm quite a boring person in nature (and also a very poor student if I may add) so my holidays are not usually filled with excitement. You know like how some rich kids go for holidays here and there. ;p What I usually do is, buy a lot of magazines.

I read all sorts of magazine with TIME, Shape and Female being my favourites. No, i'm not gonna talk about the magazines of course! Just wanted to share with you a snippet of an article. Basically this article talks about how to have substitutes for Malaysian food. Not exactly something new to read but there's something I find interesting. ;p

Alternative for Nasi Lemak = Toast! I can't see the significance of the two. One is pungent, one is fragrant.

Alternative for Satay = Chee Cheong Fun! I'm not a fan of Chee Cheong Fun, but last I check, they don't come in sticks. ;p

My point is that when you lust for something sinful, never look for the substitutes. Go for the real thing, but eat in moderation la!

I'll give you an easier example ok. If you wanna drink beer, but because of the calories, you go for apple juice. Not the same kan?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Paradise, KLIA

If you're looking for a quiet and less packed place to grab a bite before boarding your flight in KLIA, drop by their Mezzanine Level where there's this eatery named Food Paradise.

The patrons consist of mainly the employees of MAB (Malaysian Airports Berhad) as it's where the offices are located. I came across this place when I arrive in KLIA a little too exhausted and needed a getaway from the hussle-bustle of departure level.

Unlike what the name suggested, the food isn't exactly a paradise. Lol. I ordered the set meal that came with a glass of coke and fried mee hoon. The food is prepared before hand so it came cold. However, priced at RM 8 per set, this is probably the cheapest meal you can get in KLIA.

While I would not recommend you to visit this place for the food, I would suggest this place if you wanted a more peaceful place to kill your time. The long faux leather bench is pretty comfortable for a quick nap too. ;p

The only problem is that, they have very bad music taste. So, be sure to have your ear phones plugged when you're there.

It's pretty secluded. If you're dating someone's husband/wife and sending him/her off, this would be the perfect place to .. errr.. kiss goodbye. =X

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nuffnang Payout

Kaching Kaching! :P

It's slightly lesser than the previous payout, but should be enough to fund my yum cha sessions this holiday. :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Four Points by Sheraton - Wrapped

Normally when I want to get good cakes, Hilton is the one place that I really trust. (Merdeka Palace being the least reliable one) But since I am driving with a two months expired driving license and I already have a summon that the father bear has yet to pay, I decided to play it safe and drop by Wrapped in Four Points. It's just 10 minutes away from my house and even if there's police, I know the route to escape. :D

There's not much choice of "convincing looking" cakes to choose from so I ended up with two tarts. The one below is the mixed nuts tart. I don't really take much nuts (I wonder where the pimples from my face came from?!) so I didn't really like it. But quality wise, the pastry is quite good.

I chose the strawberry tart solely because it is the best looking tart there. Taste wise, it is nothing above edible.

I don't think I'll ever go back for any more cakes/tarts. They're just nice to the eyes but not really satisfying to the taste bud. :p

To the mother bear, Happy Mother's day! ;D

Friday, May 07, 2010

Winter Warmers - Gurney Plaza

I first came across this place during one of my early visits to Penang but because it is always full, I always have to fore go my intention of dining/drinking there. One faithful evening though, I manage to get a seat!

I absolutely love the interior of the place. Vintage English roses wallpaper and the very homey setting totally capture my heart. This is easily one of the most beautiful coffee/tea house I have ever been.

Judging from the place and the people that patronize the restaurant, I have always thought that the drinks and food served would cost me an arm and a leg. Surprisingly though, the price were very affordable. If my memory serve me right, the drink should cost nothing above RM 15.

I always have a thing for drinks with "flamboyant" names. Thus I went for the Night Shadow Iced Coffee (RM 9.90*). It's very much like a cup of Affogato - the only difference is that the coffee is cold. Made perfectly with the right amount of caffeine to neutralized the creamy vanilla ice cream. Nothing to complaint at all! :D

My friend went for a more common drink, Green Tea Ice blended. (RM 7.90*) I think it tasted alright. After all, nothing could really go wrong for a cup of green tea ice blended. heh.

The cake varies everyday and at the day of my visit, it was black forest cake. No hu-has, just a simple vanilla sponge cake sandwiched with blue berry cream. I have no expectation for the cake as it was only RM 4.50*. Still edible though. :)

Winter Warmers is also the only local place I know that serve hot drinks and food in authentic Fine Bone China porcelain pieces. If you're a fan of those "things", then this is the perfect place for you. They have really, really nice pieces.(at least in my eyes lah ;p)

Oh, you might wanna go during weekdays though. It's forever full house during the weekends.

*Prices are subject to government tax and service charge.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday, Jess! Thanks for always helping me with itu dan ini. :D Play safe (with or without the thunder beads) on your birthday night. Lol.

She also share the birth date with someone very special in my life, Misha. :D

Say happy birthday to both of them!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

How to Prepare American Breakfast

I've been waking up no earlier than 3 p.m ever since I got back and yesterday, I made a point to wake up slightly earlier yesterday to prepare myself a wholesome breakfast - something I really, really miss.

It's strange to say that one of the things I yearn to eat so much when I'm away from home is a perfect sunny side up. I'm really peculiar about my eggs. ;p Oh, the egg above is a double yolk egg!

To go with the sunny side up, I pan fried some chicken frankfurters, baby potatoes, carrot and french beans with butter and a small dash of black pepper.

I also pan fried some potatoes and to add some extra fats to my meal, I let a small piece of cheddar slice melt on the done tomatoes. :D

What's American breakfast without fresh juice? tee hee.

Life's a bliss :D

Oh ya, today I had Hainanese breakfast. Hehe.

Home is the heaven on earth!

Honey, I'm home

After spending most of my time sleeping for the past three days, I am back to update the blog! I have to be really honest though, I am still numb for the fact that I have finished uni (literally lah.)

Since I was to bring back my three years worth of junk , i was presented with the horror of having an excess baggage of 11kg! (That is even after me throwing boxes and boxes of things that still function perfectly!) It's an obvious decision that for a poor student like me, I chose not to pay for it. The nice MAS lady asked me to check in my initial hand luggage (it'll still be over by 3kg, but she said she'll give me grace for it) but since I didn't scan it, and the queue was so long , I decided not to.

I used to do weights so I didn't actually think the 14 kg hand luggage was unbearable. It was initially 18 kg - I had a 4kg dumbell confiscated by the customs. hmph! The real horror was when I was in the plane. I could barely walk in the plane with two heavy luggage! I was slowing the traffic and people were irritated by me! I know there are some travelers who travel with multiple luggage on board - but I don't do that. I am used to travel light so I really thought that was a bad experience and made up my mind that by all means, I am checking in my luggage when I touch down in KL.

and guess what, with a little sweet talk aka ass-kissing, I manage to check in all my luggages without paying for the excess baggage fee. Tee hee! :D

It's really, really good to be back home. :)