Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sweets For my Sweets at The Junk

After a scrumptious dinner with Vero and Van in The Living Room , i walked over to The Junk for a date ( date! *cough* ) with Ben. Since we both had dinner already, we had cakes and drinks while chit chatting the night away. Man , i damn miss this sitting-in-a-cafe-chit-chat life!

Ice Blended Mango RM 7

Ben's order. Didn't try but he said it's good.

Oreo Crush RM 7

Ordered it in the Living Room ( Bla Bla Bla, Living Room and The Junk are of same owners) but i didn't get it.. so i tried and order again here. and wah la la! But anyway , it's tasteless. Not sweet at all.

Strawberry Cheese Cake RM 9

Ben's order. It was good and rich. I love the presentation. So temptilicious! :P

Black Forest Cake RM 9

Mine. Just as Ben complaint his cake was too rich.. i have nothing to say besides saying my cake was "POOR". Tasteless and no black berries at all! :( I finished it tho' since it's RM 9 for a bloody sponge cake. I don't know what i was thinking that time. Probably because the cake looks really nice. Aneway , the presentation's great. How i wish the cake taste as good as it looks.

Oreo Crushed Cake RM 9

I tapau-ed for my mum. It was good. Just that i thought the way they pack somehow makes it looks cheap?. heh!

I 've been to this place many times... and every single of the visit has never fail to make me happy. I love the after-feeling this place gives me. Just incase you're so outdated , The Junk is located just opposite St. Mary's. So if you wanna date me , please book a table in The Junk , ok? ;D

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