Friday, June 26, 2009

How to make butter mushrooms

It's a super easy dish and only four ingredients are needed! This is also the exact same recipe that the shop/restaurants used for their butter chicken and butter pork.

First, you need, oyster mushrooms. Some call it abalone mushrooms. Regardless of how you call it, it should look like this.

Evaporated milk. It is not to be mistaken as condensed milk. Condensed milk is a lot thicker and because of its extreme sweetness, it is not commonly use in cooking.


Curry leaves.This is obligatory and must not be skimmed in order to give a nice aroma to the butter and evaporated milk concoction later.

Frying batter is prepared by mixing corn flour, cooking oil and water. It should be a ratio of 8 : 1 : 2.

Then deep fry the battered mushrooms.

Leave it aside first.

Melt five table spoon of butter with a tea spoon of cooking oil under low heat. Because butter tend to burn really quickly ( if not almost instantly!), mixing it with another oil will prevent it from being dry and burnt. At the same time, put in the chopped curry leaves.

Once butter is melted, pour in the evaporated milk. Not too much, about a quarter cup of a normal mug size.

Then continuously stir it till it thickens. It must not be too thick because you should leave a little room for the gravy to thicken while you put it the fried mushrooms.

Finally, put in the fried mushroom and let the butter gravy coat the mushrooms.

Viola! Done!

Crispy, Creamy and tasty!

A little warning! Even though this is an easy meal to prepare and not to mention extremely tasty, this is not a meal you wanna cook everyday unless you want to be obese. ;p

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heart Shaped Pancake

This is for you, ahbing. ;p

He wrote me a very sweet reply. Here it is.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A pronto breakfast

I love cooking from scratch but a little part of me still love the food from Chef Boyardee era. Especially on days when I wake up feeling lazy and want something quick.

Nothing can wrong with sausages! Kids love it, Adults love it too! ;p

It's not obligatory to have burger buns to go along with your patties. You can eat it just like that!

Put both in the oven or pan fry it. The former is a lot healthier!

Baked beans is my all time favourite food. The one by Heinz is a lot better than the locally produced ones.

While the sausages and patties are in the oven , prepare the half boil egg.

It's not exactly an ultimate breakfast since it's fast food (except for the half boil egg) and it contains lots of trans fat. But once in a while, i reckon it wont hurt much. ;p

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A hainanese affair

Hainanese breakfast is one of the tastiest yet easiest breakfast to prepare. Not only that , it can keep you full till lunch time!

Toast is almost essential in a hainanese breakfast. I love my toast slightly brown, crispy but not overly crispy that it breaks when you bite it.

If you prefer the sandwich toast, toast a thicker bread and slice them into half. It taste better like this, instead of toasting two thin slices of bread.

My old time favorite toast is the sugar and butter toast. A knob of good old Golden Churn and lots of sugar.

Of course, toast alone is not gonna make you full. Have two half boiled egg to go along with your toast!

However if you prefer to start your day with something savoury, go for the luncheon meat + egg toast.

First, cut the luncheon meat into thick slices. You can either pan fry them or put them in the oven.

Then, prepare a basic omelette.

Spread some mayonaise on the slightly toasted bread and viola!

A closer shot!

And finally, no hainanese breakfast is complete without a good cup of coffee. ;p

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cheese and Tea

I haven't been frequenting any cafe but this has got to be one of the latest eateries in Kuching. I stumbled upon this place while driving and decided to give it a try a few days ago.

It has a very simple and neat interior. Nothing flashy.

Their food variety were rather limited - Only pasta and rice. I was there for lunch and I didn't think pasta would suit my Asian palatte so I went for rice.

I went for the beef rice. There were a few options of sauce to go with and I opted for the safer option, black pepper. The beef are only sealed and it came almost rare. I was a bit sceptical of eating the meat at first because of the doubt I was having on the freshness of the beef. But since it was only a few pieces, I finished it.

The friend went for Lemon Chicken rice. The chicken was nicely fried and the sauce was good too. But for the portion of the chicken, RM 5.50 is quite a hefty price to pay.

It also came with a bowl of soup that taste pretty much like tap water. ;p

As the name of the shop suggests, the drinks options were only tea. There were about 10 flavoured tea to choose from and I went for passion fruit tea. Besides having bits of coconut jelly, there's nothing to shout about the tea.

Other than the almost rotten lettuce as a garnish, I don't have much to complaint on the food side. The major setback of this restaurant was the plates, bowls and glass were plastic. A major faux pas for me. ;p

I think it's quite hard for them to stay in the business (I'm not cursing them) The varieties were way too limited and the food were just edible. There wasn't anything spectacular and it was nothing more than filling your growling tummy.