Friday, April 20, 2007

Memories Cafe , BDC

For those of you who thought there's ONLY ONE Memories in town , you're wrong. They have another one in BDC which specialises more on Chinese Food . An opposite from the one in town that serves more western cuisine.

The one in BDC is quite easy to spot , it's just beside TAKA cake house. The interior - VERY SAD. Looks like a coffeeshop with dim lighting. Not much tables tho.

I was served by this FAT waiter who has quite a gud PR. Too good that i got annoyed. He was telling us every single food they have is the best and everything is so popular and EVERYONE LOVES IT. Because of him raving to much about the food , at that point i knew he was just bullshyting AND i was 90% SURE , the food will turn out shyts.


What we ordered?

Lemon chicken

this is the best among the rest of the food we ordered that night. or rather the most edible one.

Butter Prawns

i've no idea my frens ordered this one. I dun eat prawns outside , UNLESS i'm sure they are fresh. So this one not only sucks ,each one of us , can only get like ONE blardy prawns!!! and this thing cost RM 12!!!!!!!!!!!! Na beh ar!

Chinese spinach with oyster sauce

Dunno how it taste like. Don't like this vege. so i din try. Shud sucks like the rest.

Tofu with some minced pork in BANJIR sos!

ohh this one looks soo not appetizing. the soup's like overflow from the plate.. looks dirty to me. taste normal la. like the coffeeshop 's fast food one. but again the presentation makes me wanna puke.

fried wantan (12 pieces)

taste .. okla. but the prawn's not fresh so it kinda has the "smell". and stupid waiter told us to order like 2 sets? and again , he CLAIMED EVERYONE CAME AND ORDER TWO SETS. bullshyt.

Not only does the food sucks , i was already VERY TURN OFF by the way they are serving. They serve NO PLATES , NO CUTLERY UNTIL ALL THE FOOD CAME. Means we can only drool at all the food that came 1st until all of the one we ordered came .If we order 10 kinds , HOW? got this kind of serving mer? Ok , if that's not enough , asking them to get one plate can take one century.

and like i said above, they said (yes , we listened only ) all of it come in big portion. my foot. give my cat eat also barely enough!The rice is like 4 table spoon only??????

AND all these coffeeshop-standard food cost me RM 49!!!

i forget to say , that it was my friend's birthday that night. and , yours truly bake a cake for the birthday girl~!

original Boston cheesecake :)

My friends said it tasted good. (Anybody wanna order? :P RM 28, PURE CHEESE.assured.taking orders for mother's day :P)
orang kuching ajer ya... the "happy b'day" thing lookS so ugly. but that's the only one in the shop. the rest all chinese words one. i don't dare to get those in chinese words, afraid i get smtg like" happy annivesary" or smtg worse. HAHA.

With the dull music they put , (i swear my dad's opera song is better), it kinda make us felt bored even tho we're always the one known of being loud and crazy!Atmosphere does makes a difference okay?

i went home right after the dinner , feeling bored and HUNGRY!

Don't go this place. Memories in town is highly recommended tho. :)

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