Thursday, October 25, 2007

Penang Road Dim Sum

Apparently , this is one of the most popular dim sum in Penang. It's about 30 minutes walk from KOMTAR.. then you walk through those really worn out shop houses. I'm not so sure if any Rapid or Milan buses stops here.

I've always been a fan of dim sum .. but all of my visits to dim sum kopitiams in Kuching never make me happy. I'll say so far this is the only dim sum kopitiam that makes me happy. Sad thing is , it's in Penang. Not in Kuching.

By the way.. i won't post comments of those dim sum-s. :) Heavy Pictures post! ENJOY!

Egg Tart

Siu Mai

Chicken Feet in Char Siew Sauce

Fish Meat Siu Mai

Xiu Long Pau

Har Kau

Minced Pork in Har Kau Skin ( i dunno what is the name -lah! )

Pai Kut Ong ( Spare Ribs)

Lo Mai Kai

Sushi Rolls

Steamed Herbal Chix

Duck Egg Custard Pau

Lotus Pau

Meat Pau

Prawn in Bean Curd Skin

All this down with cold soya bean ..Perfect breakfast!

Sorry , no directions to this place again! :(

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