Friday, October 19, 2007

Hostel + campus food

Just so you think , hostel food sucks. Mine looks pretty appetizing you know?and they taste really good too! And i warn you , this post will be overloaded with photos!

They all look pretty much the same .. most of them are mixed rice. The highlights are , the food are so cheap!!! :P Actually the truth is , the amount is a lil more than pictured. You gotta noe how to "arrange" them!

Nasi Lemak on Banana Leaf -
60 Cents
( from the campus' cafe)

Fried kueh tiau + fried rice + 1 nugget + I chicken patties =
RM 1.40 (really!!!)
[ from the campus's cafe]

Bihun Bandung RM 2.50
( From the cafeteria)

Incase you don't know what bandung is , bandung is actually the malay-version of tomato mee except it has eggs and spicy! Very nice!

Ayam Goreng + Sotong + Vege + Kerang pedas (below the vege) = RM 3.50
(My favourite Malay stall in the mall)

The damn good tom yam sotong! RM 2.50
(from the cafeteria)

All sorts of vege + Vegetarian Cha sio + Curry potato + 5 chicken sio bees tat i hide below (HEHE! )
RM 2.40 (From the chinese stall)

Ayam goreng + Kerang Pedas + Curry potato + Belachan = RM 3.80
( From my favourite stall in the mall)

Ayam Goreng + Ayam golek + beef + mango salad + Kerang Pedas = RM 4
( Also from my favourite malay stall in the mall)

Kobis + Bendi + Chilli Fish balls + Curry chix = RM 3
( Indian Stall)

Kacang Botol + Curry Chix + Sosej = RM 2.40
(Indian Stall)

Bee Hoon Hai Lam - RM 2.50
(Cafeteria in Hostel)

Sotong masak masam manis - RM 2.50
(Cafeteria in Hostel)

Not all the time food are cheap. Sometimes , they can PMS-ly charge u RM 4 for nothing!
(This is from pasar malam)

The teh peng there is so cheap! Just 90 cents and way more than the one in Kuching!

There's still many food in campus and hostel but it's imposible for me to show all... Campus has around 10 eateries while my hostel has another 10 eateries .. and all shops has so much varieties.... :P

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