Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Causeway Bay 2

I've been to this place many many times , so i decided to blog about it again.. ( Actually running out of place to blog.. please leave me a comment or email me if you any nice place to intro or if you want me to review your place.. thanks)

Baked Rice with Chicken in Twin Sauce

This baked rice has less cheese i think? The normal one that is serve on the bamboo case is nicer. I didn't like the taste of the tomato based sauce. I didn't try the white sauce part..

Tong Zai Rice

I chose the Chicken Rice with Salted Fish . I was expecting more salted fish aroma. The presentation's great tho. I was atrracted by how it was served.

A close up of the chicken. The chicken is a lil tasteless... They will taste a lot better if they actually marinate them.

The rice.. it's actually the same rice they use for the baked rice except this is much more oily. I just cant help but to think of how sinful it is every time i "scoop"(cant think of a better word to use) them in my mouth. Overall , i would somehow recommend this dish.. mayb the time i had it , i was kinda full.. i just wanted to accompany someone. =)

Ribena Lemon

It's nice. The lemon blends well with ribena! Very unique taste indeed!

Plum Juice

Just as i adore the Ribena Lemon , this is even better! This juice is the bomb! Order this when you guys go there ok? :P

I love this place! Incase you're new in my blog.. you can see my previous post on this place =D

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