Sunday, October 28, 2007

Laksa Sarawak in Laksa Shack

I was missing home so badly .. that i decided to taste the Sarawak Laksa in Laksa Shack , Queensbay. Sarawak Laksa is the only food that'll bring me "somewhat closer" a lil tiny bit to my hometown, Kuching. Being without Laksa for months is not good for a hard core laksa fan like me! I didn't had high expectations on this place .. I juz reali wanted to taste at least a lil "hint" of the laksa aroma. Just a bit will do!!! Talk bout being desperate!

Here's , the laksa.

Too many things that aren't suppose to be inside are in lah weiiii.. Got timun , sesame seeds, dried tauhu pok.. arghhh.. soup was too thick.. But hey , it's got a LITTLE laksa Sarawak taste ok?! Hahaha! This laksa is recommended for desperate people (like me) who misses Laksa Sarawak too much! hahah!

But anyway , as i remembered the service was good here =)

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