Tuesday, March 04, 2014

So Long, Too Long

Wow, So much has happened since the last post. Will summarized them in shortest possible so at least I still have a memory of what happened in future. 

1. Tendered my resignation.

I toyed with the idea of changing job for a long time but was too scared to take the leap of faith. For a long time I wasn't able to bid goodbye to my comfort zone. I also love the people I work with - many of whom I still keep close in touch. But alas, I realized it took a toll of my life. I was losing too much of the good things life offers. My relationship too suffered as I often come home frustrated with work. He too wasn't in a better position than mine - being a manager in Malaysia's biggest fitness chain with a lot of  responsibilities in hand. Quarreling became our daily routine. Discussions and endless late night talks, we finally decided to man up (woman up in my case. heh!) and typed our "love letter". It was a crazy decision to be both resigning together but one that we have no regrets. We've grown so much as a couple and I can never imagine having someone else other than him as my other half. 

2. Moved back to Kuching for good

This was another difficult decision I had to make last year. A lot of people were surprised with the bold move I made, myself too. I knew very much that Klang Valley wasn't a place I wanted to grow old but I loved the vibrant city life. But living cost were sky rocket high and even with me earning quite a substantial amount for my age, I couldn't save at all. Worse is, people don't actually get the quality of life they deserved. It wasn't worth it anymore to be leaving home. The grass isn't greener here. I also realized that my parents aren't getting any younger and I want to be able to give back to them while I had the chance. My mum and her friends jokingly mentioned how kids nowadays only come back for funerals. It was a joke but sadly, also the truth. There were a lot of sacrifice I had to make with privacy taking the crown. Moving to Kuching also meant me living with my parents, with them invading my privacy that I had enjoyed thoroughly for a good seven years.I have to admit the first month was difficult as hell. I love my privacy truly,madly,deeply and having to follow to house rules was not something I favor. Glad to inform I am now doing well adapting though. ;) 

3. Fitness

Sports has always been a huge part of my life but this time I fell in love with it. And I find myself always striving to be better in everything fitness. A lot for me to learn still but I'm loving every bit of it! 

4. FitPacks

This was a brainchild of mine and the other half. It wasn't something we did not to earn big bucks but we saw how bad obesity in Malaysia is and we wanted to help and do our part. We wanted to let people know the importance of eating healthy and how fun it can be. Of course we also notice the booming fitness presence in Kuching and jumped at the opportunity. Demand was overwhelming and we actually had to stop orders from coming in! We were so blessed for the many support we received especially when we both do not have much friends in Kuching. I guess when you're doing something genuinely out of passion, success would be within grabs. :)

5. Fitter than ever

Food has always been my passion but unfortunately I wasn't blessed with a good metabolism. Saw too, struggled with weight all his life. So when we both struggled with work, we find love and comfort in food. Didn't take us long to balloon up and I was at the heaviest of my life. I couldn't wear most of my clothes and ended up turning to office with always the same clothing. Sucks. I had always thought losing weight were about starving yourself so I dreaded the process. Saw being the experienced and certified one, showed and guided me to losing weight the correct way. We revamped our fridge and hit the gym together. Through this continuous healthy living I was able to fit back into my old clothes - some of which I could not even put my legs into for a year! Of course this isn't my final destination, this will be a lifestyle for us. 

6. Near death experience

I have been in accidents before but nothing really major happened until this particular one. I was on the way back from a Sibu road trip. We were wide awake having just stopped for a break. A car overtooked another car from an opposite direction and didn't make it in time so we had to avoid that particular car. We lose control as the road were very slippery from the big pool of yellow mud, swift to the left and flew into someone's house. I was calm the entire time but recalling it I'll have to say it was nerve wrecking. It was also funny because we were stuck in a very dark kampung middle of the night and had to take bus back to Kuching. We were very thankful to have met nice people who helped us all the way because obviously we knew no one there! Many also commented -we were lucky to be alive. Apparently it was one of the "dirty spots" and the villagers told us at least one accident happen every month - it is always fatal. The next few days after our accident, another three accidents happen - all dead. I thank God for giving me another chance to live. Must have been one of the little good deeds I've done. :) 

I'm grateful for each and everything that has happened. I've learned so much and am constantly still learning and searching the best way to live life. 

oh, and please welcome me back to the blogsphere :)