Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Isabella Cafe... oooh la la!

** Pictures are obviously taken with SEK610i
This post is a little different, cause this is just a review of the place... went this place 2 days ago..havent tasted any food there besides the milk tea and french fries.

*** the guy on the pic below was my dining companion btw :)

very beautiful.. got man made pebbles again :P

so beautiful.. all got the thin layer curtain.

By the way , it's situated just opposite Day Dream.

Later I ended the night with a stroll at Friendship Park and Hockien Garden.

Perfect night out with the right person .. and the one who I have A lot of things to talk with. Hell lot!

Suka lah that placeeee :P Im goin there again very soon !!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Taipei 101

**pictures taken with SEK610i.

This is quite a long overdue post. I didnt wanna blog bout this place at 1st coz i found out it's quite overrated in the blogsphere . Somehow , i found a lot of ppl dont know about this place? Either the blogs i read are un-popular or , the place is too deserted.

Situated in RH Plaza BDC , just beside Expert Food Court. The colour theme is orange .. and the atmosphere in the restaurant is very alive. I thought it was simple and neat.

They're taiwanese based restaurant that served taiwanese food (d'uH), so you're SOOO gonna expect the LOTS of "huang-hin-huang-hin-xie-xie" greets from all the workers thr. SO annoying , can?

What i've tried there?

Ma La Mien RM3.50

The Signature dish for taiwanese restaurant. Well , the 1st time i tasted it, it's really nice and spicy. but now, it kinda like..."turun grade" ? the mee's overcooked and not spicy at all. oh yea, like every other place you can choose your level of spicyness. I like mine to be the spiciest.
Ratings : 7/10

Beef Noodle RM5

The beef noodle is different from the one we normally eat. It's a lil spicy and served with preserved vege (kiam chai). I don't really like it coz they use cold-storage beef. so it's a lil too hard and dry.And, the soup's a lil too strong. ohh.. the beef noodle doesn't have bull's penis in it. LOL. Ratings : 5/10

Beef Tanghoon RM 5

Taste the same like the beef noodle to me. Just that this one uses glass noodle. Ratings : 5/10

Pork Chop Rice RM5

Plain rice served with VERY THIN pork chop and VERY LAME vege and one tasteless egg? But this one is not bad la.edible. except the portion is very lil lah.. oh yeah , it is served with a bowl of soup :)
Ratings : 7/10

Dumplings RM 4 (for 8)

This is the best there!! i love ! i love! they have two choices of fillings which is chives and cabbage. Then u dip it into the balsamic +ginger +garlic. oooh ORGASMM!!
Ratings : 10/10 (woot woot!)

Fried Oyster RM 4

This is recomended by my fren , Chef Beng. Oklah.. the portion is pathetically little. very d funny when i saw it. Haha.
Ratings : 8/10

Taiwanese Sausage RM 2.50

This one is good. But the idea of eating with the fresh garlic is very very ridiculous. i tried , (advised by Huai Bin), but i thought it taste the same. I wonder if they "recycle" the garlic..since i don't think many would eat it? If i'm not mistaken the sausage is made themselves. The meat is filled into the pork intestine.. and then viola - porkie sausage :P
Ratings 8/10

Ice Lemon tea (not sure of the price)

looks a bit like beer... heh~! taste oK. normal. :P

Taiwan Milk Tea RM3

This one is syioK. syiOk.syioK. good! :P But too much ice ler. suck suck few times finish liau :(
Ratings :9/10

If you never go , can go there and try try la ya :P

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A post with a twist :P

*pics taken with SEK610I
Baru baru ni kan, Sugarbun ada burger baru. Baru Je "launch" 2 hari lalu. burger sate.Burger ala-ala Malaysia la tu.. Sugarbun tu restoran makanan segera yang ada kat sabah dan sarawak ajer.

Hari tu kan.. lepas mereka launch ajer , saya dah cuba. kebetulan ajer lalu di situ. Pelayan tu asyik "mengembar-gemburkan" burger Sate mereka. saya pun cuba lah.

harga agak berpatutan kalau order combo punyer. RM 4.80 ajer untuk burger ngan teh 3 layer. Untuk pembaca semenanjung , teh 3 layer tu.. minuman "istimewa" kat Kuching. Teh tu ada buboh gula melaka. syiok giler.

ini la gambar burger tu.

rasa burger tu boleh tahan la. daging ayam tu rangup sikit sikit. satay sos pun letak agak banyak. daging ayam juga agak tebal.

nila minuman teh 3 layer tu. memang kegemaran i la. i suka giler minuman ni.

burger ni memang boleh cuba. hari tu kan, lepas makan satu set kat restoran , i tapau lagi tau. so memang guarantee sedap punya. :P

Friday, April 20, 2007

Memories Cafe , BDC

For those of you who thought there's ONLY ONE Memories in town , you're wrong. They have another one in BDC which specialises more on Chinese Food . An opposite from the one in town that serves more western cuisine.

The one in BDC is quite easy to spot , it's just beside TAKA cake house. The interior - VERY SAD. Looks like a coffeeshop with dim lighting. Not much tables tho.

I was served by this FAT waiter who has quite a gud PR. Too good that i got annoyed. He was telling us every single food they have is the best and everything is so popular and EVERYONE LOVES IT. Because of him raving to much about the food , at that point i knew he was just bullshyting AND i was 90% SURE , the food will turn out shyts.


What we ordered?

Lemon chicken

this is the best among the rest of the food we ordered that night. or rather the most edible one.

Butter Prawns

i've no idea my frens ordered this one. I dun eat prawns outside , UNLESS i'm sure they are fresh. So this one not only sucks ,each one of us , can only get like ONE blardy prawns!!! and this thing cost RM 12!!!!!!!!!!!! Na beh ar!

Chinese spinach with oyster sauce

Dunno how it taste like. Don't like this vege. so i din try. Shud sucks like the rest.

Tofu with some minced pork in BANJIR sos!

ohh this one looks soo not appetizing. the soup's like overflow from the plate.. looks dirty to me. taste normal la. like the coffeeshop 's fast food one. but again the presentation makes me wanna puke.

fried wantan (12 pieces)

taste .. okla. but the prawn's not fresh so it kinda has the "smell". and stupid waiter told us to order like 2 sets? and again , he CLAIMED EVERYONE CAME AND ORDER TWO SETS. bullshyt.

Not only does the food sucks , i was already VERY TURN OFF by the way they are serving. They serve NO PLATES , NO CUTLERY UNTIL ALL THE FOOD CAME. Means we can only drool at all the food that came 1st until all of the one we ordered came .If we order 10 kinds , HOW? got this kind of serving mer? Ok , if that's not enough , asking them to get one plate can take one century.

and like i said above, they said (yes , we listened only ) all of it come in big portion. my foot. give my cat eat also barely enough!The rice is like 4 table spoon only??????

AND all these coffeeshop-standard food cost me RM 49!!!

i forget to say , that it was my friend's birthday that night. and , yours truly bake a cake for the birthday girl~!

original Boston cheesecake :)

My friends said it tasted good. (Anybody wanna order? :P RM 28, PURE CHEESE.assured.taking orders for mother's day :P)
orang kuching ajer ya... the "happy b'day" thing lookS so ugly. but that's the only one in the shop. the rest all chinese words one. i don't dare to get those in chinese words, afraid i get smtg like" happy annivesary" or smtg worse. HAHA.

With the dull music they put , (i swear my dad's opera song is better), it kinda make us felt bored even tho we're always the one known of being loud and crazy!Atmosphere does makes a difference okay?

i went home right after the dinner , feeling bored and HUNGRY!

Don't go this place. Memories in town is highly recommended tho. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


*all these pics are taken with SE K750I.
Otak -Otak is quite popular in Malaysia especially among the Malays. while only a handful of chinese knows about it. however,I am not quite sure of whether it's the traditional food for the Malays or Nyonya.If you do not know what otak-otak is , it's fish brain. hah! i'm just kiddin! it's actually , turmeric flavoured FISH cakes served on "nibong" leaves.

It has been my favourite since i taste it for the 1st time. i don't normaly do it myself tho because of the many "ma-fan" process. I usually settle with the one selling outside ,but most of the time my parents wouldn't allow me to eat the one outside coz they're not using fresh fishes. And YES, fresh fish makes a difference!

Because my dad went fishing few days back , my dad managed to catch few 1 metre long mackerelles. Yeap , one metre! im not wrong :) they're fat and long! :P

so , because i've been craving for otak-otak fo
r sometime, and the ones outside just sucks, i decided to do otak otak . here's the process :

600 g mackerelles. minced. (be smart , us
e the electric chopper!

Then , you'll need "lengkuas", "kunyit", red onion , garlic, lemon grass , dried chillie and fresh chillie. Blend everything together. then pour it on the minced fish. later , add salt, sugar, and msg to taste.

After stirring everything together, they should look like this.add a bit of coconut milk .stir everything again :)

Then you'll need the "Nibong" leaves. Cut them to the size u wanted , and clean them with water. Can use "atap" leaves of coconut leaves too. But "nibong" leaves are the original one. Or if u cant find any of it , juz use aluminium foil lah!

You need two leaves to wrap the otak-otak. One of it , do like the pic below. then take another one , slip one side down the leave with the 1st one juz now , and another side above the otak -otak. then stapler it.

The not yet "panggang" otak otak! I made 50 of them!!

The "panggang" process! I did it using a bbq pit , but you can use the oven as well. I juz didn't quite like using oven coz it tend to have a lil "wap" in the otak-otak . The weather was really hot that day , and i was sweating like anything!! but , ohhh.. the goodness of the otak otak -priceless!

this is the done otak-otak!

and this is how it looks like! fat , and fresh big piece of otak otak!!!

omg ! so otak licious!!!!!!! :P

Makanlah otak -otak untuk menjadi manusia berotak!!!!

i am back :)

i will be back , in 24 hours.

stay tuned~!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

'm taking a break from bloggg

sad .

break for 5 days.

dun worry , i'll be good.

alive and kicking.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nugget ada power punya!

***photos are rather blur.. cause i juz woke up that time. LOL

The previous post was .. alphabet fries! So this time.. i have alphabet nuggets!

They claimed it is cheese and tomato flavoured... HMMMM.. so they claimed. I taste no cheese , thr's tomato flava tho. The basil was rather strong. For a while i thought im munch
ing bolognese.

I must give them props for making it so appetizing looking..! :P Each of the nuggets is quite big.. but i do think that the pack is rather small .. for the price of RM6.50. They're from Ayamas , buatan Badawi. whoops!hoho! They're barangan buatan Malaysia!

I still have no idea why they are call ... "power nuggets" tho.. i just hope desperate impotent guys .. wont think tat the nuggets will make their dickies more powerful! HAHA!

**** selamat bercuti lah-ling JESS!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Letter's Bites!

Yesterday , when i almost mati at home , i decided to go jalan-jalan nearby my Huz. And... and...and i bought this at the cold storage nearby...

Product of Netherlands , RM 5 ONLY!
very de exciting kan? french fries got letters punya!

Then u put in the .. hot hot oil! and viola~!

Popping hot Golden brown alphabet fries!

even better.. if u love someone .. can write msg wo! If bf do for gf... damn schhhhweeet ar! ...till got ants crawling!
so this one i do for my lah ling lo.. lah ling Jess!

Yes, i'm a lesbian. NOT!~ :P

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Friday, April 06, 2007

Seoul Garden

Open several years ago but never realli gain any publicity until recently when they decided to advertise. It's situated at Central Park , behind Astro HQ. They are specialising in Korean Food and the chef is pure Korean too.

They have two lots , one equipped with air conditioned and one is not. Their interior is ok...with the korean poster , korean traditional clothings and also showing korean movies. Somehow i think the miniature korean clothings is kinda freaky. HAHA.

I personally think the picture above look like i'm attending some korean funeral. LOL.

What did i tried?

Ttuk Bulgogi RM 15

This is marinated beef cooked on some stone bowl. (not claypot tho') . The well-marinated beef is cooked in many kinds of vege which i couldnt quite identify besides the leeks. Comes with rice , and four "lame" side dishes which is fish cake , bean sprout ,kimchi and some spinach-like vege. The kimchi was good tho. Was never a fan of kim chi but this one isn't too strong , and spicy! :P

The bean sprout is of the bigger version. Not nice.

and the rice is served in a stainless steel bowl.
overall , i'll give them 6/10 .

Jjambong RM 10

This is spicy soup noodle. It was good. Very spicy with thick korean flavour. Served with a prawn which is NOT FRESH at all , squids and vege which is more or less like the one in the marinated beef. I'll rate them 7/10

Honey Lemon lime RM1.50

This is one of my fav drinks outside whenever im sick of teh peng .. and i must say this is one the best. They use "kum quat".. which was not bitterish. Good. Double thumbs up!

I dont really know how to comment on their food.. but what i think was , it was not too good . but wasn't bad either. It's edible. :)

Everything was satisfactory.. i just had problem with their CUTLERY!!!

The chopsticks was flat.. ! Luckily i ordered rice .. so it wasnt so bad. But, my rice was "flying" here n thr... ! argh.. to some point i feel like eating with my hands! Somehow i thought the spoon was good coz it's LONG, means if you're sharing, you can easily spoon other ppl's food over :P

The highlight was.. i wanted to try this korean barley .. so i was asking my mom and then suddenly the waitress interupted and said it's made of rice...here's the conversation.

Waitress : itu air dia macam nasi punya...
Chef Mel : woot. *changes mind directly* sedap kar?
Waitress : Tak sedap .
Chef Mel : Macam mana taste?
Waitress : Tak Tahu lah. Jangan Cuba!

Omg. if im the owner im seriously gonna fire her. but if im a customer , i'll be glad to have such honest and straight forward waitress.. :P

Thursday, April 05, 2007

6 weird Eating habits

because i see so many tag-lai-tag-ki around .. so i decided to create one myself.

ofcuz chef Mel .. must create something related to food rite? :P

so here goes my 6 weird eating habits

1. I cant stand ppl eating loudly. the "chap-chap" sound. I feel like taking off my flip flops and slap them hard. I can actually lose my apetite when the "chap chap" sound HAUNT me.

2. I have very very high tolerance for chillie. Just dare me! :P Honestly , laksa owners and kueh chap owners hate me. Coz i normally ask for 4 of tat "lil plates" of chillie.

3. I loves Sausages. I can eat them everyday! especially those weird long ones. (sounds quite wrong. LOL) BUT , i HATE chorizo sausages!

4. I don't like people who puts anyting( chic bones) on the table .. i Know i know .. it's kinda like our chinese tradition to do that. But .. oh well. That's the FOREFATHER'S era ok? It's the globalisation era NOW!

5. When i eat something nice , i will eat and eat continously. And later got sick of it , and never touch it again!

6. I always like to have side orders whenever i have a meal outside. Give you for instance. My sunday breakfast is always kueh chap , yong tau fu , cha kueh and popiah! :)

and i'm tagging .. My lah lings- Jess and Stef and Ben MohMok!

*** anyway ,here's an eye-opener post by Malaysia- Students Blog. :). Yes, i'm a contributor there. :P

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stone Ice / Ais Batu

Haha... Ais Batu was juz a joke.Stone ice is the real name of the place. I went to this place with my aunt from Kay Ell today.. it's one of my favourite place for Rojak and cold deserts on a hot sunny day.Known for the cave-ish architecture and situated at the same row (but different building) of Boon Khai. They have one in the upper floor of Saberkas.. but no cave design la :D

I love this place because u get to choose what ever you like urself for a minimal charge. I like the fact tat you can take it urself coz it means that you dont' need to force yrself to eat someting u dun like. say for instance , in an ABC, i dun like the red bean coz i went to most places and it's so hard like batu. And i tend to leave it. Waste money rite? In stone ice you dont like , you dont take. so easy.

For the ais kacang , i dun realli know how they charge you but they seem to charge me cheaper when i get more?! You can opt to have it with or without ideal milk. I like mine without ideal milk. Coz nata d coco doesnt blend well with ideal milk! and ofcuz my beloved Atap chi! oh there's quite a lot of varieties for you to choose from.

For the rojak , you're charge according to the weight. If you're stupid , go take those heavy heavy cheap vege lo .. like pineapple , cucumber and "buah kedondong". If you're smart (like me :D) , take lots of cuttlefish! :) Very cheap.. Lots of cuttlefish for less than RM4. ahh! syiok!syiok! oh , you can ask them to put blended chillie at the side too.. for you to dip in. It's damn spicy if you eat a lot! double syiok-ness!!!

I know.. you all like boon khai.... but what the tutttt.. Boon Khai so calculative.

chef mel : can i have extra chillie pls?
boon khai : need 50 cents
chef mel : can i have ice cubes pls?
boon khai : need 50 cents
chefmel : can i have tissue pls?
boon khai : need 30 cents.

You say like that .. how to do business?

Kenot compare with stone ice. Got cave design wo.. lepas makan oso feel like the characters in flinstone!