Saturday, July 09, 2011

Life must be better than this

Hi and Hello everyone. I hope there is still real human reading my blog. I'm sorry I no longer have time to devote myself to this blog, but I promise this is not good bye. I'm still trying to find time to start blogging again.

I'm feeling slightly a little emo today and ... I've been wanting to write this for the longest time.

Looking back at my personal photos, I realize now I look so haggered, tired and old. I mean I can be very bubbly, funny and cheerful at work but deep down inside of me I felt really empty.

True enough people would say when you work, you get to buy anything you want without having to ask money from anyone. I like this part of the freedom and having no commitment, I would say my pay has allowed me to shop happily.

But put aside all that luxurious lifestyle, (it's luxurious for me because before I started working I didn't spent so much on well, say for instance a piece of tshirt?) i pretty much felt like my life is meaningless.

I go to work, come back and sleep. This routine has been repeating for the past 6 months!

Can someone tell me how to make my life more ka-rer-ful?