Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jase's Tea Room

If you're looking for a nice place to chill and chat with your friends , this might be the place. Located at Premier 101 with ample of parking ;p

The architecture's beautiful .

Extremely cozy and they have wi-fi too.

The lights was really dim so it's quite difficult to get a nice shot of the drinks. You gotta order your drinks from the bar - so don't wait for someone to take your order ;p

Like many other cafe's , they'll serve you a small glass of plain water.

Vanilla Latte RM 9.50

It tasted very much like nescafe ;p

Classic Chocolate RM 8.50

Vero said it tasted alright but it had too much ice - which was true coz i was halfway sipping my drinks and she has finish her's! :P

Black Forest Cheesecake

I'm not so sure how much the cake cost coz i had 15% discount. The cake was satisfactory and nothing to rave about.

I had it take away and the box was really nice!

I would definitely be a regular patron here if i'm in Kuching but unfortunately most of the time i'm not here :(

By the way, they're only serving finger foods , so don't go there with an empty stomach.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to make Kaya

Kaya is like jam for us, Malaysians and yours truly is a big fan of kaya.

I don't like those over-commercialised ones like the ones from Gardenia or High Five coz they tend to be too sweet. The ones sold in our local bakery are usually good enough to satisfy my tastebuds but recently,the price of everything seems to go up and the quality isn't that good anymore.

So, Chef Mel decided to make her own kaya! Armed with a cook book that was older than me! :P


You need sugar. About 300g - You can add more if you're a sweet tooth or lose some if you're diabetic.

5 Eggs, 4 pandan leaves and about 1 biji of coconut.

Beat sugar and egg till they mixed well.

After that, pour in the coconut milk till it mix well.

Then sift it so that your kaya won't be so kasar.

Put on double boil, and constantly stirring it for the first 15 minutes.

Then leave it without stirring at very low heat for about 4 hours.

Ta-da! Kaya!

The whole process was so easy although it's a bit time consuming! I'm making some more tomorrow ! yay!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Egg Tarts

I'm a sucker for egg tarts but i'm really picky when it comes to egg tarts.Most places had too much pastry on. oh ! and I like the puff pastry egg tarts rather than the normal butter pastry.

Jusco Midvalley is the place for the best egg tart. The stall is just right outside the main door for the groceries ( the part they sell wines and bacons ). They also have a variety of pastries other than the egg tarts.

and it obligatory for me to buy at least a dozen back to Kuching every of my visit there. They have two types - the normal one and the butter egg tarts. Both taste awesome!

It's really damn, damn good! ooh la la!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Chicken Rice Shop

Ever since i first tasted the chicken rice in Midvalley, i've always wanted them to open one branch here in Kuching. After a few years of waiting, they finally open one in Kuching!

The interior of the place is a lot like a children's party is going on. Hehe.

The ugly chicken basket that they have in all their outlets in peninsular. The cutlery was really dirty that even after you wipe with the tissue again and again, it's still dirty!

I went with Vero a few nights ago. We took quite a while to order coz the menu was .. shall i say a bit confusing? and their single set was too huge for one person yet isn't enough for two.

Noodles with sliced chicken RM 8.90

The noodles they use is the home made egg noodles. It was VERY oily that i thought they had an evil intention of getting my arteries blocked! Hrmphf! The chicken was tasteless and i'm so sure it was overnight.

Chicken Rice RM 6.90

On the opposite, Vero's food was fine. She said it was good and her chicken (sounds wrong eh?) looks better! A lesson learnt : Chicken Rice shop order chicken rice only!

The rice looks good too ;p

Both the food came with a bowl of soup and the chili.

The soup had too much msg. Bad for health!

The chili on the other hand was good. But if you're going to kiss your boyfriend after eating, don't eat it coz it'll leave you with bad breathe.

Teh Tarik RM 3.90

They never asked me if i wanted it cold or hot and unfortunately it is hot (which i hate).

There was huge difference with the KL's branch. Lousy. Don't want to come here anymore! Go to Delicious Chicken Rice!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bombastic Cafe

Bombastic is not a new eating establishment and i guess it's not new to Kuching-nites too. But, i only manage to step my foot there recently with an old schoolmate of mine.

The interior is the normal funky-coloured-chairs thing.. I would categorized it as very IKEA-ish ;p

My friend had :

Fish and Chips RM 8.80

I didn't try but she said it's good. Generous portion for the price you pay.

While i had :

Black Pepper Lamb Chop RM 10.50

It was surprisingly good, juicy and not over-cooked. The gravy was nice as well.

Alice in Wonderland RM 4.50

This is soursop + peppermint. I didn't like it coz i find the taste coz the mint tasted a lot stronger than the soursop so it's like drinking tooth paste ? :P

Strawberry and Vanilla RM 4.50

My friend said it's good.

The only drawbac of this place is that the salad is served with frozen mixed vegetables - something i hate. It makes the food looks cheap ! Otherwise , the service was great, food well presented ,reasonable-priced and the ambience was alright. ;p

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Two Bananas

The two bananas is yet another new eating establishment. I was attracted by the name so i gave them a try ;p

The place is still rather new. Thus, the emptiness.

The waiter is really nice and he's from my former high school ;p

Sweet and sour chicken rice

Jess said it's nice.Looks nice to me too. hehe

Mongolian Chicken noodles

I didn't like the combination of creamy chicken and kolo mi noodles. But it's edible ;p

Lime Barley

Teh Peng

I was really thirsty so i drank a lil before snapping ;p The drinks are however really lil and diluted.

The place serves no pork, and the food is reasonable priced. Oh, they have wi-fi too and ample of parking. Give them a try if you're out of place to go ;p

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Delicious Chicken Rice

I spotted this place kinda long ago but didn't had the chance to try it. So recently i went with Jess.

It takes a lot of guts to be putting your shop with the name "Delicious" so i guess they are really sure that their chix rice is really good.

They have a nicer layout on the 2nd floor above or you can opt for the normal one below.

We had :

Steam Chicken ( and an egg)


BBQ Chicken

The rice

It was really nice! Really nice!

The sauce and soup

The sauce was ok but the soup was a bit tasteless.

Liang Teh

Very pahit wo! If u health conscious, can drink this la!

Teh C Peng

Jess' ;p

All this cost us RM 13.80 ONLY!
I will definitely come back here!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Food and Tea Hong Kong ( The Spring )

After meeting Dr. Sheikh (the Malaysian angkasawan), i brought Jess to this place for her birthday dinner.

This place has quite a number of franchises in KL. I don't think it's popular tho ;p

I like the architecture! Modern and simple.

They gave me a good impression the 1st minute i stepped in. But the next minute I was so turn off when i saw the waiter was yawning while serving. There was a number of waiters but they took so long to get our orders even after me waving!

We had :

Stir Fried Nissin Noodles with Beef RM 7.90

It was very oily and i doubt they really use Nissin noodles.

Buttered Chicken Diced with Rice RM 8.20

Jess said, " The rice is really hard and it tasted more like mushroom soup." Plus, the chicken is not diced, and the rice was really hard!

BB grass jelly RM 2.80

Jess' , didn't try ;p

Tea in Hong Kong style with Grass Jelly RM 3.50

It was alright.

The food is definitely overpriced for the portion and taste.

Not recommended!