Monday, October 22, 2007

Penang Road Goodies

Like i said Penang is quite nearby me .. so i usually spend my time there when i have long weekends or holidays.

Penang road is where i usually stay since it has the cheapest hotels and lots of motels! Budget holiday lah wei! Penang Road is popular for its night life so .. really not much food there.
Before i continue.. my apology is that i can't remember the name of all the coffee shops! Chinese names are really difficult to remember!

Penang Char Kueh Tiau

This Char Kueh Tiau was my first time sampling the overrated Penang Cha Kueh Tiau. I was VERY dissapointed since i had high expectations on it after hearing everyone raving about it, but it turns out to be just normal cha kueh tiau! What more to say when i waited ONE HOUR for it !!!

Chicken Rice

This is the chicken rice that has created a name in Penang. It's been featured on papers and on television too. And.. sigh.. i waited for 45 minutes! The verdict : It was just so-so? Just a normal chicken rice.Edible and nothing to rave about. Certainly not worth waiting for 45 minutes!

Pork La Mien

This is actually one of the worst food i've eaten in Penang. The soup is too sweet , the pork is tasteless. I actually had a hard time finishing it coz it was rather expensive so i didn't want to waste my money. The only thing that was nice was the dumpling ( the picture below ) that comes along with it..

It is served with diluted mayonaise but it goes well with the hot dumpling. I somehow.. didn't finish the mee after all. :P

Penang Fried Hor Fun

After my first dissapointment on the Penang Cha Kueh tiau , i must say i didn't quite feel like trying it again.. but since i was hungry so i ate at this rather empty coffeeshop and the only thing that looks appetizing was this stall.. and the verdict is..This is THE BEST and you MUST Try!!!!! It's so well fried and evenly flavoured! I LOVED IT!! Oh yeah , if you don't like hor fun , can opt for kueh tiau or mee :)

Cha Kueh Tiau Basah

The west is very popular with their Cha Kueh Tiau Basah .. and i loved it! Taste really good. I might sell this in Kuching if i fail to finish my degree. LOL! Aneway, this stall is just outside Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) .. USM-ers if u never try .. go try lah , ok!

Any of you who are visiting Penang , and would like to sample the food above, i don't mind to be your tour guide to all these places. I don't remember the names , but i remember the place! haha! Just mail me at

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