Thursday, April 05, 2007

6 weird Eating habits

because i see so many tag-lai-tag-ki around .. so i decided to create one myself.

ofcuz chef Mel .. must create something related to food rite? :P

so here goes my 6 weird eating habits

1. I cant stand ppl eating loudly. the "chap-chap" sound. I feel like taking off my flip flops and slap them hard. I can actually lose my apetite when the "chap chap" sound HAUNT me.

2. I have very very high tolerance for chillie. Just dare me! :P Honestly , laksa owners and kueh chap owners hate me. Coz i normally ask for 4 of tat "lil plates" of chillie.

3. I loves Sausages. I can eat them everyday! especially those weird long ones. (sounds quite wrong. LOL) BUT , i HATE chorizo sausages!

4. I don't like people who puts anyting( chic bones) on the table .. i Know i know .. it's kinda like our chinese tradition to do that. But .. oh well. That's the FOREFATHER'S era ok? It's the globalisation era NOW!

5. When i eat something nice , i will eat and eat continously. And later got sick of it , and never touch it again!

6. I always like to have side orders whenever i have a meal outside. Give you for instance. My sunday breakfast is always kueh chap , yong tau fu , cha kueh and popiah! :)

and i'm tagging .. My lah lings- Jess and Stef and Ben MohMok!

*** anyway ,here's an eye-opener post by Malaysia- Students Blog. :). Yes, i'm a contributor there. :P

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