Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nugget ada power punya!

***photos are rather blur.. cause i juz woke up that time. LOL

The previous post was .. alphabet fries! So this time.. i have alphabet nuggets!

They claimed it is cheese and tomato flavoured... HMMMM.. so they claimed. I taste no cheese , thr's tomato flava tho. The basil was rather strong. For a while i thought im munch
ing bolognese.

I must give them props for making it so appetizing looking..! :P Each of the nuggets is quite big.. but i do think that the pack is rather small .. for the price of RM6.50. They're from Ayamas , buatan Badawi. whoops!hoho! They're barangan buatan Malaysia!

I still have no idea why they are call ... "power nuggets" tho.. i just hope desperate impotent guys .. wont think tat the nuggets will make their dickies more powerful! HAHA!

**** selamat bercuti lah-ling JESS!!!


Robin Wong said...

Oh goodness... those nuggets really bring back memories, remember the alpha nuggets from KFC??? too bad they dun have it nowadays.

Melanie said...

hey Robin!!

Yeah! i still rem the alpha nuggets from kfc! :P ahhh!