Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nasi Kandar

I was reading The Economist a couple of days ago and I came across this article about beers. Can't remember exactly everything the writer penned, but one thing i find interesting was that he mentioned one of the greatest beer pairings is with Curry!

So, after work yesterday the first thing i did was to get a pint of beer, chilled it for tonight! And today after work, I went to Nasi Kandar Pelita. I clocked out at 8 p.m, only reached my place at 9.30 p.m so there wasn't much choice for me to choose.

The verdict : Perhaps I have a conservative taste bud but I still think teh tarik goes best with curry. Beer is a little too strong and it over whelmed the taste of curry.

p/s : this plate of Nasi Kandar costed me RM 9.20! Jesus Christ, can someone explain to me why Nasi Kandar is so expensive?

p/s* : I'm off tomorrow!!!! :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Steamed Food

My recent visits to the hypermarket has made me feel like a bimbo. A bimbo who can't cook to be exact! The long working hours totally sucked my energy and by the time I reached home, I'm literally vegetable!

Not only that I'm too tired to cook for myself, I'm also energy-less to even walk to have food take aways. So I've been relying a lot on frozen pre-cooked food.

Steamed paus!

Vegetable is not my ultimate choice for pau (and for but since the other savory pau they have in Tesco was BBQ chicken and Curry Chicken, I went for this. I like the skin but they put too much pepper in it making it taste a lil medicine-ish. But still edible. Haha.

The sweet variant from Tesco taste quite good actually. I've tried both the pandan and kaya ones and they both got the Sirim Cop from me. ;p

I had gone days with the pau and realize I wasn't eating any meat so I got some Siu Mai as well. It's seafood but well, still protein kan? :P This is not exactly very nice. Not recommended.

So yeah, working has turn me into a "Is tuna similar to chicken?" bimbo. I eat this almost everyday!

It's my off day today - after working for 8 days! Feels so good to go to sleep after a pint of beer and wake up late. Why do human have to work?!

**My blog's getting boring hor? Promise my next post will be interesting!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dragon Boat Festival

At the time of writing - 11.10 p.m, everyone must have burped Bak Zhang!

This is my first time eating Bak Zhang in Penang. It tasted a little weird and different from what I used to eat back home. But of course, this Bak Zhang can't be make as a judgment since it was bought at random stall.

***p/s : can I not go to work tomorrow? :(

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Black Pepper Lamb Sandwich with Chips and Lemon Dipping

After working for eight days continuously, I finally have a day off ! Had KFC for supper yesterday and slept after that. Yeap, yeap. Sinful! Seriously, KFC should consider serving beers. Goes along very well! ;p

I'm usually very worn out after work so I usually just settle with Froot Loops and milk for my dinner. But with a day off today, I decide to cook myself a nice meal - black pepper lamb sandwich!

I went to the hypermarket the night before and got marinated lamb, onions and sweet pea shoots for my sandwich. Initially I wanted to add in the honey glazed ham in as well, but decided not to. Hehe.

Since the lamb is already marinated, all I need to do was to stir fry it with onions. There is no specific time as to how long you should cook this as it depends on how you would like your lamb to be.

I don't have a toaster in my apartment so I toasted my bread in the pan I used to stir fry the lamb earlier. Works well! I usually like to get either baguette or unsliced loaf of bread so that I can slice it thicker. Sandwich taste better this way!

Instead of using the conventional lettuce, I chose to be a little fusion and used sweet pea shoots instead. The shoots taste a lot better when it's raw and i've seen a lot of international chef using it in salad as well.

Of course, eating sandwich alone won't be enough. I bought some chips and made a simple lemon dipping to go with it. You can go for the easy way - sour cream. But because it won't be practical for me (i don't eat sour cream so often) so I got mayonnaise instead and tone it down with lemon and pepper. Awesome. ;p

Ready to serve! Black pepper lamb sandwich with chips and lemon dipping(served on red leaf lettuce).

I'm actually quite amazed with what I can whip up. I only have one pot, one bowl, basic cutlery of one each and one plate. Lol.

Ah.. noms noms. Can't wait for my next off day! For the time being, I shall think of what to cook again. Hehe.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Burger King's Comfort

I know most people go for the burgers when they're in Burger King. Yes, the whoppers are awesome and the mushroom swirl is my ultimate favorite! But what people are not aware of is that beneath the great burgers varieties, they also offer pleasurable (*ahem*) comfort foods!

The Mozarella Cheese sticks are fried and extremely sinful. Ah well, what food are there that gives us orgasm without having us committing any sin? ;p It's best eaten hot, when it's all gooey inside and crunchy outside. Slightly salty tho' so you might want to just order one servings even tho' it comes in only three sticks.

Another "diamond" that is hidden beneath the extensive burger menu is the Hershey's pie. It's extremely chocolaty and rich. I really, really love it. It's one of the food that I would describe as "food that makes me go to heaven for a visit." :)

Anyway, i'm writing this because I really need comfort food now. I'm mourning for my Great Dane who has been with my family for coming 9 years (this 13 June) and left us this morning around 5a.m. R.I.P Bruno. It's gonna be very different without you for sure.