Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kim Gary's Restaurant

Kim Gary has made it big in KL that they have expanded their fortune in Penang .. so i went to their branch in Queensbay Mall when i was in Penang recently. Serving mainly Hong Kong-style food..Kim Gary's another overrated restaurant.

Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop

Their famous dish. It was too cheesy for my liking and i think the portion is way too much. Plus i didn't like ginger in my food. So, double thumbs down! I think the one in Causeway Bay taste better.

They're really generous with their cheese tho` but it was a lil too much for me.

Ordered in a set .. and it came with ..

i) Cream Soup

The soup tasted like milk to me...and i'm not a fan of milk. I only took a sip!

ii) Pudding with Coconut Jelly

After all the cheesy and creamy .. i don't think a milky pudding is appropriate as a "wash-down".

iii ) Ying Yong

Coffee + Tea .. i like! and only they can do the perfect ying yong!

Black Pepper Pork Chop Spaghetti

Looks appetizing and tempting to me. Jessica's friend's order.. Taste good i suppose! :P

Pork Corn Rice
(I forgot the name lah!)

Jessica's order and she highly recommend? hehe! she eats it with the cream soup pour over.... That's her recipe and i don't recommend ! looks really like.. God-knows-what! haha!

Honey Lemon

Jessica's order..nothing special about honey and lemon together... ha ha.

Talk about overrated restaurant.. they're always highly-priced and never fail to disappoint me. SIGH!


Anonymous said...

it's mushroom rice!! syiok!! eh, nice la my way of eating! hehehehe

Melanie said...

jess.. hahhaha! mushroom rice r? nvm i lazy change .. blek. ur way of eating. is .. WEIRD! UEK!