Saturday, January 01, 2011

2 0 1 0 - In A Nutshell

I've said this over and over again but 2010 literally flew by! Allow me to do some recap - just in case I suffer a memory loss in the middle of 2011! ;p

Nothing exceptionally interesting during the first quarter other than my visit to AirAsia Academy. If you've been a long reader of my blog, you would have read how I declare my love for aviation again and again so visiting the Academy was enlightening for me. They were one of those corporate people that are so easy to deal with. On the same trip, I also visited the Petronas sky bridge for the first time. Felt more Malaysian. Lol!

During the trip , I managed to stop by for coffee with my lecturer and the conversation went into things that were pretty private. It was refreshing to see views of "certain things" in the minds of people who are much older. He also still remained the best lecturer I've ever had!

One ritual I practiced during my university days was checking in hotel before my final examination. I re-visited Tune Hotels in April, after exactly a year from my last visit. It was rejuvenating! Ordered pizza and had a couple of beers while watching Couples Retreat!

In May, I bid goodbye to the lecture halls and sleepless nights. I don't miss going to lectures but as crazy as this may sound, I really missed doing assignments. It was a part of my tertiary education that I enjoyed.

I went to Penang in June for my internship and it was a new adventure of sort. But everyone who started their internship in June would agree with me when I say June was when time passed the slowest. It was as though as the clock stop moving!

In July, 23rd to be exact, I met TL*. It was one of the highlights of the year and I actually miss going gu gu ga ga over his text messages and how I would spent the whole night talking to him on the phone - only to end up like a zombie at work the next day. Haha.

August and September were pretty much passed by without me realizing. I do recall going on gastronomic journey searching for the best lunch place with my colleagues. It was probably the only part I enjoyed during my attachment.

October were somewhat an interesting month for me. Lets see! On the first day of October, I had the most amazing first date! It was nothing poshy. Just the two of us with a pint of beer each, resting on the couch and our hands never leaving each others skin, talking and enjoying the time.

I also made a trip to my alma mater after an early breakfast with TL*. A lot of things have changed and the teachers could hardly remember me! haha.

It was also in October, I bid goodbye to a friend I really care and adore. I don't think my feelings ever change but I made the decision - and I'm not one who grieve over my own decision. I've since been meeting new people.

I can't recall anything bizarre in November besides me having pork overdose on my birthday! Less than a week later when I had dinner with Huai Bin at Finnegan's, he ordered another pork knuckle and I swear at that point I don't want to see anymore pork knuckle ever! haha. Most of the nights in November were spent with me puffing shisha! Ah, i'm definitely gonna miss it! And of course the great company. Beng, I'm already missing you as I'm typing this!

I only started searching for jobs in December so three weeks was spent in KL attending interviews. I was lucky enough to secure a job after only going for interview in two MNCs. One told me I was too good for the job and another hired me. I'm blessed, really. Oh Oh, a female nurse also touched my breast in December. Lol!

My last hours of 2010 was spent having coffee with a friend before we adjourned for beers to usher the new year. It turns out to be a wrong decision because we were in the club of the wrong demographics and the whole atmosphere was a tad too weird - albeit an interesting sight. haha! p/s : Thanks for the company Christopher!

I'm leaving Kuching tomorrow and will start the beginning of 2011 stepping into the rat race. Hopefully everything works out well. :)

Happy New Year all!