Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A pause

No , "A pause" is not a name of any eating establishment. OK?

I'm putting a pause on my blog. I don't know how long .. but i guess i will blog when i've settled down in uni. I'm going to Universiti Utara Malaysia in Sintok , Kedah. One of the furthest uni for East Malaysians. and I will be taking Bachelor of Business Management with honours. I will be staying at their new dorm , Bukit Kachi 1.

I'm leaving in another 10 hours.. There is no direct flight to Kedah so i'll be stopping by at KLIA first.

I know i will have a BIG cultural shock there ...

- from a fully air-conditioned house to NON aircond place? *cough*

- from a private personal room to a shared hostel..

- from a Clean DRY - "smell-less" toilet to a toilet shared by i don't know how many people..

- from an easy access to car to public transport and walking..

- from cooking anytime to NOT ALLOWED to cook at all...

- from a plasma tv to ... mayb some small tv?



Anyway guys , wish me luck alrite? I will be back soon. Be Loyal to my blog please?!?!!?

nx week will be a hectic week .. Orientation!

Kedah food soon! HEH!

Hadapi dengan senyuman...
Semua yang terjadi , Biar terjadi..

Hadapi dengan tenang jiwa..

semua kan baik baik saja...

I am not strong. I am not a superwoman. But i'll pretend to be one.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant

It's located at Crowne Towers, and in case you're like me .. who always got mixed up with Crowne Plaza (thanks to "anonymous" for correcting me) , Crowne Towers is the one opposite Hock Lee. Heheh.. A place that served Hong Kong- Chinese food that is HALAL.

I'll say the design is damn modern and very "inviting". I love the place. Love it so much i came twice within a gap of 2 days.

I had an impromptu lunch with Jess and thought it was good so our farewell dinner was held here too. Farewell dinner for me , Jess , Jo and Sam. We'll be off to our own "path" soon. Few more days to be exact.

Had many things here....

Seow Mai RM 3.50

The seow mai is satisfactory. Edible. But it's nothing to be wow about.

Yam puff RM 3.50

The pastry is fluffy and crispy .. but i didn't quite like the filling. But i would recommend this one tho.. coz the pastry is really good.

Chicken Feet RM 3.50

The chicken feet also satisfactory and taste ok. Again it's nothing to rave about.

Egg Tart RM 3

The egg tart came popping hot... Indirectly making it taste twice better. The pastry's good too. Can try this one.

Sizzling Noodle with Chicken Chop
RM 6.90

The sizzling noodle is good. Comes with two choice of sauce which is mushroom and black pepper. The mushroom one is nicer. Good portion too. Worth it.

Deep Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Chicken
RM 7.90

This one doesn't look so appetizing when it came.. Honestly , it looks like some fried mixed vegetable. Hahah. But when i taste, damn impressed lo! The hor fun is "special" made for them i's square! Very crispy ..and with the sauce! Good good! Order this one!

Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Beef
RM 6.90

This one damn sad lohh... Looks like hui sing's RM 1.80 cha kueh tiau! So dissapointed when it came ok? Dunno why the beef don't taste like beef one.. taste more like pork??? DON'T ORDER THIS ONE!

Honey Milk RM 3.40

Jess said it tasted like coconut milk wor? I didn't try lahhhh... don't like milk~! and i don't know what's up with her drinking milk for dinner? LOL

Ying Yong Hong Kong Style RM 2.80

Ying Yong= coffee + tea + milk. Quite nice... heheh!

Jasmine tea RM 2.80

They all said taste normal.. Good portion. Very worth it. Nice vase-like glass too.

Plum Green Tea RM 3.20

Sumhow i think the green tea doesn't blend well with the plum they use? They should have use the red plum lah.. i didn't like it. But i like the jar-ish glass!

Highly recommended place.... !! They have wide range of toast too .. but i didn't have the time to try it.. A perfect place for reasonable priced breakfast , lunch and dinner! :) Service very good come very fast!

To Jo , Jess, Sam and Beng. .. All the best guys. Love you all. You guys are the best! Not forgetting Stef too! =)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Jantayu Black Pepper burgers

Located at Haji Taha, right in front of Jantayu Book Shop. Among the land marks are the AM bank building , the Chung Hua School(Sumwhere nearby Satok) and Sri Sarjana Haji Taha branch.

Been here before about few years ago and never thought it was great. But recently Sam has been raving bout this to me when i told him about my addiction for road side burgers. He told me the burgers here are the best. So , i thought why not try.. and maybe they have improved?

I went with extremely high expectation.Sam even told me that their beef patties are imported from Uruguay. *jaw drop* Price for normal ones are around RM 1.50- RM 1.70. The difference here is that the beef are most expensive than the chicken ones .. a total opposite from the normal stall burger.

I bought the beef burger. with extra sos of course. The burger was very small man!!! No cabbage!! No doubt, the patties are not red-dish like the normal ones and taste a little fresher. Oh , and the patty are dipped into the black pepper it has strong taste of black pepper sauce. The place was clean . Even the burger is wrapped nicely!

Conclusion is... i wont recommend this place. haha! I still prefer our normal stall burgers. More sauce , more cabbage.. more syiok-ness!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Nasi Goreng Nyonya Special

This is one of my favourite thing to cook.. a recipe i created myself! :)

What you need?

Rice of course , rite? haha. but i didn't take picture of the rice lah.. make sure the rice is cold yea?

Then, Lots of Cili padi ( i didn't wanna type "Bird's eye chili" Coz i juz dun like that word. hehe) , chili, bawang merah , garlic , dried prawns , and a tiny bit of belachan. Blend everything.

You'll also need this.

Fresh squids, Fresh prawns, Chinese shitake mushrooms (diced), salted mackerel (or other types of salted fish) , and another two bawang merah (sliced it ).. then fry the sliced bawang merah for garnishing later.

Two eggs .. fry them!

Fry them till they're 80 % cooked, cause later you're frying them again. Leave them aside first.

Then you fry everything! Start with the blended ingredients.. fry them for about 3 mins then add in the prawns.. DO NOT add in the squids together yea. coz later the squids will be overcooked. So , when the prawn's almost cook, add in the squid . Then the rice and egg.

Lastly add one tea spoon of oyster sau
ce , one table spoon of dark soy sauce and one tea spoon of light soy sauce and of course the inevitable salt and MSG.

Then fry .. fry fry.. and then wah la la!

This marks the last post on my cooking on this blog until September (Maybe?).. will tell you all about it some day! hehe! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Xuan Ye (Chinese Restaurant)

Located opposite Ala Carte's 24 hours convenient shop , this Chinese Restaurant is open for breakfast , lunch and dinner. It has the old-fashioned marble table and .. the typical Chinese Restaurant architecture. The sign board is yellow yea! The place got a lot of car.. kenot take pic!

Been here quite a number of times , and am quite satisfied with the food every of my visit. Price is rather reasonable too. All the food comes with a bowl of soup!

Claypot Chicken Rice RM 4.50

Claypot chicken rice is one of those God-send food , and i dont know why not many places in Kuching sells it! It's one of my favourite food ever since i first tasted it in Jalan Alor, KL! Aneway, the claypot chicken rice here is good. It has the perfect combination of all the "supposedly" taste, and enough amount of salted fish and chorizo sausage. The chix is too lil tho! Highly recommended!

Kampua mee RM 2.50 (i think)

The kampua mee looks quite sad. I wonder why Sucker Jo always order weird food. Haha.. The kampua mee comes with NO cha siew, and woot. comes with some lame fish balls and crab sticks. and the type of mee they use isn't the right one.

Chicken and Chinese sausage Rice
RM 3.50

The special thing about the rice here is that , it is steamed and not cook in a rice cooker. They're steamed in the soup bowl , and it makes the rice more fluffy and soft. Very special. This dish won't be my choice tho' , coz i don't take ginger. Bt if you do , this dish is good. Generous amount of chinese sausage and quite a big piece of chix.

Liang Cha RM 1.80

The drinks here all comes in a non-see-through-glass, so i took only one photo.. i like the liang cha here though. Not to bitter, just enough to cool me down. Hehe!

So , head down to this restaurant after movie in Star yeah! Cheap and good!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jubilee Ground (next to Chung Hua No.6 )

I'm quite sure locals would be quite familiar of this place .. Very packed during tea break.. and they have very limited seats too. Sorry , no pic of the place! totally forgotten bout it. Haha! The place is like a colloseum.. round. Haha.. Last time the place was quite run down and dark . Hehe.

This place has been there for quite some time, but just recently me , Sucker Jo and Jess started visiting regularly. We've (or rather Sucker Jo) had always love Song Kheng Hai.

This place, similar to Song Kheng Hai is popular for the VERY-FOUL smell Belachan Bee hoon and the " Ang Tau Chan Dut" (ABC-like).

The belachan bee hoon (Ah Kheng)
RM 2.20

I am a fan of belachan BUT i was NEVER a fan of belachan bee hoon. It's too smelly for my liking.. a bit sweet too. The one here is a lot more watery compared to the one in Song Kheng Hai .A lot cheaper oso! I don't like lah.. not nice and..i was forcing myself to eat.. didn't finish about 50 %. LOL. The presentation memang fail. Haha.

Ah Yeo's Ang Tau Chan Dut RM 1.50
This is advertorial! LOL.

I was taking pictures and this old man asked me .. " you got blog issit?".. i said .. "yes".. and i just randomly asked him if he wants to treat me coz i tapau-ed for my mum.. and he said " this one.. chia you". HOHOHO! feels like a BIG BLOGGER for a moment!

But , not because i was paid to write this .. but the Ang Tau Chan Dut is really GOOD!!! The cendol is tangy ... the red bean is sweet.. and omg.. it's nice!with the coconut milk again! omg! THE BEST in KCH!

Rojak from the middle stall RM 2

The rojak is very normal .. the very "traditional" rojak. But the cucumber is way too much man.. and the "mengkuang".. aiyo .. chew till my mouth so tired. haha.. somemore one of the workers look like a bit mentally retarded. Ok , i'm not bias, just i thought it wasn't a good side? I won't recommend this one.

Ang Tau Chan Dut from the middle stall
RM 1

(same stall with the rojak's) It's ridiculously cheap! haha! 3 of us was kinda shock when he say it's RM 1! lol! Taste oso lousier lo... it 's not rich.The stall oso dirty! So pay 50 cents extra for Ah YEo's!

I would prefer this place over Song Kheng Hai loh! Song Kheng Hai need to pay coupon oh! this one is free parking.. Hehe! Again the..Ah Yeo's Ang Tau Chan Dut is damn good! Order the one with coconut milk ok?! Say i intro one! Thankiuk!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Glutinous Rice Dumpling ( Bak Chang )

Today , is the Dragon Boat Festival. I've heard a lot about the legend behind it , but i'm not quite sure which one is the right one. I wont write a lot about for this post , coz i really don't know much bout the festival. (Readers , if you know bout the legend , tell me yea? )

The traditional Rice Dumpling

It's glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in a different kind of Pandan Leaves (nt the one where u cook syrup one) or many would prefer the bamboo leaves.. and there's meat , mushrooms and chestnut inside. Very nice. Hehe!

The "Kee Chang"

There's 2 kind . One with filling and one without. I personally prefer the one with filling especially if it's red bean paste. The one without filling is nice to eat with honey or golden syrup.

The Peanut "chang"

and many many other "chang" that i didn't have chance to take pictures!

Happy Eating Bak Chang Everyone!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

919 cafe (Seng Goon Garden)

This place is very near my house... I almost can walk there. I said ALMOST! haha! Most of the time i "tapau" so ... i never really get to blog about this place. But , i'm definitely a regular patron here. Anyway , it's located at an old building in Seng Goon Garden. Find the indoor basketball court , and you'll know where is this place.

I know the picture above is not a good one to show where is it located.. coz when i was taking this photo , a man was waiting to park at my place and it kinda caused a freeze in the traffic. They are popular for the asam fish ..but i've never tried it? Friends who know me knows i don't normally eat seafood outside.

I've tried more than half of their menu ...this are a few that i find good.

Tomato Kueh Tiaw RM 3.50

The tomato kueh tiau here is the best in Kuching! It's sour ,salty and sweet! Just like how tomato kueh tiaw should taste. The portion is lesser compared to other places, but man, who cares? It's good! Comes with marinated chix, fresh squids and prawn. They have the noodles and bee hoon version too. Best eaten with their soy sauce chili. Spicy, salty,sour and salty- All in one babeh!

Foochow Noodles RM 3.50

This isn't exactly my favourite. But it's not bad there.. just that it's a bit waterish. The Sucker Jo likes it. haha!

Butter Chicken Rice RM 4.50

The Butter Chicken Rice here is THE BEST! The butter sauce is cooked with shredded curry leaves so it has this really good aroma. Man , i feel like eating it now dy! You have a choice of chicken , pork and fish! :) Must try this one! Damn good! [RM 5- Pork, RM 6 -Fish]

Mushroom Pork Leg (served in claypot)
RM 3.50

The mushroom pork leg is also one the favourites there. The picture above doesn't shows the supposedly pork leg.. coz Sam ordered the loin part. Heheh.

Buah Kedondong Juice + Asam Boi RM 2

This place is where I 1st taste buah kedondong juice. It's really good and many tell me it's the best in Kuching. You can see most diners order this drink not only when eating there but they actually "tapau-ed" too. It's so good , that one is not enough! :P

Wheat Grass C RM 1.80

This is pretty normal lah. It's just wheat grass + evaporated milk. But i like how the taste blend. So special.

Teh Peng RM 1.40

I'm a hard core fan of teh peng and i order it almost any where , every where , any time! And , i'll vote this one as the BEST teh peng! ( excluded 3 layer ones) Their teh peng is not only added with condensed milk.. but they mix both evaporated milk and condensed milk. So the teh c peng and teh peng here is the same.

Fresh Lime + Asam Boi RM 2

The lime is blended but it doesn't have the bitter taste. I don't really like ordering Fresh lime in coffee shops coz they tend to have the bitter-ish taste. This one is just good.

Other good eats here are the Thai Chicken rice, Salad Chicken Rice and Sweet and Sour chicken rice. They have fast food as well during lunch hour at very reasonable price.

Everything is perfect here. The "tau ke" is extremely polite , the workers are nice and the coffee shop is CLEAN! The only laid back is that never come here when you're about to famished and collapse from hunger. Waiting 20 minutes or more is the norm here~!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tagged by Sadistic Stef!

[A is for age:]+ 19+++

[B is for beer of choice?]+ Heineken. But i don't drink much? hehe

[C is for career:]+ job: chef in Hilton (yeala..laugh .. go ahead and laugh.. HAHA!)

[D is for your dog's name:]+ Bruno

[E is for essential item you use everyday:]+ uhmm.. item? HP i guess

[F is for favorite song at the moment:]+ Hadapi Dengan Senyuman- Dewa

[F is for food you want]+ *cough* HUGE BURGERS

[G is for favorite games:]+ bejeweled , pizza frenzy, yahoo on9 pool

[H is for hometown:]+ The city with the big cat statue!

[I is for instruments you play:]+ *sobzz* NON

[J is for favorite juice?:]+ Guava

[K is for kids?:]+ i have one on the way. haha!

[L is for last hug?:]+ Erm.. just now. Virtually from Jaron! LOL

[M is for malls:]+ Mid valley !! YAY!

[N is for name of your love:]+ Jess, Stef , Beng ,Jo, Sam, JARON and KOO KIEN KIAT! haha

[O is for overnight hospital stays:]+ 9 nights for mummy's operation... it was cold and freaky. haha!

[P is for phobias:]+ height and GHOST!

[Q is for quote:]+ Always start your day with determination , and end it with satisfaction!

[R is for your race:]+ I'm pure Cina!

[S is for status:]+ Married.. rem i say i have a baby on the way ?:P

[T is for things you like:]+ Panties, Tshirt , Pedicures, Adidas, Pink stuff

[U is for underwear:]+ with nice corny words.. juz like how i like my tees to be! :P

[V is for vegetable you love:]+ asparagus and bidin

[W is for worst habit :] + lazy

[X is for x-rays you've had:]+ never had.

[Y is for yummyfood you make:]+ rem i said im a chef? :P

[Z is for zodiac sign:]+ I'm sagitarius but i don't believe in horoscopes. You know how when you get excited reading your forecast horoscopes saying your day will be as great as anything but u ended up feeling like shyt the whole day? hehe

I am tagging Chef Fergile!

Happy Birthday Vero!

I went out for an early birthday dinner for Vero last 2 days. Being an understanding friend i am ( Tee Heeee) , i knew she would be busy with her family and sweetheart Lawrence on the exact date so i celebrated early with her. Chinese has this superstitious thinking of not celebrating birthday late.. so better make it early! :P

We went to Jade Pot Tea House located along the shops of Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi (formerly , Jalan Keretapi) .. A taiwan concept restaurant.. almost similar to Taipei 101. The only difference is that the waiters and waitress here do not shock you with the "Huang Yin" and "xie-xie" thing. They have a smashing yellow signage so it's hard not to notice them. :)

What did we have?

Vero's Mysterious Rice

HAHA! I forgot to ask her what she order. HAHA! she told me it's nice .. and she finish eating everything? so , should be nice!

Pork Chop Noodle

This one is nice!!!! The pork chop is HUGE! :P The pork chop is superb! The mee is mix with a lil maggi sauce and it's not oily at all! But .. hw i wish if it's mix with chilli oil instead~!! :P

Wantan in Chilli Oil

The wantan taste alright.. but i thought it is supposed to be spicy rite? Why this one is salty and has the sweet edge? So weird.. they must have herd my order wrongly. Hehe!

Sundrop Ice

Taste like Sundrop Orange i guess? Van's! You know how people like to think Sundrop is just orange juice? Just like how people think all containers is Tupperware? So weird.

Vero's mysterious Drink

Hahah.. i can't remember the name lahh! But she told me it's nice! Looks like diluted beer hor? hehe!

Pearl Milky Tea

The pearl is soooo rubberish!! The tea taste alright lah. I still prefer the one near Southern Cake House! :P

The place is usually packed on peak hours ESPECIALLY during lunch.. They have another one in town .. that's nearby the old tourism complex. Food are very reasonably price! Go visit there la k? :P

Anyway .. Vero, this is for you!