Monday, April 23, 2007

Taipei 101

**pictures taken with SEK610i.

This is quite a long overdue post. I didnt wanna blog bout this place at 1st coz i found out it's quite overrated in the blogsphere . Somehow , i found a lot of ppl dont know about this place? Either the blogs i read are un-popular or , the place is too deserted.

Situated in RH Plaza BDC , just beside Expert Food Court. The colour theme is orange .. and the atmosphere in the restaurant is very alive. I thought it was simple and neat.

They're taiwanese based restaurant that served taiwanese food (d'uH), so you're SOOO gonna expect the LOTS of "huang-hin-huang-hin-xie-xie" greets from all the workers thr. SO annoying , can?

What i've tried there?

Ma La Mien RM3.50

The Signature dish for taiwanese restaurant. Well , the 1st time i tasted it, it's really nice and spicy. but now, it kinda like..."turun grade" ? the mee's overcooked and not spicy at all. oh yea, like every other place you can choose your level of spicyness. I like mine to be the spiciest.
Ratings : 7/10

Beef Noodle RM5

The beef noodle is different from the one we normally eat. It's a lil spicy and served with preserved vege (kiam chai). I don't really like it coz they use cold-storage beef. so it's a lil too hard and dry.And, the soup's a lil too strong. ohh.. the beef noodle doesn't have bull's penis in it. LOL. Ratings : 5/10

Beef Tanghoon RM 5

Taste the same like the beef noodle to me. Just that this one uses glass noodle. Ratings : 5/10

Pork Chop Rice RM5

Plain rice served with VERY THIN pork chop and VERY LAME vege and one tasteless egg? But this one is not bad la.edible. except the portion is very lil lah.. oh yeah , it is served with a bowl of soup :)
Ratings : 7/10

Dumplings RM 4 (for 8)

This is the best there!! i love ! i love! they have two choices of fillings which is chives and cabbage. Then u dip it into the balsamic +ginger +garlic. oooh ORGASMM!!
Ratings : 10/10 (woot woot!)

Fried Oyster RM 4

This is recomended by my fren , Chef Beng. Oklah.. the portion is pathetically little. very d funny when i saw it. Haha.
Ratings : 8/10

Taiwanese Sausage RM 2.50

This one is good. But the idea of eating with the fresh garlic is very very ridiculous. i tried , (advised by Huai Bin), but i thought it taste the same. I wonder if they "recycle" the garlic..since i don't think many would eat it? If i'm not mistaken the sausage is made themselves. The meat is filled into the pork intestine.. and then viola - porkie sausage :P
Ratings 8/10

Ice Lemon tea (not sure of the price)

looks a bit like beer... heh~! taste oK. normal. :P

Taiwan Milk Tea RM3

This one is syioK. syiOk.syioK. good! :P But too much ice ler. suck suck few times finish liau :(
Ratings :9/10

If you never go , can go there and try try la ya :P

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