Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Solstice - Dong Zhi

So , today is another Chinese Festival to celebrate and feast on..

When there's any Chinese Festive going on .. the market will be full of this Chinese Cup cakes.

It irritates me a lot when people ask me if i celebrate Chinese Traditional Festival . Harlow? I'm a Christian , but that's my religion. It has NOTHING to do with my race! I'm a pure Chinese. Stop asking me or any Chinese - Christian! Damn it!

Anyway , leave that aside. On this very day, we eat the round-round tang yuen. It's my favourite Chinese Festival and the only one that i'm involve in the preparation.

Last time , my mum used to make really tiny cute ones. This year she lazy so .. it's kinda ugly. I made the red ones!

This is the cooked round round tang yuen! The two colours resembles the theory of yin and yang that brings a philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos. The shape - round symbolizes reunion.

And , according to the Chinese calendar , today is the longest night of the year. So , you can have sex extra long tonight! Heh!


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