Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stone Ice / Ais Batu

Haha... Ais Batu was juz a joke.Stone ice is the real name of the place. I went to this place with my aunt from Kay Ell today.. it's one of my favourite place for Rojak and cold deserts on a hot sunny day.Known for the cave-ish architecture and situated at the same row (but different building) of Boon Khai. They have one in the upper floor of Saberkas.. but no cave design la :D

I love this place because u get to choose what ever you like urself for a minimal charge. I like the fact tat you can take it urself coz it means that you dont' need to force yrself to eat someting u dun like. say for instance , in an ABC, i dun like the red bean coz i went to most places and it's so hard like batu. And i tend to leave it. Waste money rite? In stone ice you dont like , you dont take. so easy.

For the ais kacang , i dun realli know how they charge you but they seem to charge me cheaper when i get more?! You can opt to have it with or without ideal milk. I like mine without ideal milk. Coz nata d coco doesnt blend well with ideal milk! and ofcuz my beloved Atap chi! oh there's quite a lot of varieties for you to choose from.

For the rojak , you're charge according to the weight. If you're stupid , go take those heavy heavy cheap vege lo .. like pineapple , cucumber and "buah kedondong". If you're smart (like me :D) , take lots of cuttlefish! :) Very cheap.. Lots of cuttlefish for less than RM4. ahh! syiok!syiok! oh , you can ask them to put blended chillie at the side too.. for you to dip in. It's damn spicy if you eat a lot! double syiok-ness!!!

I know.. you all like boon khai.... but what the tutttt.. Boon Khai so calculative.

chef mel : can i have extra chillie pls?
boon khai : need 50 cents
chef mel : can i have ice cubes pls?
boon khai : need 50 cents
chefmel : can i have tissue pls?
boon khai : need 30 cents.

You say like that .. how to do business?

Kenot compare with stone ice. Got cave design wo.. lepas makan oso feel like the characters in flinstone!



Anonymous said...

nowsaday, everythings need $$, even u go to pang sai also need to pay, then u say the government also very calculative?
student rite? still too young la u, never earn $$ yourself and talk so much rubbish.
and, the place u recommend for food, lousy, dont comment if u dont know how to eat, little girl

Melanie said...