Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Living Room

I am having a great week. I've been eating and eating in GOOD places almost everyday !

Today , Beng treated me a meal in Magenta. Even tho' i'm not blogging about Magenta (not because the food wasn't good, but i was too busy indulging them ).. i'm just writing this to thank him. I would not be able to afford such expensive meal there. Thank You ,Beng! :) Looking Forward to many more years of great friendship with you! [ i noe he'll read this!]

Back to what i'm blogging.. The Living Room. Situated the same row with The Junk , i am quite dumbfounded by the architecture. It was beautiful! I was there with one of my closest high school mate , Vero and also Vanessa whose close-but-not-so-close?haha!

The choices there are pretty limited and i like restaurants with limited choice. Cafes with wide choices makes me feel like i'm eating in a food court!

What i had?

Midin Salad ( served cold)

This one is one simple meal , yet taste good. I like it and i'll definitely order on my next visit. (Yes, i'm very sure i will visit this place again!)

Spicy Mussels

The mussels are kinda huge and very fresh .. But i didn't like how it taste. I prefer mussels cooked in English style.

Grilled Black Pepper Lamb Chop

I had always love the lamb chop prepared there. Somehow , i didn't like it this time .. coz the taste was a bit "too fusion" for me. But , still it taste good. Just , i HATE the mashed potato here. So sweet can!!!

Banana Milk


Blackcurrant Smoothie

Mine. It was good.

Root Beer Float


I really love the ambience here.. will come back soon for sure!

and to ...Vero, you've always been a great friend.. see u end of the year!

to Jess.. happy studying! dont emo ! finals soon wei!!! Then we can happily enjoy our sem break together! LOVE you lots and we're the best!!! * hugz + muaks*

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